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The adventures of Tom Sawyer - a comparison of Slovenian translations on examples of mentions of religion and the church : magistrsko delo
Kaja Babić, 2022, master's thesis

Abstract: Translating does not simply consist of replacing words in the source language with words in the target language, it is influenced by the person doing the translating and the public for which the translation is intended. We wanted to examine if translators and their surrounding culture influence the way literary works are translated. We compared Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and its three Slovenian translations published in 1921, 1947 and 1960. We based our research on the social and political background of the periods in which the translations were made, mostly focusing on 1947 and the anti-Catholic movement in Slovenia, which was influenced by the Soviet Union. Therefore, we selected from the original text 30 passages that mention religion and the Church. In the analysis we have compared the three Slovene translations and determined that out of 30, only 10 examples exhibited a change in the meaning. One such example was found in the 1921 translation, six in the 1947 translation and four in the 1960 translation, one of the latter examples even expanded the meaning of a religious elements.
Keywords: Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain, translation, comparison, religion
Published in DKUM: 04.11.2022; Views: 124; Downloads: 19
.pdf Full text (902,70 KB)

Evaluation and comparison of software quality within modern web applications : master's thesis
Ilija Tomić, 2022, master's thesis

Abstract: In this thesis, we developed two different full-stack applications using two different approaches. In the first approach, we were focused on the goal to create the application with zero technical debt taking as much time as needed. In the second approach, we took a different strategy for app development. The goal was to develop the second application in the shortest time possible to get to a product that is good enough for deployment in the real world. To achieve that, we were willing to take on technical debt, which meant that we would need to repay that debt later. We took some shortcuts, did not write tests, and ignored non-critical and minor bugs. We were able to analyze both approaches, compare them, and decide which was the most effective approach. To analyze software quality, we used the code quality inspection platform SonarQube. If done correctly, the second approach gets results faster than the first. The best plan of action would be to take some shortcuts and start repaying created debt as soon as possible, for example, right after the delivery deadline.
Keywords: technical, debt, quality, comparison, SonarQube
Published in DKUM: 26.10.2022; Views: 159; Downloads: 32
.pdf Full text (2,78 MB)

Private policing in the former Yugoslavia : a menace to society?
Ronald van Steden, Rick Sarre, 2010, review article

Abstract: Purpose: This paper aims to give an empirical overview of the ‘privatization’ of security (or, in a more narrow sense, policing) services within the former countries of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia namely, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro. Observations are put in light of the extant literature on private policing worldwide. Design/Methods/Approach: The paper draws on a literature review of academic publications, NGO-reports and other relevant written sources. Findings: Although it is not possible to offer a full picture of the current developments in the region, we argue that the rise of private security markets shows significant variety throughout former Yugoslavian countries, as does the level of state regulation. Moreover, contrary to the views of doomsayers critical of the provision of commercial security, academics and observers alike are optimistic about private security personnel becoming a legitimate and stabilizing presence in post-conflict zones such as the Balkans. Research implications: The persistence of divergence in private policing trajectories within the former Yugoslavia underscores the need for more detailed cross-national studies that take account of differences, as well as similarities, in how commercial security industries are governed and regulated by state institutions. Practical implications: Public as well as private policy-makers in the field of security serve as appropriate anchor points to facilitate, direct and regulate private policing activities across the former Yugoslav republics. Originality/Value: The growing body of knowledge on private policing is heavily suffused by predominantly North American, Canadian, British and Australian studies. Nonetheless, research from countries outside the English speaking world has much to contribute to an understanding of private security industries. An examination of the Balkan countries that emerged from the breakup of Yugoslavia is particularly interesting when viewed as a post-conflict legacy.
Keywords: policing, private security, ex-Yugoslavia, cross-national comparison
Published in DKUM: 12.05.2020; Views: 768; Downloads: 44
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Comparative analysis of legal status of women sentenced to deprivation of freedom in Russia and in the USA
Marina Minster, 2011, review article

Abstract: Purpose: The purpose of this research is elaboration of scientifically based recommendations aimed at perfection of lawmaking in the sphere of execution of sentence. The work is based on complex analysis of regulatory control of legal status of women sentenced to deprivation of freedom in Russia and in the USA and on the revealing of peculiarities of exercising of rights. Design/Methods/Approach: In this research the author uses comparative law methods, formal logical and structured system methods. The methodology also includes sociological methods: the study of documents, survey (questionnaire poll); and statistical methods. Findings: During the examination of issues of legal status of women sentenced to deprivation of freedom the distinctive features of women and their special needs in the period of serving the sentence in correctional institutions of Russia and the USA were found and taken into account. The author also gives scientifically based recommendations concerning improvement of lawmaking both in Russia and in the USA concerning legal status of women incarcerated in places of deprivation of freedom. Practical implications: Conclusions and suggestions of this article can be taken into account in practical activity of correctional facilities for women. It also can be used as a basis for methodological recommendations concerning correctional influence on different types of sentenced people. The research can be useful for training of personnel in correctional facilities; it can give a profound knowledge about problems of legal status of women in places of deprivation of freedom. Originality/Value: This research is useful for further improvement of lawmaking and its practical use in the sphere of execution of punishment in the form of deprivation of freedom regarding sentenced women.
Keywords: sentenced women, places of deprivation of freedom, comparison of rights
Published in DKUM: 11.05.2020; Views: 548; Downloads: 29
.pdf Full text (484,33 KB)
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Development and evaluation of a mobile application prototype for reclamations of citizens in smart cities
Filip Ptiček, 2018, master's thesis

Abstract: The paper addresses the concept of smart cities in the modern age. Various definitions and components of smart cities are presented, along with the top ten smart cities in the world. Purposely selected global smart cities were compared to Ljubljana and Zagreb to demonstrate the differences in certain sectors like economy, environment, governance, urban planning, technology, and others. Next, multiple smart city solutions and applications that facilitate the life of citizens in smart cities were examined. Lastly, a mobile application prototype for citizens' reclamations was developed and evaluated in within this thesis.
Keywords: smart cities, mobile application, android studio, java, comparison of smart cities
Published in DKUM: 21.12.2018; Views: 1393; Downloads: 158
.pdf Full text (5,13 MB)

An Analysis of the Dramatization of 19th Century Medical Science in the Television Show The Knick
Dejan Preradović, 2018, master's thesis

Abstract: I researched how accurate the dramatization of medical science is in the television series The Knick. The thesis is separated into two parts. In the first part, I analyze the accuracy of the depiction of real persons in the series. The main character John Thackery is an adaptation of the real-life surgeon William Halsted. The character of Dr. Cotton is a dramatization of the real psychiatrist named Henry Cotton. The series also adapts the story of Mary Mallon, who was a healthy carrier of typhoid fever and was responsible for spreading the disease in households where she worked as a cook. In the second part of my thesis, I analyze the accuracy of the medical science depicted in the series and explain how the producers used visual effects to achieve historical accuracy.
Keywords: The Knick, dramatization, adaptation, science, analysis, comparison.
Published in DKUM: 04.04.2018; Views: 888; Downloads: 119
.pdf Full text (651,26 KB)

Ecological efficiency of production and the ecological footprint of organic agriculture
Matjaž Turinek, Maja Turinek, Silva Grobelnik Mlakar, Franc Bavec, Martina Bavec, 2010, review article

Abstract: The rising energy prices and climatic changes have intensified the search for alternative farming systems where energy consumption per unit would be lowered. A long-term field trial, started in 2007 at the University of Maribor, focuses on food quality and the ecological foot print of convential (CON), integrated (INT), organic (ORG) anf biodynamic (BD) systems in production of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and spelt (Triticum spelta L.), mainly due to the non-use of external synthetic production factors. When yields are added to the equation, the ORG and BD systems emerge also as more efficient per unit of land area. Thus, the ORG and BD system present viable alternatives for reducing the impact of agriculture on climate change, while ensuring a more sustainable food security.
Keywords: organic agriculture, biodynamic agriculture, ecological footprint, comparison of farming systems
Published in DKUM: 29.03.2018; Views: 1417; Downloads: 106
.pdf Full text (141,68 KB)
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Awareness of cloud computing in Slovenian and Croatian micro-enterprises
Borut Werber, Marina Klačmer Čalopa, Igor Pihir, Anja Žnidaršič, 2015, original scientific article

Abstract: This paper presents a comparison of the two studies conducted in Slovenian and Croatian micro-enterprises (µE) about the awareness of the cloud computing (CC). We were interested in the issues relating to the characteristics of µE and the latter's use of information and communication technology (ICT) in business processes. Also, the characteristics of owners and µE were investigated. We found that the results obtained in the two countries were similar. In both cases, the most important CC characteristics were reliability, security and performance. Given that CC could represent a good business opportunity for µE, some managerial implications are proposed.
Keywords: comparison, cloud computing, cloud computing services, micro-enterprise
Published in DKUM: 03.08.2017; Views: 835; Downloads: 82
.pdf Full text (868,57 KB)
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Analysis of the Energy Market Operator activity in eight European countries
France Križanič, Žan Oplotnik, 2015, original scientific article

Abstract: The article aims to analyze the connection between economic development, energy consumption, and prices of electricity and gas on one side and of the operation of the Energy Market Operator on the other. For this purpose we use a sample of eight EU countries with well-functioning energy markets but quite diverse characteristics. The results show that Market Operators in more developed countries in the sample have above average activity (according to revenue), and their primary goal is to achieve external economies. A higher level of Market Operator activity (greater revenue) is influenced by the decrease of transaction costs in energy markets and improves the prospect for greater use of energy. An active Market Operator is characteristically associated with international openness in the energy market as well as with the development of gas use in the given country. We find that a better equipped (greater assets used by the Market Operator) and more active (according to revenues) Market Operator is related with relatively higher levels of electricity and natural gas prices.
Keywords: energy, supply and demand, financial analysis, macroeconomics, international benchmark, comparison
Published in DKUM: 06.07.2017; Views: 1039; Downloads: 322
.pdf Full text (323,78 KB)
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Management practices utilization in organizations : a comparison between catching-up and well-developed economies
Zlatko Nedelko, Vojko Potočan, 2016, published scientific conference contribution

Abstract: The main purpose of this paper is to examine the utilization of management practices in catching-up and well-developed economies. Within that framework, the paper examines the utilization of management practices in Slovenian and Croatian organizations, as both are considered the representatives of catching-up economies from Central and East Europe (CEE), while also comparing the utilization of management practices in the two selected economies to the global use of management practices. Evidences about management practices utilization reveal that in well-developed economies in the forefront are management practices aiming to support customer relationship management, strength customer relations and customer satisfaction, while in Slovenia and Croatia prevail practices that are oriented toward optimization of the business and its processes. Based on the research results and the situation in organizations, a possible future pattern of management practice utilization in organizations operating in catching up economies is outlined, with the aim to reduce the developmental lag and increase competitiveness of those organizations. The paper also provides several practical implications for future utilization of management practices in catching-up economies. The sample of catching up-countries includes 155 responses from employees in Slovenian organizations and 185 from Croatian ones. Data for samples from well-developed economies are obtained from a global survey of management practices.
Keywords: management practices, utilization, catching-up economy, well-developed economy, international comparison
Published in DKUM: 04.07.2017; Views: 707; Downloads: 107
.pdf Full text (426,33 KB)
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