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Harmoniousness in connecting music and visual artworks in the Slovenie [!] and Finnish cultural environment
Janja Črčinovič Rozman, Bojan Kovačič, 2011, original scientific article

Abstract: Glasbena in likovna dela lahko vsebujejo enake elemente in principe oblikovanja. Od njih je odvisna osebna apreciacija umetniških del. Izsledki empirične raziskave o tem, kako slovenski in finski študenti razrednega pouka doživljajo obe umetniški področji in se nanju odzivajo, kažejo na nekatere razlike v povezovanju štirih glasbenih in likovnih umetniških del glede na kulturno okolje študentov.
Keywords: harmoniousness, music and visual artworks, Slovenie and Finnish students
Published: 30.12.2015; Views: 384; Downloads: 29
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The practical aspect of developing art appreciation
Matjaž Duh, Jerneja Herzog, Andreja Švec, 2016, original scientific article

Abstract: In the present article the significance and the role of art appreciation are dealt with. The ways and procedures of developing art appreciation of pupils in primary school are presented. With the support of the procedure of gradual uncovering of an artwork, in which two different methods were employed, namely increasing the sharpness and fragmentary image, the response and experience of 14 - 15 years old pupils were investigated in this study. In this, focus was on the examination of appropriateness of the procedures according to the type of the selected artworks. The procedures were examined on two sets, namely on a set of artworks with realistically depicted motifs and on a set of abstract paintings. We have found the selected procedures were to a certain extent more appropriate for dealing with realistic motifs, and to a lesser extent for abstract motifs. For pupils it is more difficult to accept an unknown, alien image, they much more easily identify themselves with recognisable forms and motifs. The latter motivate and inspire them more; they activate communication and in consequence raise the level of the development of art appreciation.
Keywords: art appreciation, communication, artworks, methods of developing art appreciation
Published: 06.07.2017; Views: 177; Downloads: 80
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