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Carmen Astrid Horvat, 2012, diplomsko delo

Opis: Communication and interaction with people of different cultures is nowadays available to anyone. Some cultures are more alike than others, and trying to communicate with people of different cultures can be difficult, since each language has its own characteristics. This diploma paper discusses to what extent, if any, certain linguistic characteristics of Black English from the film Do the Right Thing can be translated into the Slovene language. The theoretical part presents the meaning of culture, cultural differences, a brief presentation of Slovene and African-American culture, along with a detailed presentation of speech of African-Americans, including its characteristics, which is followed by skopos theory and subtitling standards. The empirical part consists of analysis and comparison of examples with Black English characteristics found in the film, with their equivalents in Slovene translations. The skopos theory and subtitling standards are considered in the analysis as well.
Ključne besede: culture, African-American, Black English, subtitling, skopos
Objavljeno: 23.11.2012; Ogledov: 1417; Prenosov: 86
.pdf Celotno besedilo (770,01 KB)

Characteristics of Black English Vernacular in the novel The Color Purple
Patricija Tojnko, 2012, diplomsko delo

Opis: The diploma paper Characteristics of Black English Vernacular in the novel The Color Purple deals with Black English Vernacular. The main aims are to present the development of Black English and Black English Vernacular through time, to present and get to know the famous black writers through history, to get to know where Black English Vernacular stands in contemporary literature, to compare Black English Vernacular to Standard English, and to analyse the use of Black English Vernacular in Alice Walker’s masterpiece The Color Purple. African Americans had to fight hard to keep their language alive; their language was a means to communicate and to keep their spirits high through different trials. Different prejudices existed connected to the Black English Vernacular and speaking it automatically meant that the speaker was looked upon as someone illiterate and inferior. But black people were strong and proud of their language and with their infinite effort they succeeded to preserve something that would become; one of the most interesting parts of the English language. The first part of the diploma paper is theoretical; in the second part we analysed and compared Black English Vernacular to Standard American English. We applied the analysis to Celie’s and Nettie’s emotions and later compared the ways they spoke - according to their different life periods.
Ključne besede: Black English, Black English Vernacular, the novel The Color Purple, linguistic style.
Objavljeno: 12.06.2012; Ogledov: 1749; Prenosov: 145
.pdf Celotno besedilo (1,05 MB)

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