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Slovenia's trade with Pacific rim countries, notably Australia
Dejan Romih, 2014, professional article

Abstract: Slovenia is dependent on trade with the rest of the world, especially with the rest of Europe, its most important foreign buying and selling market. European countries account for 90% of the value of Slovenia’s trade with the rest of the world. There are several reasons for this, such as the relatively short distance between Slovenia and other European countries. If Slovenia wants to increase the value of its trade with non-European countries, it should adopt a number of measures such as increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of its trade promotion. In this paper, the author discusses opportunities for increasing the value of Slovenia’s trade with Pacific Rim countries, notably Australia.
Keywords: Australia, export partner, import partner, Pacific Rim country, buying market, selling market, Slovenia, trade, trading partner
Published: 02.08.2018; Views: 260; Downloads: 22
.pdf Full text (980,17 KB)

Determinants of entrepreneurial intentions in ICT industry
Mirjana Pejić Bach, Marjana Merkač Skok, Dalia Suša, 2016, original scientific article

Abstract: Although many researchers agree that environmental and personal characteristics are important for becoming an entrepreneur, it is still not clear if their influence is equally significant. Numerous authors have pointed out unresolved matters regarding the relationship among innovativeness, gender, and entrepreneurial intensions. The aim of this paper is to explore the impact of gender and country of origin in relation to entrepreneurial intentions and innovative cognitive style. Research was conducted using a sample of students majoring in information and communication technologies from Croatia and Slovenia. The results revealed the influence of gender, country, attitudes toward entrepreneurship, and innovative cognitive style on entrepreneurial intentions.
Keywords: entrepreneurship, gender, innovation, cross-country, entrepreneurial intentions, ICT, Croatia, Slovenia
Published: 13.11.2017; Views: 505; Downloads: 88
.pdf Full text (390,74 KB)
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Corporate governance quality in selected transition countries
Danila Djokić, Mojca Duh, original scientific article

Abstract: Important questions that concern the notion of good corporate governance focus on what good corporate governance is, who benefits from good corporate governance, and how corporate governance quality can be measured. The aim of our study was to broaden our understanding of the role of standards and codes of good corporate governance in improving governance practices. We found that not only formal regulations, standards, and governance codes, but also corporate governance indices - which make the assessment of companies’ governance practices possible - are important in measuring and improving governance quality. The results of the research based on the SEECGAN Index methodology indicated that mandatory requirements and voluntary recommendations of high governance standards had a positive impact on the corporate governance practice in Slovenia.
Keywords: corporate governance, index, quality, transition country, companies, management, corporate culture, Slovenia
Published: 13.07.2017; Views: 574; Downloads: 93
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Six Generations Of Country Music – Critical Analysis Of The Songs
Karmen Voga, 2016, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: It is interesting to see how county evolved as a genre trough time. What are the differences between generations of country music, what is unique to each generation of country, what was perhaps the factor that stood out the most in each era, country is divided into? That is what I wanted to discover with my diploma by critically analyzing songs from different generations of country music. I wanted to learn what were the main themes in each these generations, are they similar, or maybe even alike or completely different from generation to generation.
Keywords: Country music, lyrics, generations of country, poetry
Published: 08.11.2016; Views: 911; Downloads: 77
.pdf Full text (924,44 KB)

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