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Erika Golob, 2015, magistrsko delo

Opis: In the master’s thesis I defined the concept of dyslexia. I focused on two different views on dyslexia, namely dyslexia as a reading and writing disorder, something you need to repair or heal, and dyslexia as an added value that gives individuals abilities a person without dyslexia does not possess. The thesis briefly presents the causes of dyslexia, learning deficits, specifically difficulties in reading and writing, various approaches to tackle these difficulties and general guidelines to alleviate them. The thesis then offers some examples of good multi sensory teaching practice which could alleviate the dyslexic pupil’s learning process and could be used in a general education English classroom. The empirical part first gives an introduction to the survey and then presents the results. The survey was conducted on a sample of 160 primary school English teachers enquiring about how well they know dyslexia and its symptoms, how many students with confirmed dyslexia they teach and how they tackle the challenge of teaching such students in an English classroom the focus being on to what extent they accommodate teaching materials and teaching methods for their dyslexic pupils.
Ključne besede: dyslexia, the gift of dyslexia, learning disability, specific learning disability, general recommendations and accommodations, teacher’s support
Objavljeno: 14.04.2015; Ogledov: 1097; Prenosov: 95
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