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PRIMER ICT : a new blended learning paradigm for teaching ICT skills to older people
Peter Kokol, Gregor Štiglic, 2011, objavljeni znanstveni prispevek na konferenci

Opis: As the `third age' of human life becomes noticeably longer, the opportunity for elderly to obtain new skills reduces the tendency to consider this period of life as being disadvantaged. Hence, the fundamental aim of the project PRIMER-ICT was to educate older people in four participating countries (Slovenia, Ireland, UK and Austria) in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) skills/practice by using an inter-generational and multisectoral approach empowering elderly to use ICT on everyday basis to improve their quality of live and to re-engage them in the society. To achievethis aim, students, primarily from health and ICT related fields have been recruited to become `trainers/teachers'. These students in turn have and will utilise acquired skills and knowledge to help train multipliers (community nurses, nurses in elderly homes, family members, volunteers from different sectors/ages, elderly), who in turn help training elderly.
Ključne besede: elderly, gerontology, ICT skills, teaching, quality of life
Objavljeno: 05.06.2012; Ogledov: 2136; Prenosov: 72
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Povezanost kliničnih kazalcev uspešnosti zdravljenja astme pri odraslih z nukleotidnimi polimorfizmi
Anton Lopert, 2015, doktorsko delo/naloga

Opis: Naši rezultati nakazujejo na podlagi polimorfizov rs9910408 v genu TBX21 in rs37973 v genu GLCCI1 možnost identifikacije bolnikov, ki se bodo boljše ali slabše odzvali na zdravljenje z IGK, kar bi lahko bilo v prihodnosti klinično pomembno. Polimorfizem rs9910408 v genu TBX21 smo povezali tako s porastom FEV1, kot z zmanjšanjem bronhialne preodzivnosti (porastom PD20 za metaholin) in izboljšanjem kvalitete življenja, prikazane s spremembo rezultata vprašalnika AQLQ. Ta odziv je bil izraziteje prisoten pri nekadilcih in neatopikih. To je doslej edini opis takšne povezanosti pri odraslih bolnikih z astmo. S porastom FEV1 smo povezali tudi polimorfizem rs37973 v genu GLCCI1, pri katerem ugotavljamo velik vpliv kajenja in atopije na terapevtski odgovor.
Ključne besede: astma, odrasli, fenotip, FEV1, bronhialna preodzivnost /bronhialna hiperreaktivnost, polimorfizmi posameznih nukleotidov, GLCCI1, CRHR1, TBX21, ACT (Asthma Control Test), AQLQ (Asthma Quality of Life Questionnaire)
Objavljeno: 21.04.2015; Ogledov: 1243; Prenosov: 140
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Elderly people and information communication technology (ICT)
Helena Blažun, Kaija Saranto, Sari Rissanen, Samo Bobek, 2013, samostojni znanstveni sestavek ali poglavje v monografski publikaciji

Ključne besede: information communication technology (ICT), online social networks, quality of life, elderly people
Objavljeno: 10.07.2015; Ogledov: 1034; Prenosov: 60
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The concepts on quality of life in the Maribor post-WW2 housing estates
Vanja Skalicky, Metka Sitar, 2012, pregledni znanstveni članek

Opis: The paradigm of quality of life in housing depends on various interconnectedness functions, which satisfy not only the needs of dwellers but also the inhabitants of the city, in general. In addition, it is essential that the residential areas incorporate well accessible and appropriately designed open public space and green areas. In regard to that, the chapter focuses on the impacts of housing estate planning elements on quality of life. Currently, open public space and green areas in the post-WW2 housing estates are often used for other purposes, largely as a consequence of number of cars that has led to enormous parking problems. Two decades after the housing privatization, the question of the ownership of green areas and related maintenance is often the cause of most adverse conflicts, arising from the misuse of open public space. Further, a special phenomenon, the influence of high-quality Scandinavian housing models on Slovenian urban planning and design of housing estates in the post-WW2 period will be presented. The overview of multi-family housing estates in the city of Maribor from this period raise new approach on the quality of life particularly in regard to open public space.
Ključne besede: post-WW2 housing estates, open public space, green areas, quality of life, maribor, Humek, Ljubo, architect
Objavljeno: 10.07.2015; Ogledov: 1090; Prenosov: 59
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Release of growth factors after mechanical and chemical pleurodesis for treatment of malignant pleural effusion
Aljaž Hojski, Maja Leitgeb, Anton Crnjac, 2015, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Background: Growth factors are key inducers of fibrosis but can also mediate inflammatory responses resulting in increasing pleural effusion and acute respiratory distress syndrome. The primary aim of the study was to analyse growth factors release after performing chemical and mechanical pleurodesis in the first 48 hours at the patients with malignant pleural effusion. The secondary endpoints were to evaluate the effectiveness of the both pleurodeses, symptoms release and the quality of life of patients after the treatment. Patients and methods: A prospective randomized study included 36 consecutive female patients with breast carcinoma and malignant pleural effusion in an intention-to-treat analysis. We treated 18 patients by means of thoracoscopic mechanical pleurodesis and 18 patients by chemical pleurodesis with talcum applied over a chest tube. We gathered the pleural fluid and serum samples in the following 48 hours under a dedicated protocol and tested them for growth factors levels. A quality of life and visual analogue pain score surveys were also performed. Results: Median measured serum vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) level after chemical pleurodesis was 930.68 pg/ml (95% CI: 388.22-4656.65) and after mechanical pleurodesis 808.54 pg/ml. (95% CI: 463.20-1235.13) (p = 0.103). Median pleural levels of transforming growth factor (TGF) ß1 were higher after performing mechanical pleurodesis (4814.00 pg/ml [95% CI: 2726.51-7292.94]) when compared to those after performing chemical pleurodesis (1976.50 pg/ml [95% CI: 1659.82-5136.26]) (p = 0.078). We observed similar results for fibroblast growth factor (FGF) ß; the serum level was higher after mechanical pleurodesis (30.45 pg/ml [95% CI: 20.40-59.42]), compared to those after chemical pleurodesis (13.39 pg/ml [95% CI: 5.04-74.60]) (p = 0.076). Mechanical pleurodesis was equally effective as chemical pleurodesis in terms of hospital stay, pleural effusion re-accumulation, requiring of additional thoracentesis, median overall survival, but, it shortened the mean thoracic drainage duration (p = 0.030) and resulted in a higher symptoms release and in a better quality of life (p = 0.047). Conclusions: We recorded an increase in serum VEGF levels after chemical pleurodesis, however on the contrary, an increase in the pleural fluid level of TGF%1 and FGF%] after mechanical pleurodesis with respect to compared group. Although the differences did not reach statistical significance, VEGF, TGFß1 and FGFß remain the most interesting parameters for future research. Considering the mechanisms of growth factors action, we conclude that in our study group mechanical pleurodesis might be more efficient in terms of growth factors release, thoracic drainage duration and resulted in a higher symptoms release and in a better quality of life than chemical pleurodesis.
Ključne besede: malignant pleural effusion, pleurodesis, growth factors, quality of life
Objavljeno: 05.04.2017; Ogledov: 686; Prenosov: 58
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Predictors of health-related quality of life and disability in patients with chronic nonspecific low back pain
Zalika Klemenc-Ketiš, 2011, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Background: The quality of life in patients with chronic low-back pain is lower in comparison with that in general population. This seriously affects the functional ability and working status of young and adult population. The aim of this study was to determine the level of disability and the health-related quality of life in patients with chronic non-specific low back pain. Methods: We performed a cross-sectional study in 187 patients (45.5 % of men, mean age 50.1 years) with chronic non-specific low back pain attending physical therapy program. We used Visual Analog Pain Scale (VAS), Euroqol questionnaire (EQq), and Oswestry Disability Index (ODI). Results: Mean ODI score SD was 14.6 9.0. Mean score of EQ-5D was 3.6 1.6 points and of EQ-VAS 55.4 18.3 points. Mean score on VAS was 6.0 2.1 points. An independent factor associated with lower quality of life on EQ-VAS was higher level of chronic pain. Independent factors associated with a lower quality of life on EQ-5D were the presence of anxiety and depression, higher level of chronic pain, and the presence of chronic disease. Independent factors associated with greater disability measured on ODI were the presence of signs of anxiety and depression, higher level of chronic pain, and the presence of any chronic disease. Conclusions: Chronic low back pain can be the cause of greater disability and lower quality of life, especially in patients with somatic and mental co-morbidities, in female patients and in patients with higher levels of chronic pain. Doctors should focus on active search for signs of depression and anxiety and better pain management in patients with chronic low back pain, especially if somatic co-morbidities exist.
Ključne besede: quality of life, disability evaluation, low back pain, pain measurement
Objavljeno: 28.03.2017; Ogledov: 925; Prenosov: 56
.pdf Celotno besedilo (423,26 KB)
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Self-reported chronic conditions in student population in Slovenia
Zalika Klemenc-Ketiš, Žiga Hladnik, Danica Rotar-Pavlič, Mieke Post, Janko Kersnik, 2010, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Purpose/Objective: The aims of this study were (1) to determine the prevalence of chronic diseases in a student population in Slovenia, (2) to determine the effects of chronic diseases on the use of health services. Methods: A cross-sectional web-survey among university students in Ljubljana and Maribor, Slovenia took place in March and April 2008. Data were analyzed using SPSS version 13.0 (SPSS Inc, Chicago, IL, USA),and chi-square test, t-test and binary logistic regression analysis were performed. Results: The prevalence of chronic diseases in the student population was 40.3 %. The most common chronic diseases were allergies (excluding hay fever) (14.9 %), hay fever (11.4 %), followed by skin diseases (9.2 %) and anxiety (5.3 %). Both high blood pressure and asthma had a higher prevalence in men than in women (p < 0.001 and p = 0.023, respectively). Students with chronic conditions less often thought that they can influence their own health by self-treatment, experienced stress in the previous week, more likely visited or contacted his/her personal doctor in the past year, more likely purchased medications for self-treatment from a pharmacist in the past year, were more aware of the facts that self-treatment may hide the symptoms and signs of illness to such extent that the doctor may not be able to recognize it or overlook it completely. Conclusion: A greater awareness of the prevalence and impact of chronic diseases in students is warranted and the existing interventions should be changed in order to achieve a better life quality of university students.
Ključne besede: students, chronic disease, prevalence, self-care, quality of life
Objavljeno: 28.03.2017; Ogledov: 523; Prenosov: 46
.pdf Celotno besedilo (380,63 KB)
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