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Dynamics and diversification of livelihood in urban fringe of Aligarh city, U. P., India
Nizamuddin Khan, Anisur Rehman, Sadiq Salman, 2012, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Urban fringe is a region of urban-rural interface, continuously moving outward in response to urban sprawl or expansion over the times. It is the area of socio economic transition, experiencing dynamism in the pattern of livelihoods of the people. Land resource used under various cropping systems providing livelihoods to the rural people is declining due to increasing demand of land for non agricultural uses. The declining agricultural activity in the urban fringe has resulted in diversification and structural change in livelihoods. The exposure to urban lifestyle and mass media is causing mental transformation of youth in the urban fringe. They are more inclined towards value added farming systems and non farm activities of secondary or tertiary sectors. Dynamics in socio-economic milieus of urban fringe presented the challenges for livelihood security, employment opportunities and the sustainability of existing farming system and environment in the area. The present study analyzes the impact of urban expansion upon the structural change in pattern of livelihood of people of various socio economic horizons and the diversification of farming systems in the urban fringe of Aligarh city during last 20 years. The study is based on primary data generated through field survey of five villages from urban fringe of the city. The Study reveals expansion of Aligarh city at least three times since 1990. A large number of villages have been included in municipality area but rural economic activities like cropping and animal husbandry still exist in the form of urban vegetable and dairy farming operated by the local people and the immigrants from other parts of the district. The urban fringe witnessed dynamism and diversification in sources of livelihood. The study reveals that approximately 20 percent of surveyed people are only engaged in agriculture. The other important source of livelihood is animal husbandry, agro-processing, retailing and allied services.This structural change in livelihood has resulted in social, economic and environmental instability.
Ključne besede: urban fringe, livelihood, farming system
Objavljeno: 10.04.2018; Ogledov: 507; Prenosov: 67
.pdf Celotno besedilo (131,82 KB)
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Livestock revolution in tropical monsoon countries
Nizamuddin Khan, Asif Iqubal, Anisur Rehman, 2011, pregledni znanstveni članek

Opis: Livestock husbandry is one of the important demand driven sectors of agriculture in the world. It acts as a global resource in the form of food, income, nutrients, employment, insurance, clothing and others purposes. It plays a vital role in socio-economic development of the farmers. Demand of livestock products is increasing on account of increasing population, changing food habits of the middle class population and urbanization in developing Asian countries. This paper seeks to understand the pattern of growth of livestock number as well as their products and to identify the issues and challenges emerged on account of dynamics in livestock husbandry in Monsoon Asian countries. By analyzing the recorded data of FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) in different years paper enables to state that all species of livestock showed positive growth rate with the exception of sheep and pigs. Now the livestock husbandry showing the structural change i.e. in general it is shifting from horizontal expansion to vertical expansion in most of the study region. The livestock improved tremendously and achieved a great success in raising livestock derived products. Various issues and challenges of livestock husbandry are now deserved for academic and scientific discussion as a result of livestock revolution in world in general and tropical monsoon countries in particular.
Ključne besede: livestock revolution, structural change, livestock issues
Objavljeno: 04.04.2018; Ogledov: 451; Prenosov: 51
.pdf Celotno besedilo (160,41 KB)
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Vegetable revolution and rural sustainable development
Nizamuddin Khan, Sadiq Salman, Anisur Rehman, 2009, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Indian agriculture is now at a critical juncture. The liberalization of agricultural trade, increasing trends of urbanization and fragmentation of the land have resulted in commercialization of Indian agriculture. In the present scenario, farmers are bound to turn towards more remunerative crops, like vegetables, for their sustenance. India has a large population and diverse agro–climatic conditions that favor the growth of various vegetables in the country. Vegetable revolution, in the last decades, has been a ray of hope for the landless, small and marginal farmers. This has become a new dimension of development in favor of the poor rural masses. Our study was undertaken in the Bulandshahr district, lying in the Indogangetic plain. This area not only has fertile land, but also has an efficient infrastructure to support vegetable cultivation. The present study focuses the role of vegetable cultivation upon rural sustainable development. The study revealed that the area studied witnessed an alarming growth in expansion of vegetable cultivation during recent decades. An efficient vegetable marketing network with the integration of rural markets at a grassroots level is urgently needed for sustainable, economically viable and socially acceptable planning of diversification of agriculture with value added crops like vegetables both in the study area and in the country at a national level.
Ključne besede: vegetable revolution, marginal, small, farmers, sustainable, development
Objavljeno: 20.03.2018; Ogledov: 510; Prenosov: 65
.pdf Celotno besedilo (368,42 KB)
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