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The Passion of John Coffey: Christian Symbols and Racial Elements in The Green Mile
Jaka Delčnjak, 2018, master's thesis

Abstract: In the thesis I explore the presence of Christian and racial elements in Stephen King’s novel The Green Mile. The first chapter describes some basic theories of Christianity and its history as a background to the events and situations depicted in King’s novel and film. The second chapter analyzes how Christian elements have been integrated into literature by other famous authors, to form a comparison with King’s use of these motifs. The main analysis is made in the third chapter, where Christian elements in the novel are identified and parallels are drawn back to the theory of Christianity, especially regarding the character John Coffey as a Christ figure. The thesis also discusses the importance of the religious background of the author while I try to form a generalized interpretation of the novel. In addition, the film adaptation serves as a source for the analysis of visual elements of Christianity. Finally, the fourth chapter focuses on racial elements in the novel. These elements are then connected to the history of racial relationships in the United States and reflected in African-American literature, compared to that of white authors such as King, and a connection is made between the racial and religious elements of the novel as they combine to illustrate important themes in American society.
Keywords: Key words: Christianity, race, elements, Stephen King, The Green Mile
Published: 23.08.2018; Views: 247; Downloads: 62
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