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Numerical simulations of full-scale vehicles using PANS turbulence model : [master thesis]
Jan Viher, 2019, master's thesis

Abstract: External aerodynamics plays an important role in improving road vehicles efficiency. In the field of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), relatively basic and often inaccurate turbulence models are typically used in the industry. In this work, the Partially-Averaged-Navier-Stokes (PANS) method is used to show its applicability for industrial purposes. An air flow past two distinct geometrical models has been simulated using AVL FIRE and results have been compared with available measurements. The results show that the accuracy is vastly improved in comparison with conventional turbulence models. In modern external aerodynamics applications, the PANS model has the potential to be more widely used.
Keywords: aerodynamics, PANS, full-scale, advanced modelling
Published in DKUM: 28.11.2019; Views: 1014; Downloads: 108
.pdf Full text (3,61 MB)

3D multidomain BEM for solving the Laplace equation
Matjaž Ramšak, Leopold Škerget, 2007, original scientific article

Abstract: An efficient 3D multidomain BEM for solving problems governed by the Laplace equation is presented. Integral boundary equations are discretized using mixed boundary elements. The field function is interpolated using a continuous linear function while its derivative in a normal direction is interpolated using a discontiuous constant function over surface boundaey elements. Using amultidomain approach, also known as the subdomain technique, sparse system matrices similar to FEM are obtained. Interface boundary conditions between subdomains leads to an over-determined system matrix which is solved using a fast iterative linear least square solver. The accuracy and the robustness of the developed algorithm is presented on a scalar diffusion problem using simple cube geometry and various types of meshes. The efficiency is demonstrated with potential flow around a complex geometry of a fighter airplane using a tetrahedral mesh with over 100.000 subdomains on a personal computer.
Keywords: fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, multidomain boundary element method, Laplace equation, mixed boundary elements, potential flow
Published in DKUM: 31.05.2012; Views: 2290; Downloads: 99
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