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Slovenian water management and EU - challenge and opportunity
Eugen Petrešin, Srečko Fridl, 2003, original scientific article

Abstract: The pollution of rivers, endangered underground water and water springs, hazardous substances in the soil, uncontrolled disposal of large quantities of waste - these and many other problems severely reduce the quality of life and hinder the country's overall development. The majority of surface water courses are excessively polluted (29% fall into the third and fourth water quality class). The pollution is spreading towards river sources. The quality of groundwater has been deteriorating recently. It is evident from the "Strategy for Economic Development" of Slovenia that the approximation to the European Union is the right choice for Slovenia.
Keywords: water management, river pollution, environment, Slovenia
Published: 01.06.2012; Views: 1488; Downloads: 35
URL Link to full text

Sanacija pregrade Vogršček : diplomsko delo
Silvana Batič, 2008, undergraduate thesis

Keywords: namakalnega cevovoda, pregrade, sanacije pregrad, cevi talnega izpusta
Published: 14.01.2009; Views: 2556; Downloads: 384
.pdf Full text (747,44 KB)

Hidravlični preračun vodovodnega sistema Žalec
1989, undergraduate thesis

Published: 26.07.2007; Views: 1610; Downloads: 0

Analiza koeficienta hrapavosti za vodovodno omrežje
1990, undergraduate thesis

Published: 26.07.2007; Views: 1329; Downloads: 0

Zasnova vodnogospodarskega katastra
1991, undergraduate thesis

Published: 26.07.2007; Views: 1541; Downloads: 0

Študija optimalnih pogojev obratovanja vodovodnega sistema - Ptuj
1992, undergraduate thesis

Keywords: vodovodni sistemi
Published: 26.07.2007; Views: 1645; Downloads: 0

Analiza koeficienta hrapavosti v vodovodnem omrežju : diplomsko delo
1992, undergraduate thesis

Keywords: hidrotehnika, vodovodna omrežja, pretok
Published: 26.07.2007; Views: 1913; Downloads: 0

Hidravlični preračun vodovodnega sistema LAŠKO - RIMSKE TOPLICE : diplomsko delo
1993, undergraduate thesis

Keywords: vodovod, hidravlični izračun
Published: 26.07.2007; Views: 2919; Downloads: 0

Kanalizacija Rimske Toplice : diplomsko delo
1993, undergraduate thesis

Keywords: kanalizacija, hidravlični izračun, čistilne naprave
Published: 26.07.2007; Views: 2321; Downloads: 0

Kontrola kanalizacije in čistilna naprava v Zgornji Kungoti : diplomsko delo
Mateja Klaneček, 1995, undergraduate thesis

Published: 26.07.2007; Views: 1768; Downloads: 0

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