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Passive testing of highly automated driving systems
Luka Šelih, 2021, magistrsko delo

Opis: Driver assistance systems and automated driving have become one of the most important components of new vehicles. Enormous progress has been made with developing algorithms for autonomous control and perception, but the problems of safety validation remain. In this master thesis, we first briefly summarise safety and testing approaches in autonomous driving. Then we propose our own approach for testing automated/autonomous driving, which we call "Passive parallel Testing". The approach focuses on detecting discrepancies between the human driver and the control of the automated driving function, thus identifying potentially critical situations. The test method is demonstrated at the end in a simulation with the CARLA simulator.
Ključne besede: autonomous driving, testing, safety, CARLA, AEB
Objavljeno: 18.10.2021; Ogledov: 98; Prenosov: 17
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The role and function of a sports event organiser
Timotej Praznik, Maja Modic, Simon Slokan, 2020, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Purpose: The purpose of the paper is to examine the organisation of a sports event - more precisely, a football match, specifically from the point of view of safety. We compared the Slovenian practice of event organising with how sports events are organised in Serbia and Austria. Design/Methods/Approach: First we conducted a literature and normative bases review. The research was conducted through interviews with spokespersons from the football clubs - NK Celje, FK Partizan and SK Sturm Graz. We conducted a telephone interview with the security manager of the European Football Association and also included our own observations from attending the Serbian championship match. Findings: Our research shows that despite the existence of subnational legislation, there are differences in understanding of ensuring safety at sporting events in the analysed countries. As the most common factors that can affect safety and security at a sports event we identified the following: personnel, supporter groups, pyrotechnics and infrastructure. Research Limitations/Implications: Our research is limited to three countries and to three football clubs that were willing to take part in our research. Originality/Value: Research findings are based on the perspective and experience of football club security managers, presenting main risk factors and corresponding measures for ensuring safety and security at football matches.
Ključne besede: safety, sport event, security measures, security risks
Objavljeno: 04.01.2021; Ogledov: 252; Prenosov: 12
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Analysis of safety inspections on pedestrian crossings from the road lighting point of view
Matea Šepoval, 2020, magistrsko delo

Opis: In this master's thesis we will analyse traffic safety at pedestrian crossings from the lighting point of view. The focus of the work will be on Croatia and Slovenia. Accidents at pedestrian crossings are the most common forms of accidents involving pedestrians, and although these countries are equal members of the European Union, their attitude towards road users may be different. Road accidents are one of the main indicators of road safety in every country and, based on statistics, suggestions for improvement will be made. By analysing the type of pedestrian crossings and the types of street lighting, we will identify and show their weaknesses. We will first present an analysis of traffic accidents involving pedestrians for certain periods for Slovenia and Croatia. This analysis is an indicator of actual traffic conditions related to pedestrian safety and non-motorized traffic. The statistical data presented in this master’s thesis were obtained from the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia and the website of the Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Road Safety, which is available with a large amount of data and analyses of traffic safety on a daily basis. Slovenian regulations clearly show the types and methods of designing pedestrian crossings, while Croatia lags behind in the details and explanations of the elements. In the end, an example of a comparison of pedestrian crossing lighting in the Republic of Croatia and Slovenia at locations in Bjelovar and Maribor will be presented. I will compare the brightness of pedestrian crossings and give an analysis of current traffic safety. Finally, solutions to improve the situation will be offered.
Ključne besede: traffic safety, pedestrian road crossing, traffic accident, traffic lighting
Objavljeno: 01.10.2020; Ogledov: 273; Prenosov: 50
.pdf Celotno besedilo (1,50 MB)

Safety issues in psychiatric settings
Tinkara Pavšič Mrevlje, Peter Umek, 2011, pregledni znanstveni članek

Opis: Purpose: The purpose of the paper is to establish if mental health workers (nurses, doctors, clinical psychologists) in Slovene psychiatric settings perceive their work as potentially dangerous and which factors contribute mostly to these mindsets. On the basis of gained data recommendations for safety improvement are suggested. Design/Methods/Approach: Review of three studies conducted in different psychiatric settings in Slovenia. Findings: Just a few mental health workers perceive their work as dangerous. Among those that are most frequently victims of violent behaviour are male and female nurses, especially under circumstances of involuntary admission, involuntary pharmacological treatment and when special security measures are applied. Participants think that workers would need more self defence trainings, additional competent medical staff (foremost male nurses), communication trainings and better cooperation in their working teams. Moreover, those hurt in such incidents should get more systematic help. Sometimes security personnel also intervene, however, they are not qualified for such interventions and special trainings should be provided. Research limitations/implications: Our findings have a limited value because the studies have been performed in the course of different years, different questionnaires were applied and participants also differed (their profession, working tasks, demographic data etc.). Practical implications: Our findings can be used by psychiatric hospital management to plan trainings for mental health workers and organize them according to personnel’s necessities. Results also imply the necessity to train security personnel. Originality/Value: In the past merely analyses of incident reports were made on this topic. However, this paper sheds some light on perceptions and experiences of mental health workers directly exposed to patients’ violent behaviour.
Ključne besede: psychiatric setting, violent behaviour, mental health workers, safety, security personn
Objavljeno: 11.05.2020; Ogledov: 323; Prenosov: 30
.pdf Celotno besedilo (504,13 KB)
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Analysis of the relationship between smart cities, policing and criminal investigation
Kaja Prislan, Boštjan Slak, 2018, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Purpose: The main objective is to present the symbiosis between smart cities, policing, criminal investigation and criminal intelligence. Moreover, another purpose is to critically address the underlying privacy concerns arising from smart city designs. Design/Methods/Approach: The paper is theoretical in scope and utilises a literature review as the basic method. Correlations between smart cities, policing and criminal investigations are identified by analysing the applicability of core smart city technologies and services [SCTS]. Findings: It is evident that SCTS can influence policing styles and police effectiveness. SCTS hold great potential for criminal investigations and criminal intelligence as they provide information upon which police can develop investigations or crime-control strategies. Vice-versa, criminal investigations and criminal intelligence can provide guidelines for SCTS developers and the governance of smart cities. However, privacy concerns and the slowly developing regulatory framework remain the biggest issues when it comes to SCTS adoption, thus making measures to safeguard privacy a key factor for the legitimacy of smart cities and smart policing. Practical Implications: The paper introduces practical knowledge about the implications of smart cities for policing and crime investigation. Some research ideas are presented as well as suggestions for legislators, developers and others whose work area falls in the scope of (smart) city governance. Originality/Value: A comprehensive study of the symbiosis between smart cities and policing must not only consider the potential of SCTS but the related need to develop regulation and skillsets of human resources. Only a handful of papers address the connectivity of smart cities, criminal investigations and criminal intelligence from such a multidisciplinary scope. Therefore, the paper represents a contribution to works discussing these concepts.
Ključne besede: smart cities, safety and security provision, policing, criminal investigation, criminal intelligence
Objavljeno: 20.04.2020; Ogledov: 378; Prenosov: 30
.pdf Celotno besedilo (611,90 KB)
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Comparison of criteria for road safety barrier installation in some countries of the European union
Leonid Ljubotina, 2019, magistrsko delo

Opis: In the master thesis we will analyze regulations which define the criterion for vehicle restraint system installment in certain countries of the European Union. We will focus mostly on Slovenia, Italia and Croatia. Even though all of the three states are members of the European Union, have common borders and the “Mediterranean” TEN corridor passes through these countries, it is possible to conclude that the passive safety equipment on the road infrastructure in those states is not harmonized. There are also big differences between the installation conditions of the traffic safety barriers and category selection of the safety barriers. Analyzing regulations regarding traffic safety barrier installation, we will try to define the differences in equipping roads with safety barriers, depending on road category, definition of black spot and the category of the safety barrier.
Ključne besede: traffic, traffic safety, vehicle restraint system, Mediterranean corridor, guidelines
Objavljeno: 26.09.2019; Ogledov: 388; Prenosov: 60
.pdf Celotno besedilo (3,17 MB)

Introduction of the concept of "Rescue Sheet" in road traffic
Vanna Boroša, 2019, magistrsko delo

Opis: In this master's thesis, an analysis was made of the way fire departments operate in rescuing injured passengers from vehicles in an event of a car accident. In order to make it easier to understand the core of master's thesis, the paper defines terms such as the "golden hour", which is essential for the survival of injured passengers in a car accident. The analysis also includes information on the construction designs of the car and how the construction of the car could make it difficult for the firefighting units to operate. Some examples of interventions done by fire brigades and the problems encountered in everyday work on modern cars are also provided. In the concluding part of the thesis we have presented how fire departments can become more efficient, safer, faster, and economical in their daily work while rescuing passengers from vehicles. We have explained in more detail the notion of a “rescue sheet” and how it can be better implemented in the future. At the end of the paper, we have suggested the optimal ways of rescue sheet usage and have outlined the advantages and disadvantages of these uses.
Ključne besede: Traffic accident, Firefighters, Traffic safety, Golden hour, Rescue sheet
Objavljeno: 23.09.2019; Ogledov: 387; Prenosov: 44
.pdf Celotno besedilo (2,32 MB)

Patient safety in cross-border care
Eva Turk, Stephen Leyshon, Morten Pytte, 2015, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Patient safety is a right and it raises particular issues in the context of cross-border care. Patients should be able to have trust and confidence in the healthcare structure as a whole; they must be protected from the harm caused by poorly functioning health systems, medical errors and adverse events. This paper addresses the state of cross-border healthcare in the European Union, the state of patient safety, the question of quality assurance and the role of accreditation as a risk based approach.
Ključne besede: patient safety, cross-border care, accreditation, healthcare, EU
Objavljeno: 08.10.2018; Ogledov: 433; Prenosov: 60
.pdf Celotno besedilo (427,83 KB)
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Prometno-varnostna analiza cestnega odseka Dravograd-Maribor
Mateja Knežar, 2018, magistrsko delo

Opis: Naloga se nanaša na prometno-varnostno analizo glavne ceste G1-1 Dravograd-Maribor. V nalogi ni obravnava celotna dolžina glavne ceste G1-1 Dravograd–Maribor, ampak samo del cestnega odseka, in sicer G1-1 Radlje–Selnica, v dolžini 24,907 km. Začetek le-tega je v začetni stacionaži cestnega odseka G1-1 0243 Radlje–Brezno v občini Radlje ob Dravi, konča pa se pri dolžini 6,211 tekočega km cestnega odseka G1-1 0245 Ruta–Selnica v občini Selnica ob Dravi. Prometno-varnostna analiza je narejena na podlagi podatkov o prometnih nesrečah, ki so se pripetile na cestnem odseku G1-1 Radlje–Selnica v obdobju 10 let, tj. med leti 2008–2017. Analiza prometnih nesreč je sestavljena iz dveh delov. V prvem delu so analizirane prometne nesreče, nastale v in izven naselij na cestnem odseku G1-1 Radlje–Selnica in po krajših cestnih odsekih G1-1 0243 Radlje–Brezno, G1-1 0244 Brezno–Ruta ter G1-1 0245 Ruta–Selnica, saj le-ti trije krajši cestni odseki sestavljajo cestni odsek G1-1 Radlje–Selnica. V drugem delu analize pa je v krajši obliki podana analiza podatkov prometnih nesreč, ki so se pripetile v naseljih Vas, Brezno in Ožbalt skupaj. Na podlagi podatkov o (stacionažah in posledicah) prometnih nesrečah je uporabljena metoda za določanje nevarnih cestnih odsekov. Le-ta upošteva tri prometno-varnostne kriterije, na osnovi katerih so določeni nevarni cestni pododseki v in izven naselij, ki se zaradi različnih omejitev hitrosti v metodi določajo ločeno. Pregled varnosti v cestnem prometu (RSI) smo izvedli na območju dveh nevarnih cestnih pododsekov izven naselja, ki sta locirana na cestnem odseku G1-1 0243 Radlje–Brezno in na cestnem odseku G1-1 0245 Ruta–Selnica, ter na enem nevarnem cestnem pododseku v naselju Brezno. Na podlagi RSI so podani morebitni ukrepi z namenom izboljšanja prometne varnosti na nevarnih cestnih pododsekih.
Ključne besede: prometno-varnostna analiza, glavna cesta, prometne nesreče, cestni odsek, nevarni pododseki, pregled varnosti v cestnem prometu – road safety inspecton (RSI)
Objavljeno: 06.07.2018; Ogledov: 886; Prenosov: 89
.pdf Celotno besedilo (4,70 MB)

The stability of the excavation face of shallow civil and mining tunnels
Pierpaolo Oreste, 2011, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: The stability of the excavation face of shallow tunnels excavated in difficult ground conditions is currently a relevant problem in the sector for tunnelling and mining. Even though face-reinforcement interventions with fibreglass dowels have proved to be efficient, there is still no reliable analysis and dimensioning method available. A new calculation procedure is illustrated in this paper for the analysis of the face static condition in shallow tunnels, also when reinforcement interventions with fibreglass dowels are used. The procedure is based on the limit-equilibrium method applied to the ground core ahead of the face. The main result of the calculation is that the safety factor of the excavation face is also obtained in the presence of reinforcements and from this it is then possible to proceed with the dimensioning of the intervention. The procedure has been applied to two real cases and satisfactory results have been obtained.
Ključne besede: fibreglass dowels, face reinforcement, surface tunnel, limit equilibrium method, factor of safety
Objavljeno: 13.06.2018; Ogledov: 462; Prenosov: 71
.pdf Celotno besedilo (213,90 KB)
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