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The role of maintenance regarding improving product quality and company's profitability
Damjan Maletič, Matjaž Maletič, Basim Al-Najjar, Boštjan Gomišček, 2012, objavljeni znanstveni prispevek na konferenci

Opis: This paper presents a study, which examines the role of maintenance regarding improving product quality and companyŽs profitability. The empirical data for this study was drawn from a Slovenian company in order to address the researchproblem. The main results of the case study showed, that 3.22 % of profit could be generated at weaving machine, if all unplanned stoppages and loss of quality due to decrease in the productivity would be prevented. Results also showed that due to productivity improvement, quality rate would be improved for approximately 2 %. These Žndings therefore, indicate that maintenance has impact on product quality and companyŽs profitability. Thus, these findings also acknowledge maintenanceŽs potential of increasing the overall profit.
Ključne besede: vzdrževanje, kakovost, produktivnost, dobičkonosnost, maintenance, quality, productivity, profitability
Objavljeno: 10.07.2015; Ogledov: 911; Prenosov: 33
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An application of analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and sensitivity analysis for maintenance policy selection
Damjan Maletič, Matjaž Maletič, Viktor Lovrenčič, Basim Al-Najjar, Boštjan Gomišček, 2014, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to apply an analytic hierarchy process (AHP) for the evaluation/selection of maintenance policy. Methodology/Approach: The paper adopts a case study approach of selecting most appropriate maintenance policy in the case of Slovenian paper mill company. Several steps of the AHP method are used in order to structure the decision-making process. Five possible alternatives are considered: failure based maintenance, preventive maintenance, total productive maintenance, reliability centered maintenance and total quality maintenance. Findings: This paper proposes a framework for maintenance policy selection based on the AHP methodology. The framework was applied to select the most appropriate maintenance policy in a paper mill company. The results suggest that total quality maintenance is the most suitable concept for a paper machine. By performing a sensitivity analysis, it was revealed that the final outcome remained stable in all cases when the weights of the main criteria were increased for 25 percent. Originality/value: The paper contributes to the literature by providing a framework for decision-making process regarding the maintenance policy selection. In addition, this paper utilizes an exponentially weighted moving average (EWMA) chart for performing a consistency test. Moreover, a sensitivity analysis also presents an important implication of this study.
Ključne besede: analytical hierarchy process, decision making, maintenance policy
Objavljeno: 03.04.2017; Ogledov: 667; Prenosov: 209
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Business model innovation: insights from a multiple case study of Slovenian SMEs
Marjeta Marolt, Gregor Lenart, Damjan Maletič, Mirjana Kljajić Borštnar, Andreja Pucihar, 2016, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Background and Purpose: Business model innovation (BMI) has become increasingly important, especially in the fast changing business environment. While large enterprises approach these changes systematically, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are left to their own resourcefulness. For the purpose of developing dedicated methods and tools to support different SMEs in addressing these challenges, we have conducted a multiple case study to gain insights into factors that drive SMEs to innovate their BM, how they approach BMI and what changes they made to their BM. Design/Methodology/Approach: First the framework of analysis was developed based on BMI research frameworks identified in literature review. Then the multiple case studies were conducted following the case study protocol developed by Envision project. Results: Based on the proposed framework the results of four Slovene SME cases revealed differences between enterprises regarding the drivers behind BMI and changes in usage of the different BMI elements. Conclusion: Overall, the results suggest all four SMEs, coming from different sectors, are facing BMI challenges without systematically addressing it and without using any dedicated BM ontologies or tools.
Ključne besede: business model, business model innovation, drivers of innovation, multiple case study
Objavljeno: 03.04.2017; Ogledov: 605; Prenosov: 251
.pdf Celotno besedilo (508,96 KB)
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The relationship between sustainability-oriented innovation practices and organizational performance
Matjaž Maletič, Damjan Maletič, Jens Dahlgaard, Su Mi Dahlgaard-Park, Boštjan Gomišček, 2014, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Background and Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to empirically analyse the effects of sustainability-oriented innovation practices on the overall organizational performance. Further, this paper also aims to advance understanding of the measurement of corporate sustainability practices with the focus on innovation dimensions. Design/Methodology/Approach: The study uses data obtained from a survey of 116 organizations encompassing both the manufacturing and service industries in Slovenia. Descriptive statistics were used in order to determine the level of sustainability-oriented innovation practices deployment. Exploratory factor analysis was applied to extract the underlying factors and to provide a basis for assessing their reliability and validity. In addition, regression analysis was used to quantify the effect of sustainability practices on the organizational performance. Results: Data analysis result showed that sustainability-oriented innovation practices are significantly associated with organizational performance. Therefore, empirical evidence from this research confirmed the premise that building innovation competencies and integrating innovation activities in organization’s processes lead to performance benefits. This contributes to the debate about the potential for organizations to be sustainable and competitive. Conclusion: The presented research on corporate sustainability provides important theoretical and practical insights on which the deployment of sustainability-oriented innovation practices are conducive to fostering a broader set of performance benefits. As such, managers should increase organizations’ capacity for innovation which can be beneficial in terms of performance implications and achieving sustainability goals
Ključne besede: corporate sustainability, sustainability-oriented innovation, empirical study
Objavljeno: 04.04.2017; Ogledov: 593; Prenosov: 63
.pdf Celotno besedilo (292,16 KB)
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Contingency factors influencing implementation of physical asset management practices
Damjan Maletič, Matjaž Maletič, Basim Al-Najjar, Katerina Gotzamani, Maria Gianni, Kalinowski, Boštjan Gomišček, 2017, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Purpose: The purpose of this empirical study is to examine the role of two contingency factors, i.e. uncertainty and competitiveness in relation to physical asset management (PAM) practices as well as to maintenance key performance indicators. The research is based on a premise that PAM, which was defined by risk management practices, performance assessment practices, life cycle management practices, and policy & strategy practices, has become an indispensable element of strategic thinking of asset owners as well as maintenance and asset managers. The purpose of this study is to advance the understanding of how organizations that face high or low level of uncertainty and competitiveness respond in terms of PAM deployment. Methodology/Approach: This study employed a data set based on a large-scale survey among organizations in six European countries (i.e. Slovenia, Poland, Greece, Sweden, Turkey and Slovakia). Data were collected from 138 organizations located in the above-mentioned countries to conduct the study. Findings: The results show that organizations that are faced with high level of uncertainty and competitiveness are more engaged in the deployment of PAM practices. Moreover, results show that when organizations are facing high levels of competitiveness they are using KPIs to a greater extent than organizations under low levels of competitiveness. Originality/value: From a theoretical perspective, this study contributes to the contingency theory by providing empirical evidence whether a context-dependent approach to PAM is needed. The findings also provide insights for managers on how to respond to the competitive pressure as well as how to customize PAM practices in order to adapt to the changes in dynamic organizational environment.
Ključne besede: physical asset management, maintenance, uncertainty, competitiveness
Objavljeno: 06.04.2017; Ogledov: 766; Prenosov: 237
.pdf Celotno besedilo (675,00 KB)
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Vpliv internega marketinga na zavzetost zaposlenih
Alenka Mekiš, Damjan Maletič, Matjaž Maletič, 2016, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Raziskovalno vprašanje (RV): V kolikšni meri dimenzije internega marketinga vplivajo na zavzetost zaposlenih? Namen: Namen študije je raziskati odnos med internim marketingom in zavzetostjo zaposlenih na primeru slovenskega proizvodnega podjetja. Metoda: Uporabili smo empirične podatke pridobljene s pomočjo ankete med zaposlenimi v slovenskem podjetju. Za proučevanje vpliva dimenzij internega marketinga na zavzetost zaposlenih smo uporabili eksplorativno faktorsko analizo in multiplo regresijsko analizo. Rezultati: Rezultati so pokazali, da dve dimenziji internega marketinga pozitivno in statistično pomembno vplivata na zavzetost zaposlenih, in sicer "Empatija in pozornost pri vodenju" ter "Kakovosti dela in nagrade". Organizacija: Ugotovitve raziskave se kažejo tudi v smernicah za prakso. Organizacije naj bi se osredotočale na interni marketing z namenom povečanja zavzetosti zaposlenih. Le-ta se smatra kot pomemben element pri doseganju poslovne odličnosti. Družba: Potrjeno je bilo, da ima interni marketing pomemben vpliv na družbo, predvsem na zaposlene. V nadaljevanju bi lahko trdili, da zavzetost zaposlenih posledično izboljša tudi počutje zaposlenih. Originalnost: Čeprav so predhodne študije že potrdile, da interni marketing vpliva na zavzetost zaposlenih, ta študija obravnava raziskovalno področje z vidika poslovne odličnosti. Omejitve/nadaljnje raziskovanje: Ena od raziskovalnih priložnosti je raziskati faktorje oziroma determinante, ki pospešujejo ali zavirajo interni marketing. Poleg tega, bi lahko vplivali na povezavo med internim marketingom in zavzetostjo zaposlenih tudi številni drugi faktorji. Nadaljnje študije bi lahko raziskale možne moderatorje in mediatorje (kot je to zadovoljstvo na delovnem mestu) na tej povezavi. Ravno tako bi s povečanjem vzorca lahko izboljšali posploševanje ugotovitev raziskave.
Ključne besede: interni marketing, zavzetost zaposlenih, regresija, poslovna odličnost
Objavljeno: 02.08.2017; Ogledov: 550; Prenosov: 98
.pdf Celotno besedilo (551,28 KB)
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Ecodesign in the context of customer's and producer's point of view
Matjaž Maletič, Damjan Maletič, Boštjan Gomišček, 2010, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: The present study reviews the attitudes and behaviours of the customers toward products which are “respectful” for the environment. To address the issue in a wider perspective, this paper also encompasses various aspects of ecodesign from producer’s point of view. Two surveys were conducted. The purpose of the first survey was to investigate the awareness and intention of the Slovenian customers to purchase green products, their perceptions and attitudes towards green products. The second survey was directed to organizations to examine their attitudes toward green products and environmental issues. The study revealed that the green products have substantial awareness among Slovenian customers. The results received from the study were illuminating, and encourage the possibility for integration of environmental aspects into products, since 94 percent of respondents expressed a desire for more “green” products available on the market. For the customers the most important quality characteristics of the product are: quality, usability and practicality followed by environmental ones. Survey results indicate that environmental concern plays a fundamental role in organizations. According to the results, concern for the environment is the most important criteria that encourage organizations to introduce environmental management system (EMS) standard (mean=4,2 on a scale of 5).
Ključne besede: ecodesign, green customer, eco-efficiency, environmentally friendly product
Objavljeno: 03.11.2017; Ogledov: 343; Prenosov: 48
.pdf Celotno besedilo (250,96 KB)
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