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Two constructions of continua: inverse limits and compactifications
Tina Sovič, 2013, doktorska disertacija

Opis: In the thesis we talk about two different constructions of continua. First we present the generalized inverse limits, with help of which we construct Wazewski's universal dendrite. What follows is a description of the compactifications of a ray and the presentation of results about their span. The first chapter will be an introduction to the continuum theory trough interesting examples, as sin(1/x)-continuum, Hilbert cube, Brouwer-Janiszewski-Knaster continuum and pseudoarc. We will present some of their properties, among which irreducibility, smoothness and span zero are the most important ones for us. In the continuation we intend to present some various constructions of continua. The main focus will be on the generalized inverse limits and compactifications of rays, which will also be a central part of the thesis. In this chapter, we also study inverse limits in the category of compact Hausdorff spaces with upper semi-continuous functions. We show that the inverse limits with upper semi-continuous bonding functions, together with the projections are weak inverse limits in this category. The following two are the most important chapters in the thesis. The first is a detailed description of a construction of the family of upper semi-continuous functions f, such that the inverse limit of the inverse sequence of unit intervals and f, as the only bonding function, is homeomorphic to Wazewski's universal dendrite for each of it. Among other results we will also give a complete characterization of comb-functions, for which the inverse limits of the type described above are dendrites. The next important chapter will be about compactifications of rays. In the first part of this chapter we will use compactifications to prove that for each continuum Y there is an irreducible smooth continuum that contains a topological copy of Y. The second part presents the main results of this chapter; i.e. the span of a compactification of a ray with a remainder that has a span zero is also zero. In the proofs of this chapter we will help ourselves with a discretization of span.
Ključne besede: continua, inverse limit, inverse sequence, upper semi-continuous function, set-valued functions, bonding function, hyperspace, dendrite, universal dendrite, category, compactification, compactification of a ray, smooth continua, irreducible continua, span, span zero
Objavljeno: 25.09.2013; Ogledov: 1305; Prenosov: 83
.pdf Celotno besedilo (861,84 KB)

Qualitative Studies of Some Polynomial Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations
Maša Dukarić, 2016, doktorska disertacija

Opis: This doctoral dissertation is devoted to the studies of some qualitative properties of certain polynomial systems of ordinary differential equations. The main problems that are considered in this thesis are the problems of integrability and cyclicity. Some results on the classification of the global phase portraits of a family of cubic systems are presented as well. In the first chapter basic notions and results of the qualitative theory of systems of ODE's are introduced. Since one of important tools for our study of these problems is the commutative computational algebra, some main notions and properties of polynomial ideals and their varieties, including various algorithms related to them, are also presented in the introduction. In the second chapter methods for investigation of trajectories near degenerated singularities are presented. They are further used for the classification of global phase portraits of a family of cubic systems with the nilpotent center at the origin. In the third chapter the main problem of these thesis is studied, the problem of integrability. The problem of integrability which is connected to the problem of distinguishing between a center and a focus is studied for two different families of cubic polynomial systems of ODE's. With the computational algebra approach the necessary conditions for the existence of the first integral of these systems were obtained. For all but one condition was proven, using various approaches, the existence of the first integrals. The center problem for the real systems can be generalized to the complex systems. The origin of the system obtained after the complexification of the real system is the so-called 1:-1 resonant singular point, from which one additional generalization follows. This is the generalization to the p:-q resonant center. In the third chapter the :-3 resonant singular point of a quadratic family of complex systems is studied. The fourth chapter is devoted to the study of the problem of integrability of a three dimensional polynomial system with quadratic nonlinearities. The problem of existence of two independent first integrals and the existence of one first integral in the system was investigated. In the last chapter local bifurcations of limit cycles of a family of cubic systems are studied. Estimations for the number of limit cycles bifurcated from each components of the center variety are obtained.
Ključne besede: planar systems of ODE's, higher dimensional systems of ODE's, phase portrait, nilpotent center, limit cylces, Poincaré compactification, center problem, Bautin ideal, focus quantities, time-reversibility, integrability problem, Darboux method, linearizability, limit cycle, cyclicity
Objavljeno: 19.07.2016; Ogledov: 748; Prenosov: 80
.pdf Celotno besedilo (12,26 MB)

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