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Identification of identical twins in police procedures
Miha Dvojmoč, Veronika Mrak Klavžar, Vanja Erčulj, 2022, original scientific article

Abstract: Purpose: The aim of the study was to review the treatment of identical twins in crimes and to determine to what extent people notice the switch of identities, to what extent they can distinguish between twins, and what factors are related to the ability to distinguish them. Design/Methods/Approach: We carried out an analysis of literature and a case review about identification of identical twins in police procedures and for the purpose of the article, an online survey was conducted among the general public. Findings: In line with existing research, the survey showed that age, but not gender or length of acquaintance, was related to the ability to distinguish between twins. The ability to distinguish between twins is positively correlated with the observation of confusion between them. Our survey of the public found that the most common indicators for distinguishing between identical twins were facial features, behavior, a distinctive voice, and recognizable accessories. Research Limitations/Implications: A review of the literature on the identification and treatment of twins in relation to criminality reveals several gaps in knowledge. More attention should thus be paid to the problem in the future, possibly to establish criteria for prosecution and to raise awareness that such deviant behavior can occur. In our research, we conducted survey among general public in the future maybe a survey of the experts should be conducted for more comprehensive view of the issue. Among the proposals for further research, it would be reasonable to consider the analysis of cases of identical twins in police practice. Originality/Value: In our own research, we examined the factors associated with identity swapping among identical twins.
Keywords: identical twins, distinction, identity switch, fraud
Published in DKUM: 13.04.2023; Views: 398; Downloads: 15
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Sex change in islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) UAE law : a juristic analysis
Hamza Abed al-Karim Hammad, 2019, original scientific article

Abstract: This study elucidates the positions of Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) and the laws of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on transsexuals' surgery. Using comparative analysis, the author concluded that the UAE law does not specify a rule regarding for transsexuals, but does state that in situations where the law is silent, then fiqh should be refereed to. Fiqh prohibits it; thus, the law does as well.
Keywords: sexual switch, transsexual, reassignment surgery, islamic law, emirati legislation
Published in DKUM: 15.01.2021; Views: 621; Downloads: 25
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Role of cascades in converting oscillatory signals into stationary step-like responses
Marko Marhl, Vladimir Grubelnik, 2007, original scientific article

Abstract: In biological signal transduction pathways intermediates are often oscillatory and need to be converted into smooth output signals at the end. We show by mathematical modelling that protein kinase cascades enable converting oscillatory signals into sharp stationary step-like outputs. The importance of this result is demonstrated for the switch-like protein activation by calcium oscillations, which is of biological importance for regulating different cellular processes. In addition, we found that protein kinase cascades cause memory effects in the protein activation, which might be of a physiological advantage since a smaller amount of calcium transported in the cell is required for an effective activation of cellular processes.
Keywords: physics, calcium oscillations, mathematical modelling, calcium, calcium oscillations, sygnalling cascade, protein kinase cascades, signal transduction, ultrasensitivity, biochemical switch, cellular dynamics
Published in DKUM: 07.06.2012; Views: 2095; Downloads: 90
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