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Rok Povše, 2011, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: Diplomsko delo predstavlja ključne značilnosti in omejitve platforme iOS ter navaja različne poslovne modele za trženje mobilnih aplikacij. Predstavljene so ključne tehnologije za delo z zvokom in grafičnim vmesnikom, pri čemer je podrobneje predstavljen odprtokodni pogon za igre, cocos2d za iPhone. Navedene so najboljše prakse in načini za optimizacijo pri razvoju iger za platformo iOS. Zadnji del diplomskega dela obsega implementacijo praktične rešitve, igre Traffic Master. Igra je implementirana v skladu s stopnjami, katerim moramo slediti pri razvoju iger in izkorišča tehnologije predstavljene v diplomskem delu.
Keywords: iOS, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, razvoj iger, OpenGL, UIKit, Core Graphics, Core Animation, cocos2d, zasnova iger
Published: 05.04.2011; Views: 1659; Downloads: 231
.pdf Full text (5,55 MB)

EVA: expressive multipart virtual agent performing gestures and emotions
Izidor Mlakar, Matej Rojc, 2011, original scientific article

Abstract: Embodied Conversational Agents (ECAs) play an important role in the development of personalized and expressive human-machine interaction, allowing users to interact with a system over several communication channels, such as: natural speech, facial expression, and different body gestures. This paper presents a novel approach to the generation of ECAs for multimodal interfaces, by using the proprietary EVA framework. EVAćs articulated 3D model is mesh-based and built on the multipart concept. Each of its 3D submodels (body-parts) supports both bone and morph target-based animation, in order to simulate natural human movement. Each body movement's structural characteristics can be described by the composite movement of one or more elementary units (bones and/or morphs), and its temporal characteristics by the durations of each of the movementćs stages (expose, present, dissipate). EVA scripts provide a means of defining and fine-tuning body motion in the form of predefined gestures, or complex behavioural events (provided by external behaviour modelling sources). Since behavioural events can also be described as a combination of tuned predefined gestures and the movements of elementary units, a small number of predefined gestures can form infinite sets of gestures that ECA can perform. ECA EVA, as presented in this paper, provides both: a personalization of its behaviour (gesture level), and a personalization of its outlook.
Keywords: bone and morph based animation, distributive, expressive ECA, mesh based articulated model
Published: 01.06.2012; Views: 997; Downloads: 23
URL Link to full text

Supplementing React Framework with an Animation Utility Library
Nejc Maček, 2018, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: In this thesis different types of animations are presented, categorised by their technical characteristics, principally according the technology used for implementing them. Additionally, use-case scenarios are considered when categorising animation types to provide an insight on which use-cases combine well with a specific animation type. Animation implementations in popular MVC frameworks are also studied and compared to analyse what benefits each implementation means brings. Based on findings, a library that supplements React frameworks was created, enabling developers to implement animations in their web applications.
Keywords: React, animation, transition
Published: 13.08.2018; Views: 456; Downloads: 44
.pdf Full text (625,10 KB)

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