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Measurement of CO2 solubility and diffusivity in poly(L-lactide) and poly(D,L-lactide-co-glycolide) by magnetic suspension balance
Elena Markočič, Mojca Škerget, Željko Knez, 2008, original scientific article

Abstract: The solubility of supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2) in poly(l-lactide) and poly(d,l-lactide-co-glycolide) at different temperatures (308, 313 and 323 K) and pressures (10-30 MPa) was measured using a magnetic suspension balance. The solubility data were also used for estimating the binary diffusion coefficients. The results show a good solubility of CO2 in both polymers: up to 43% in poly(l-lactide) and 30% in poly(d,l-lactide-co-glycolide). The diffusion coefficients have high values, which verify the liquid-like solvating properties of scCO2. The diffusion coefficient depends on the quantity of gas already absorbed by the polymer; its values decrease with increasing gas concentration.
Keywords: SC CO2, solubility, diffusivity, magnetic suspension balance
Published: 31.05.2012; Views: 1049; Downloads: 56
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Juš Kunc, 2016, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: Blagovne znamke nas danes spremljajo na vsakem koraku in so eden od temeljev sodobne ekonomske aktivnosti. Pojavile so se že stoletja pred našim zavedanjem, sčasoma pa so pridobivale na pomenu. Danes se pojavlja težavnost identificiranja razlik med izdelkom in blagovno znamko, razlog pa je prav v razmahu blagovnih znamk. Blagovna znamka je več kot le izdelek, je trajna, nosi zgodbo in ima dodano vrednost. Njen pomen je večplasten, predstavlja najpomembnejši del neotipljivega premoženja podjetja in ima velik vpliv na porabnikovo samopodobo, ter na nakupno in ponakupno vedenje. Blagovna znamka v športu je lahko nogometni stadion, klub, organizacija, podjetje, oprema ali pa športnik posameznik. Adidas in New Balance sta blagovni znamki športne opreme. Njun razvoj prikazuje primer razvoja blagovne znamke v športu. Adidas je ena od najuspešnejših blagovnih znamk na svetu, New Balance pa se prav tako vzpenja po lestvici najboljših. Zgodba, ki jo gradita obe blagovni znamki, šteje več kot 100 let in je polna uspehov, padcev in preobratov.
Keywords: blagovne znamke, šport, marketing, Adidas, New Balance.
Published: 24.11.2016; Views: 554; Downloads: 96
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Measuring the intellectual capital of international carriers as logistic operators
Sabina Kamnik Zebec, Ratko Zelenika, Slobodan Zečević, 2007, short scientific article

Abstract: The age of knowledge has come and the enterprises present themselves as "knowledge enterprises" and their employees as sources of knowledge - "knowledge workers". Knowledge has become a merchandise, to be on the knowledge market. In an enterprise knowledge becomes the capital, important for achieving competitive advantage on the market but it cannot be measured easily. The field of intellectual capital is very complex, mostly because it is difficult to categorize it. The important concepts and definitions for intellectual capital include an emphasis that intellectual capital is based on knowledge and is usable in any enterprise. Knowledge and skills determine the possibilities of an individual to actively influence the social development and ensure their quality of life.
Keywords: enterprises, intellectual capital, tertiary logistics, balance sheet, income statement
Published: 02.06.2017; Views: 413; Downloads: 37
.pdf Full text (5,33 MB)
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Perceived gender equality in managerial positions in organizations
Polona Tominc, Urban Šebjan, Karin Širec, 2017, original scientific article

Abstract: Background and Purpose: This research aims to achieve two main objectives: to investigate differences between male and female managers regarding the perceived gender equality in organizations and to analyze the gender differences in relationships among the perceived gender equality, the perceived satisfaction with employment position and career, the perceived satisfaction with work, and the perceived work-family conflict. Design/Methodology/Approach: The sample of research includes 82 managers in Slovenian organizations. In first stage, we analyzed with t-test differences between male and female regarding perceived gender equality in decision-making positions. In the next step we developed the conceptual models and used structural equational modeling (SEM), and analyzed differences between constructs in two conceptual models. Results: The research results show that female managers perceive gender equality in organizations in general to be significantly lower than males; furthermore, perceived gender equality is positively related to the perceived satisfaction with employment position and career as well as to the perceived satisfaction with work, but both relationships are significantly stronger for female managers. On the other hand female managers seems to cope more efficiently with the perceived work-family conflict since it has significantly different impact on female managers’ perceived satisfaction with work, as compared to the male managers. Conclusion: To achieve more gender equality within organizations and a reduction of the gender gap, the legislative initiatives cannot be successful without appropriate corporate strategy sets, which presents the framework for doing business and determines the internal working culture. The findings offer several policy, as well as business practice-oriented implications.
Keywords: gender balance, decision-making position, employment satisfaction, work satisfaction, organization, management, managerial positions, gender equality
Published: 06.07.2017; Views: 473; Downloads: 211
.pdf Full text (1021,95 KB)
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Health professionals - stress, burnout and prevention
2017, other monographs and other completed works

Abstract: The medical staffs in health service institutions are often required to spend time in intense involvement with other people. Frequently, the staff-client interaction is centred on the client's current problems (physical, psychological, social) and is therefore charged with feelings of pain and suffering, fear, despair, turmoil and anger. The main aim of our meeting is to discuss the consequences of such personal burdens as well as to get a better insight into the background of professional burnout phenomenon in general. Because a burnout could not be only the result of job characteristics but could appear also as the result of work organization type, social relationships, as well as of some personal characteristics and individual′s life style, too, it is essential to look for the forms of support not only on the individual, but it is necessary to consider also the preventive options at the institutional level.
Keywords: professional burnout, social exchange balance, human well-being
Published: 28.09.2017; Views: 318; Downloads: 57
.pdf Full text (2,18 MB)
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What is it worth?
Petra Gsodam, Heinrich Stigler, published scientific conference contribution

Abstract: High lifetimes and high capital intensities characterize fixed assets of electric utilities. The historical cost concept implicate that long-lasting fixed assets are shown too low in balance sheets of electric utilities: the real value of long-lasting assets is not shown because of nominal price increases. An alternative to show the real value of longterm assets represents the capital stock concept based on replacement values less depreciations (net capital stock). To calculate the capital stock, information regarding the level of investment in each power plant at the time of construction (historical acquisition values) and with regard to a common base year (replacement values) is necessary. This paper shows how the not-standardized investments in hydropower plants can be estimated and how the capital stock of run-of-river and threshold hydropower plants can be calculated. Long-term assets in the form of run-of-river and threshold hydropower plants are compared based on historic costs and replacement values. The paper concludes that given nominal price increases for replacement investments, as is the case with long-lasting hydropower plants, only depreciations based on replacement values can ensure preservation of the company’s assets.
Keywords: fixed assets, electric utilities, balance sheet, capital stock, depreciation
Published: 11.10.2017; Views: 395; Downloads: 113
.pdf Full text (1,51 MB)

Impact of terms-of-trade on Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Croatia in the short run
Karol Szomolányi, Martin Lukáčik, Adriana Lukáčiková, 2017, original scientific article

Abstract: The terms-of-trade shocks are not main source of business cycles in three post-communist countries (i.e., Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Croatia). The zero or negative reactions of the trade balance in terms-of-trade positive shocks in the countries exhibit the Obstfeld-Svensson-Razin effect, according to which the Harberger-Laursen-Metzler positive effect on terms-of-trade indicates that the smaller the trade balance, the more persistent the terms-of-trade shock is. The conclusions come from the structural vector autoregressive analysis of the cyclical components of terms-of-trade, trade balance, output, consumption, and investment in three post-communist countries.
Keywords: innovation, terms-of-trade, business cycle, Slovak economy, Czech economy, Croatian economy, trade balance
Published: 13.11.2017; Views: 655; Downloads: 235
.pdf Full text (492,14 KB)
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