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Cost-benefit analysis of frost protection methods
Matej Fike, Mateja Fekonja, Miha Smrekar, 2020, original scientific article

Abstract: Agricultural losses due to frost are high in various parts of the world, and in Slovenia, frost damage has frequently occurred in recent decades. Multiple methods for preventing frost damage exist and have been researched more or less extensively. Despite this, frost prevention measures are relatively sparsely used in Slovenia. This article aimed to review and compare active frost prevention technology for a case study of a typical fruit farm in Slovenia, based on a cost-benefit analysis. Most of the active methods require either large capital investment or have a high annual cost. According to our analysis, burning wood, used in Slovenia to battle frost damage in orchards and vineyards, proved to be the most cost-effective method, which is probably why it remains in wide use.
Keywords: spring frost, frost protection, cost-benefit analysis, NPV
Published in DKUM: 04.12.2023; Views: 188; Downloads: 4
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The relationship between the intellectual capital disclosure and cost of debt capital : a case of Slovenian private audited organisations
Neca Stropnik, Bojana Korošec, Polona Tominc, 2017, original scientific article

Abstract: The existing empirical research into the association between intellectual capital disclosures by organisations and the cost of debt is scarce or is based solely on the samples of the (large) listed organisations. Since agency issues between management/owners and lenders exist also in (large) private organisations whose financing is greatly dependent on loans and whose audited annual reports can be a source of additional information for external users, we performed an empirical research to find the answer to the question whether the level of intellectual capital disclosure (as a whole and of its sub-categories) of organisations is associated with the cost of their debt capital. Our study was performed on a sample of private Slovenian organisations with audited annual reports. The results of our research did not reveal that lenders would take into account intellectual capital disclosures by Slovenian private audited organisations as the information about the potential for their future cash flows when deciding on the cost of debt issued to these organisations.
Keywords: intellectual capital, intellectual capital disclosure, intellectual capital disclosure level, cost of debt, private organisations, content analysis
Published in DKUM: 03.05.2018; Views: 1119; Downloads: 172
.pdf Full text (859,66 KB)
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Financial aspects of a seismic base isolation system for a steel high-rack structure
Vojko Kilar, Simon Petrovčič, Simon Šilih, David Koren, 2013, original scientific article

Abstract: The paper deals with the effects and costs of implementing a base isolation system for the mitigation of the seismic risk of an existing steel rack structure. Different realistic distributions of the payload mass and occupancy levels, which form different plan asymmetric variants, have been analysed. The results obtained by the pushover analysis (N2 method) are presented as top floor envelopes and as plastic hinge damage patterns. In the presented cost study, the cost of the implementation of the proposed base isolation system is compared with the estimated costs of structural repairs to the damaged structural members of the superstructure, as well as with estimated expenses of the downtime period. The results have shown that base isolation is, in general, not economically feasible for lower ground motion intensities, whereas it could be of great benefit in the case of moderate and high intensities, especially if the downtime period is taken into account.
Keywords: rack structures, seismic behaviour, base isolation, cost efficiency, mass eccentricity, pushover analysis
Published in DKUM: 07.08.2017; Views: 1233; Downloads: 146
.pdf Full text (999,00 KB)
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Multi attribute decision model for orchard renewal - case study in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Karmen Pažek, Črtomir Rozman, Ferhat Ćejvanović, Andreja Borec, Darja Majkovič, Vjekoslav Par, Jernej Turk, 2005, original scientific article

Abstract: The fruit production in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH) is slowly returning to normality after Balkan wars. Due to favorable climatic and soil conditions it presents a clear business opportunity for family farms. The decision which fruit species/variety to grow is a complex decision and should be made on the basis of sound empirical analysis. This paper present a multi criteria model for planning and decision making methodology based on expert system DEX-i. In the first stage the technological and financial cost benefit analysis were conducted for each fruit production alternative. The results were further evaluated with expert system DEX-i considering all possible criteria influencing the fruit grower decision. In the case of a sample family farm the plum yielded with best multi criteria evaluation, followed by apple and pear, while sour cherry gave unsatifactory outcome.
Keywords: cost benefit analysis, fruit production, multi attribute decision modeling, expert system DEX-i
Published in DKUM: 10.07.2015; Views: 1453; Downloads: 38
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Concept and design of electric car body
Marko Sovič, 2012, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: In this thesis, a concept multi-material body for an electric vehicle is presented. A selection criteria for materials is made with regard to component function, their traditional shape and the mode of load they have to carry. Initial component design is based on a vehicle reference model. Numerous component modifications are done in dependence on the chosen materials and their production processes. Special attention is payed to the electric vehicle's body structural changes that need to be performed due to the passenger and battery safety. A program for distance simulation is made and used to evaluate cost changes, on a whole vehicle scale, when performing mass-reduction in a vehicle body. It has been proven that it is justified to use light materials.
Keywords: body-in-white, electric vehicle, material selection, Catia V5, distance simulation, cost analysis.
Published in DKUM: 07.03.2013; Views: 1784; Downloads: 188
.pdf Full text (7,79 MB)

An efficient k'-means clustering algorithm
Krista Rizman Žalik, 2008, original scientific article

Abstract: This paper introduces k'-means algorithm that performs correct clustering without pre-assigning the exact number of clusters. This is achieved by minimizing a suggested cost-function. The cost-function extends the mean-square-error cost-function of k-means. The algorithm consists of two separate steps. The first is a pre-processing procedure that performs initial clustering and assigns at least one seed point to each cluster. During the second step, the seed-points are adjusted to minimize the cost-function. The algorithm automatically penalizes any possible winning chances for all rival seed-points in subsequent iterations. When the cost-function reaches a global minimum, the correct number of clusters is determined and the remaining seed points are located near the centres of actual clusters. The simulated experiments described in this paper confirm good performance of the proposed algorithm.
Keywords: algorithms, clustering analysis, k-means, cost-function, rival penalized mechanism, datasets
Published in DKUM: 31.05.2012; Views: 2618; Downloads: 125
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