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The Language of Appraisals in Articles About Ice Hockey
Janja Sterle, 2019, master's thesis

Abstract: Media articles, regardless of the media in which they are published (e.g. news, a report, a notification), are generally expected to be characterized by balance and objectivity as one of their most important and identifiable characteristics. However, the results of the analysis show that this is not entirely true for the articles about ice hockey analysed in this thesis. Thus, the presence of a certain degree of subjectivity has been determined. In the thesis, the article was considered objective when the writer wrote about the facts and data that could be checked and did not reveal his/her emotions, presence or opinion. At the same time, the article was considered subjective when the writer was present in the article in a way that s/he revealed his/her emotions or s/he evaluated what was going on and/or the hockey players. For the analysis, the appraisal model developed in 2005 by Martin and White was used because it turned out to be the most useful as their appraisal categories (graduation, engagement, and attitude) cover all lexical choices, with which one shows his/her attitude or engagement or graduates something. Appraisal can be a single word or a phrase that indirectly/implicitly or directly/explicitly expresses one’s opinion, judgement, or engagement. According to the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (LDOCE), appraisal is “a statement or opinion judging the worth, value, or condition of something” (https://www.ldoceonline.com/dictionary/appraisal), while the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (OALD, 8th Edition) defines it as “a judgement of the value, performance or nature of sb/sth” (OALD 2010: 62). The analysis of the articles was carried out with Computer Assisted Text Markup and Analysis (CATMA) platform. Objectives of the thesis were to research the differences in the use of appraisals in the articles that describe the same event, i.e. the ice hockey match. Thus, it was researched how the author’s presence and engagement were reflected through appraisal, and how much of subjectivity was present in the articles that were supposed to be objective. Next, I was interested in how the writer is positioned in the articles which report about the winning team, and how in the articles reporting about the losing team. Finally, it was researched which types of appraisal were used in three articles which report about the same match and were published on the official web sites of Los Angeles Kings and Colorado Avalanche, and in the article that was published in a neutral web media FOX Sports. The results showed that the articles that were published on the official web sites of the teams tended to be more subjective as numerous instances of the writer’s presence and engagement were found. On the other hand, the article from the neutral web site turned out to be the most objective and unbiased, even though some instances of the writer’s presence and engagement were found as well.
Keywords: appraisal system, appraisals, ice hockey, graduation, engagement, attitude.
Published: 06.06.2019; Views: 584; Downloads: 70
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Attitudes of social gerontology and physiotherapy students towards the elderly
Diana Jeleč Kaker, Marija Ovsenik, Jože Zupančič, 2016, original scientific article

Abstract: Background/Goal: Attitudes towards older persons are particularly important for healthcare students and practitioners. The aim of our work is to analyse the attitudes of social gerontology and physiotherapy students towards elderly persons. Method: A structured questionnaire using the Kogan Attitudes towards Older People scale (KAOP) was used to collect data. Statistical methods were applied to evaluate the data: reliability test, t-test for independent samples and bivariate correlational analysis. Results: Social gerontology and physiotherapy students accept the elderly with awareness and respect. Few age-related prejudices and stereotypes were found among them, and they do not problematise the elderly. Social gerontology students have more positive attitudes towards the elderly than physiotherapy students do. Male students and students who live in the same household with elderly persons are more appreciative towards them, but they have more prejudices; the same applies to a lesser extent to students who do not live in the same household with an elderly person. Conclusion: Although minor deviations from a positive attitude were found, probably resulting from different experiences with elderly people, the results of this study raise hopes that respectful relations and cooperation across age groups will continue.
Keywords: attitude, student, social gerontology
Published: 28.11.2017; Views: 689; Downloads: 296
.pdf Full text (337,08 KB)
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Pragmatic functions of Christian expressions in spoken discourse
Darinka Verdonik, Zdravko Kačič, 2012, original scientific article

Abstract: Different kinds of pragmatic expressions in spoken discourse, such as discourse markers, interjections, topic orientation markers, pragmatic deictics, general extenders, etc., have attracted the attention of researchers over recent decades. However, expressions that have their origins within religions have not as yet been studied from the pragmatic perspective, even though in everyday conversation they are used in non-religious contexts and content-free manners more often than within a religious context. The present study is based on the GOS Slovenian reference speech corpus, and covers the more common Christian expressions used in the corpus data, namely: bog "God", bože "God", marija "Mary", madona "Madonna", jezus "Jesus", hudič "Devil", vrag "Devil". The study attempts to highlight the contexts in which these expressions are used, as well as the pragmatic functions they perform.
Keywords: Slovene, religious expressions, Christian vocabulary, speech, discourse, attitude, corpus linguistics
Published: 30.12.2015; Views: 957; Downloads: 278
.pdf Full text (140,73 KB)
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Possible consequences of student's relationship to parents and to school
Majda Pšunder, Antonija Milivojević Krajnčič, 2009, original scientific article

Abstract: This research work is dealing with the different behaviour of the young, adolescent people and their perception of the relationship with their parents and their attitude towards school in the time of their early adolescence. Research work is answering the questions connected with the relationship with the parents, attitude towards school as well as the behaviour deviation of adolescents (youth). The research is based on claim that teenager's relationship with his mother and father have an important influence on his/her behavior, especially on the conflicts with the environment. Opačič (1995) argues that the relationship between parents, the environment and the teenagers is not so important. Therefore, we were interested in teenagers' attitudes towards their relationships that they have with their parents. The following dimensions of a relationship were emphasized (observed in greater detail): control, punishment, intimacy and carelessness on the side of the parents. Through those dimensions we could show the teenager's comprehension of the relationship they have with their parents and/or mother and father's comprehension of the relationship in the early phase of adolescence. He stresses (emphasizes) their attitude (perception of) towards such relationships. Some quantity research procedures are used in this research work. There are four different non-standardized questionnaires: The frequency of the behaviour deviation, A relationship with a mother, A relationship with a father, A conflict situations with parents connected with different conversation themes, An attitude towards school. The study relies on descriptive and causal-non-experimental methods of empirical pedagogical research. The research includes an accidental sample of the pupils attending 7th and 9th class of the Primary school in Maribor in the school year 2007 (n=300).Istraživanje se bavi odstupanjem u ponašanju maloljetnih osoba i njihovom percepcijom odnosa sa roditeljima, te odnosa prema školi u periodu rane adolescencije. Temelji se na uvjerenju da odnosi maloljetnika s majkom i ocem bitno utječu na njihovo socijalno ponašanje, a posebno na konflikte sa okolinom. Opačič (1995) je ustanovio da nije važno, kako se roditelji i okolina ponašaju u odnosu prema njima, nego kako maloljetnici vide (percipiraju) te odnose. Zato nas je prije svega zanimalo, kako maloljetnici vide odnose s roditeljima naglašavajući slijedeće dimenzije odnosa: kontrola, kažnjavanje, intimnost (blizina), zanemarivanje od strane roditelja. Pomoću tih dimenzija željeli smo osvijetliti maloljetnikovo doživljavanje odnosno viđenje odnosa sa strane majke i oca u periodu rane adolescencije. U istraživanju su korišteni kvantitativni istraživački postupci, upotrijebljeni instrument mjerenja obuhvaćaju četiri nestandardizirana anketna upitnika: Čestoća odstupanja u ponašanju, Odnos s majkom, Odnos s ocem, Konflikt s roditeljima u vezi različitih temam razgovora, Odnos prema školi. Koristili smo deskriptivnu i kauzalnu-neeksperimentalnu metodu empirijskog pedagoškog istraživanja. Istraživanje uključuje slučajni uzorak učenika, koji su školske godine 2007. pohađali 7. i 9. razred osnovne škole općine Maribor (n=300).
Keywords: early adolescence, behaviour, attitude towards school, conflicts
Published: 07.06.2012; Views: 1189; Downloads: 21
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