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Strategy of the University of Maribor

Opis: The strategy of the University of Maribor pursues an inclusive, innovative and integrated higher education area that will train active, critically-thinking and responsible citizens, guarantee the quality of education and research, academic integrity, and cultivate concern for sustainable development of society. It stresses the importance of the freedom of research and institutional autonomy, development of lifelong learning, digitalisation and green infrastructure. It follows the orientations of the Rome Ministerial Communiqué of 2020 on the development of higher education in Europe, the Magna Charta Universitatum 2020 principles and the national strategic documents on higher education.
Ključne besede: organization and connectivity, education, scientific research and art, stimulating working environment, students, internationalisation, development through quality system, involvement in local environment, spatial development, IT support
Objavljeno: 14.04.2021; Ogledov: 39; Prenosov: 9
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Reviewing the narrative concerning the impact of population growth in Africa
Cocou Marius Mensah, 2019, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: This article discusses the topic of population growth in Africa, a recurring theme in the era of climate change and the fight against CO2 emissions. The African continent is full of essential raw materials and encompasses the youngest population in the world. There is no doubt concerning the significant role it will play in global affairs, at a time when the world population is ageing, according to the UN statistics. In recent years, many policymakers have highlighted the necessity to deal with overpopulation, provoking moral controversial and basic human rights abuses. This article, however, proposes an opposite argumentation based on fresh data and emphasises the opportunities and challenges to take on, as the author considers "overpopulation" as more of a challenge than a sentence to underdevelopment. Though the paper mentions different issues linked to overpopulation, such as migration crisis, ecological sustainability and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, it concludes with a reminder of the importance of international cooperation as a solution to global issues.
Ključne besede: global issues, impact of population growth, migration trends, international cooperation, pollution, African Union, European Union, UN sustainable development goals, environmental footprint
Objavljeno: 15.01.2021; Ogledov: 25; Prenosov: 1
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Kompetence vodje pasjega hotela
Katja Podgoršek, 2020, magistrsko delo

Opis: Živimo v negotovih časih, spremembe so stalnica v današnjem vsakdanu, zato so ustrezno kompetentni in motivirani zaposleni, ki znajo uporabljati svoja znanja, veščine in kompetence tudi v nepredvidljivih okoliščinah, nuja za obstoj in preživetje organizacij na trgu. V magistrskem delu govorimo o kompetencah, ki smo jih opredelili kot posamezna znanja, lastnosti in sposobnosti posameznika, ki jih le ta potrebuje za uspešno opravljanje dela na svojem delovnem mestu. Na primeru organizacije, ki se je odločila za razvoj profila kompetenc vodje, smo prikazali oblikovanje kompetenčnega profila za delovno mesto vodje pasjega hotela. S ciljem sistematičnega razvoja kompetenc in izboljšanja produktivnost smo organizaciji dali orodje za lažje prilagajanje spremembam ter še večjega zadovoljstva in zaupanja strank. Hkrati smo oblikovali primer dobre prakse na področju, ki je še dokaj neraziskano. Za oblikovanje kompetenčnega profila smo uporabili kvalitativno metodo in sicer smo v prvem koraku najprej dodobra spoznali in analizirali dotično delovno mesto ter s pomočjo pridobljenih podatkov oblikovali šest ključnih kompetenc za izbrano delovno mesto. Sledila je analiza 360 stopinj z namenom ocene kompetenc vodje. Rezultati analize so si bili kljub oceni s strani štirih različnih skupin ocenjevalcev enotni, in potrdili, da vodja hotela izkazuje ustrezno raven kompetenc glede na kompetenčni profil delovnega mesta.
Ključne besede: • Kompetenca, • Model kompetenc ali kompetenčni model, • Analiza 360 stopinj, • Varstvo psov, • Vseživljenjski razvoj (angleško: Life-span development).
Objavljeno: 14.01.2021; Ogledov: 117; Prenosov: 24
.pdf Celotno besedilo (1,43 MB)

Developing a Multifunctional Walking Aid: Combining Crutches and Nordic Walking Poles
Bea Mihelič Vastl, 2020, magistrsko delo

Opis: Research work focuses on finding solutions for a multifunctional walking aid. The aim of the research task is to develop a device that will simultaneously include the function of Nordic walking poles and crutches. The purpose of product development is to provide the end user with rapid and effective rehabilitation after injury or sprain of the lower extremities (legs, feet). The multifunctional product development methodology thus includes the theory of walking aids, market research, walking technique and review of materials. The practical part presents conceptual solutions based on research and findings, their evaluation and design of the selected product. The final solution is presented with a 3D model, renders and function descriptions.
Ključne besede: multifunctional aid, crutches, Nordic walking poles, product development
Objavljeno: 09.10.2020; Ogledov: 143; Prenosov: 25
.pdf Celotno besedilo (4,19 MB)

A Variety of Entrepreneurial Motives
Miroslav Rebernik, Karin Širec, Polona Tominc, Katja Crnogaj, Matej Rus, Barbara Bradač Hojnik, 2020, znanstveno delo

Opis: In the world’s largest longitudinal survey, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), we have been exploring important features of entrepreneurship for 21 years, with particular emphasis on the earliest stages when business opportunities are perceived and individuals decide whether to engage in entrepreneurship. GEM was designed to (1) measure differences in attitudes towards entrepreneurship, activities and aspirations of individuals in as many countries as possible, (2) identify factors that encourage or hinder entrepreneurial activity, especially in relation to societal values, personal characteristics and the entrepreneurial ecosystem, (3) provide a platform for assessing the impact of entrepreneurial activity on economic growth in a given economy, and (4) identify the necessary policy measures to strengthen entrepreneurship. With the help of this research, we better understand society's attitude towards entrepreneurship and characteristics of the individual, such as perception of one's own abilities for entrepreneurial activity, ability to perceive opportunities, entrepreneurial intentions, and fear of failure. As GEM monitors entrepreneurial activity throughout the phases of the life cycle (nascent, new businesses and established businesses, discontinuation), according to impact (high growth, innovation, internationalization) and by type (early-stage entrepreneurship activity, employee entrepreneurship activity), the picture is much richer than the one that is based only on data gathered from ordinary statistical databases.
Ključne besede: Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, entrepreneurship, early-stage entrepreneurial activity, economic development, entrepreneurship ecosystem
Objavljeno: 29.05.2020; Ogledov: 386; Prenosov: 5
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Developing and Controling Robot Arm Model with Avnet Microzed Development Board
Marko Purić, 2019, magistrsko delo

Opis: This master's thesis describes development and building of the SCARA robot arm with two rotational joints. Using SolidWorks, model of the SCARA robot was built, serving as development tool for the physical model. Controlling the SCARA robot was done with MicroZed development board, based on the Zynq-7000 SoC, which consists of a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) and ARM Cortex-A9 processor. Purpose of this master's thesis was to build a SCARA robot and utilize the FPGA for interaction with peripherals, ARM Cortex-A9 processor was used for implementing a cascading control system. This master's thesis is the foundation for future work involving advanced control techniques consisting of nonlinear controllers, which are developed in the Laboratory for Cognitive Systems and Mechatronics at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Maribor.
Ključne besede: SCARA robot, cascade control system, FPGA, Zynq-7000 SoC, MicroZed development board
Objavljeno: 29.01.2020; Ogledov: 407; Prenosov: 50
.pdf Celotno besedilo (3,69 MB)

Electrified powertrain configurator
Jernej Kosi, 2019, magistrsko delo

Opis: This master’s thesis describes the development, use and simulation results of the Excel based electrified powertrain configurator tool. First, different electrified powertrains are introduced and divided based on the powertrain type. Within the scope of this master’s thesis, we focused on battery electric vehicles. A mathematical vehicle model was developed to describe different battery electric vehicle powertrain architectures. The mathematical vehicle model was implemented in Excel. The performance of the Excel tool was demonstrated by simulating various driving cycles. To evaluate the accuracy and usability of the tool, simulation results from Excel tool were compared with those from AVL Cruise.
Ključne besede: electrified powertrain, vehicle longitudinal dynamic, driving simulation, Excel, tool development
Objavljeno: 23.12.2019; Ogledov: 409; Prenosov: 0

Advantages and disadvantages of agile approach in software development
Doroteja Minjovič, 2019, diplomsko delo

Opis: The thesis touches on the agile manifesto, followed by a description of Scrum, where Roles, Ceremonies, Artifacts, and Sprints are described. In addition to Scrum, the thesis describes Extreme Programming, Kanban, and Lean. The last part of the chapter contains an analysis of the pros and cons of agile methods in software development. The thesis concludes with a review of survey results.
Ključne besede: Agile methods, Software development, Scrum
Objavljeno: 21.11.2019; Ogledov: 2384; Prenosov: 97
.pdf Celotno besedilo (803,77 KB)

Development of asynchronous server interface for ActorDB in Rust
Bruno Leček, 2019, magistrsko delo

Opis: The digital world of today is full of new programming languages. One of it is Rust, a relatively new programming language implemented by the Mozilla Foundation. It is an open source procedural programming language and it is very popular among programmers because of its practicality and modernity. This thesis covers the theoretical part of the language where Rust, its features and functionality are explained and compared to other programming languages. The topic of the thesis also includes a model for an asynchronous server API for ActorDB and development of server interface.
Ključne besede: Rust, ActorDB, asynchronous server, development
Objavljeno: 19.04.2019; Ogledov: 414; Prenosov: 60
.pdf Celotno besedilo (1,24 MB)

Sustainable development of careers in tourism
Mitja Gorenak, 2016, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Developing sustainable careers in the tourism sector is just as hard as achieving sustainable tourism in general. Our objective was to determine tour guides' attitude to the sustainable development of their careers by tourist agencies as those engaging them. We conducted a survey among representatives of tourist agencies (N = 34). The research showed that the economic pillar of sustainable development is perceived to be the most important when it comes to the sustainable development of careers, followed by the environmental pillar as the second and the social pillar as the least important. In order to achieve the truly sustainable development of careers, the focus must be on the social pillar of development.
Ključne besede: tourism, career, development, human resources
Objavljeno: 29.11.2018; Ogledov: 615; Prenosov: 38
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