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Thermal-mechanical sensory properties of hot-air welded textile transmission lines
Simona Jevšnik, Li Yi, Junyan Hu, Han Xiao, Wu Xinxing, Anthony Primentas, 2016, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Hot air welding technology is one of the new promising techniques for integrating conductive yarns on or into fabrics, besides weaving, knitting, printing, coating or inserting conductive yarns by the sewing and/or embroidery processes. A new issue related to the introduction of hot air welding technology for making e-textile transmission lines, i.e., the mechanical-thermal sensory properties of hot air welded e-textile transmission lines, is investigated in this study. Fabric Touch Tester (FTT) was used to evaluate thermal, compressive and bending properties of hot air welded transmission lines. The results show that the bending of welded fabric increased after hot air welding in both warp and weft directions. Furthermore, the maximum thermal flux and thermal conductivity of welded specimens decreased in comparison to the substrate fabric.
Ključne besede: textile transmission lines, hot-air welding, fabric touch tester, conductive yarns, e-textile transmission lines, thermal properties
Objavljeno: 01.09.2017; Ogledov: 485; Prenosov: 305
.pdf Celotno besedilo (235,01 KB)
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Vid Hudrap, Božidar Kante, 2016, diplomsko delo

Opis: The graduation thesis titled ETHICAL ISSUES AND AESTHETIC CONTEXT IN CORMAC MCCARTHY'S: THE ROAD discusses the novel The Road written by Cormac McCarthy from an ethical and aesthetical perspective. It covers issues of morality, its origins and how it is transmitted to the next generation in a world where society and its accomplishments were wiped out by a catastrophe of epic proportions. Here it examines the transmission of values from the father to the son who only knows society after the catastrophe – a society consisting only of father and son and the hostile environment they are subjected to. It follows the journey of a father and son who wander the desolate landscape in search of food and shelter and it deals with the ethical issues they encounter in their path ridden with cannibalistic bands, lone thieves and other individuals. The thesis examines the choices of the protagonists in dealing with other people, ethical conflicts which arise in these situations and between the protagonists themselves, as well as their quest to maintain their humanity. In doing so, it examines the metaphor of fire, the way people make moral decisions, our perception of moral goals and lines – the limits we set ourselves in how we deal with other people. It also touches on the basic concept of cooperation, how it evolved and its benefits for creating and maintaining a complex human society.
Ključne besede: Ethics, aesthetics, morality, transmission of morality, society, bright lines, bright lights, conceptual metaphor, cooperation.
Objavljeno: 02.06.2016; Ogledov: 862; Prenosov: 63
.pdf Celotno besedilo (789,18 KB)

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