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JCOP OS patching and counter signing tools extension
Dalibor Tadić, 2018, diplomsko delo

Opis: In the bachelor’s thesis, we developed and expanded tools for patching and countersigning a document. In the beginning, we made certain questions and then created a schematic representation with clear details of all the processes that are implemented. The bachelor’s thesis represents the development of a new extension of the existing tools. Each of these tools has its purpose to get to the countdown process, which we had to implement. Chips that are located on various devices (mobile devices, tablets, credit cards, etc.) need updates from time to time. However, since there is a need for the very high level of confidentiality, all the operations that could change functionality must be signed by a reliable authority. The primary purpose of these tools and the encoding capability is that the NXP does not issue updates on chips that are already in use without the knowledge of the customer. This ensures that only valid and certified updates are installed, of which the customer knows and have confirmed them with the signature. All the tools were developed in the integrated development environment of Eclipse Neon and written in the Java programming language. The final version of the tools meets the foreseen conditions that were set at the beginning of the thesis. Similarly, unit testing has shown that the functionality of these tools is correct.
Ključne besede: JCOP, OS, patching, signing, tools, hashing
Objavljeno: 22.11.2018; Ogledov: 378; Prenosov: 0

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