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Students' views on the police in the Republic of Macedonia
Gordana Buzarovska, Oliver Bačanović, Gordan Kalajdžiev, Aleksandra Gruevska Drakulevski, Boban Misoski, Bogdancho Gogov, Divna Ilic, Nataša Jovanova, 2014, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Purpose: Although the issues of police legitimacy and police trust are very important for creation of the general level of trust in governmental institutions, there is a lack of research on the topic in the Republic of Macedonia. Therefore, the purpose of the study is to understand the students’ experience with the criminal-justice system and possible victimization. Design/Methods/Approach: The national survey using a structured questionnaire was conducted in the Republic of Macedonia in February 2013 with respondents from Faculty of Law and Faculty of Security. After the factors analysis was performed to verify the questionnaire, a correlation matrix was produced and two regression analyses were done to uncover the factors that significantly affect both trust and obligation to obey as aspects of legitimacy of the police. Findings: The findings point to the importance of procedural justice and police effectiveness for trust in the police, but only police effectiveness has a statistically significant effect on the obligation to obey. Originality/Value: This is one among the first papers in Macedonia that draws a conclusion based on opinions expressed by students of law and security studies. The implications of this research can be used to help the national police in drafting policies that should focus on improving effectiveness and procedural justice. Future studies should focus their attention on how to accomplish those important aspects of police work.
Objavljeno v DKUM: 29.04.2020; Ogledov: 682; Prenosov: 35
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Fear of crime among inhabitants of Skopje
Oliver Bačanović, Nataša Jovanova, 2012, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Purpose: The article gives basic notes about fear of crime as an important issue in contemporary criminology, describes certain characteristics of fear of crime in Skopje, and compares socio-demographic variables and the socio-psychological model of fear of crime proposed by Van der Wurff, Van Staalduinen and Stringer (1989). Design/Methods/Approach: The study employed a multi-stage random probability sampling method for a survey among citizens of urban areas of the capital of the Republic of Macedonia (Skopje) using face-to- face interviews conducted in March, 2009. Findings: The results showed that the respondents felt relatively safe in their neighbourhood; however, 67% of them pointed out that there were certain parts in the city where they didn’t want to go.The results show that greater fear of crime occurs among women, the elderly, those who think that woods are unsafe, those who fear they are not capable of chasing potential assailants, and those who sometimes imagine that someone would obstruct their path and when they go out make sure to take a safe route. Comparing the results of the regression analysis, the socio-psychological model does not explain fear of crime among respondents (R-Square, adj- 0.25) more than socio-demographic model. This indicates that further research should employ new psychological variables for better operationalization of existing models. Research Limitations/Implications: The results refer only to urban areas of Skopje. Improvements should be made to the questions used in the questionnaire paying special attention to the operationalization of the impact of the media on fear of crime. Originality/Value: The article will contribute to raising the importance of the issue of fear of crime as a significant part of criminal policy especially in the Republic of Macedonia.
Ključne besede: fear of crime, survey, Skopje, Macedonia
Objavljeno v DKUM: 10.07.2015; Ogledov: 710; Prenosov: 39
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