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Weakly coupled analysis of a blade in multiphase mixing vessel
Matej Vesenjak, Zoran Ren, Matjaž Hriberšek, 2004, short scientific article

Abstract: Two or more physical systems frequently interact with each other, where the independent solution of one system is impossible without a simultaneous solution of the others. An obvious coupled system is that of a dynamic fluid-structure interaction. š8đ In this paper a computational analysis of thefluid-structure interaction in a mixing vessel is presented. In mixing vessels the fluid can have a significant influence on the deformation of blades during mixing, depending on speed of mixing blades and fluid viscosity.For this purpose a computational weakly coupled analysis has been performed to determine the multiphase fluid influences on the mixing vessel structure. The multiphase fluid field in the mixing vessel was first analyzed with the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code CFX. The results in the form of pressure were then applied to the blade model, which was the analysed with the structural code MSC.visualNastran forWindows, which is based on the finiteelement method (FEM).
Keywords: fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, coupled problems, computational analysis, two-phase fluid, mixing blade, pressure distribution, finite volume method, finite element method
Published: 01.06.2012; Views: 1056; Downloads: 68
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Prerotation flow measurement
Andrej Predin, Ignacijo Biluš, 2003, original scientific article

Abstract: Different measuring methods relating to the prerotation flow in the entrance pipe of radial pumps are analyzed. The appearance of the prerotation flow is a result of the complicated fluid flow model, which appears as a consequence of the pump operating out of design limits and reduces pump efficiency. The goal of this contribution is in estimating the best measuring method, taking into account the inconvenience of conventional hot-wire and laser-Doppler anemometry. Therefore, two measuring systems - multiblade (ASB) and single blade (ASSB) anemometer - are introduced, analyzed and compared. The advantages of the introduced measuring system -ASB- are in its simple construction and simple use and its low price. The direction and swirl flow intensity in the entrance pipe of radial pumps and fans could be measured using this method.
Keywords: radial pumps, prerotation flow, anemometer with straight blades, anemometer with single straight blade
Published: 01.06.2012; Views: 1160; Downloads: 74
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Design of geometry and numerical simulation of the operating characteristic of the rotor of the wind turbine
aljaž Janič, 2018, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: The diploma thesis consists of design and numerical simulation of the wind turbine. Geometries are designed according to two theories, the Betz theory and the Schmitz theory. I used Solidworks for 3D modeling of the both rotors. Using Ansys software package, we performed numerical simulations of a rigid body for two different wind speed regimes. We were interested in the angular velocity of the spinning blades, which in combination with moment give us power.
Keywords: Renewable energy, wind energy, numerical simulation, wind turbine, blade design, Betz and Schmitz theory
Published: 09.08.2018; Views: 580; Downloads: 137
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