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Detection of aneuploidy using multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification in fetal tissues from aborted pregnancies
Boris Zagradišnik, Špela Stangler Herodež, Alenka Erjavec Škerget, Andreja Zagorac, Nadja Kokalj-Vokač, 2011, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Purpose: About 10-15% of all pregnancies terminate as spontaneous miscarriages. In the first trimester, 50% of spontaneous miscarriages are the result of chromosomal aberrations, mostly chromosomal aneuploidies. Cytogenetic analyses are used to confirm aneuploidy in failed pregnancies. Culture failure or poor quality chromosomes are often problems in those cases. In such situations, methods that are independent of tissue culture areused, and we employed multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA). We determined if MLPA is an appropriate and compatible method compared with classical cytogenetic analyses on fetal tissues. Methods: All fetal samples received from spontaneous abortions were cultured, karyotyped (if possible) and genomic DNA extracted. MLPA analyses were undertaken using subtelomeric probe kits. Additionally, comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) was used to confirm aneuploidy detected by MLPA in cases of failed culture growth. Results: MLPA analyses confirmed an unbalanced chromosome abnormality identified by cytogenetic analyses in all cases in which tissue culture was successful, and provided data in cases of failed culture growth. Several common numeric chromosome aberrations were detected, as well as rare trisomies and other unbalanced chromosome rearrangements. Conclusions: MLPA analyses can provide information about the karyotype of a DNA sample if cytogenetic analyses are not possible because of a lack of viable cells or if only a small amount of genomic DNA is available. These data indicate that MLPA may also be a very useful method for early prenatal aneuploidy screening.
Ključne besede: pomnoževanje od ligacije odvisnih prob, številčne kromosomske preureditve, kariotip
Objavljeno v DKUM: 12.04.2024; Ogledov: 21; Prenosov: 0
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Detection of vkorc1 polymorphism : comparison of polymerase chain reaction/restriction fragment length polymorphism (pcr + rflp) with allele-specific polymerase chain reaction
Špela Stangler Herodež, Nastja Stankovič, Boris Zagradišnik, Alenka Erjavec Škerget, Nadja Kokalj-Vokač, 2013, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Purpose: The VKORC1 polymorphism is an important genetic factor affecting warfarin dose requirement. Patients require different warfarin doses in order to achieve the target therapeutic anticoagulation. The aim of our study was to determine the frequency of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) in the VKORC1gene in the general population, using a simple, rapid, and economical method. Methods: For genotyping, the restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplified DNA was used and compared to allele specific polymerase chain reaction. We genotyped 441 DNA samples obtained from the healthy general population in North Eastern Slovenia. Genotypes for the tested group were evaluated to determine whether the population followed the Hardy Weinberg equilibrium. The genotypes and allele frequencies were calculated. Results: The results obtained using the allele specific polymerase chain reaction were consistent with those obtained using the PCR + RFLP method. The G allele frequency (0.62) was higher than the A allele frequency (0.38) in the general population from North Eastern Slovenia. Conclusions: The PCR+RFLP method involved additional manipulation of the PCR products at the expense of analysis time, consumption of reagents and equipment. The allele specific polymerase chain reaction was a simple and rapid method for the detection of SNP in theVKORC1 gene, and is available in any laboratory with the minimum of equipment and reagents required.
Ključne besede: VKORC1, varfarin, PCR, RFLP, alelno specifična verižna reakcija s polimerazo
Objavljeno v DKUM: 12.04.2024; Ogledov: 9; Prenosov: 0
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Preparing patients to undergo surgery
Zlatka Rakovec-Felser, Špela Planinc, Marjanca Matvoz, Lea Vidovič, 2015, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Purpose: This study aimed to evaluate patient anxiety levels and ways of coping, while they are waiting in the hospital to undergo surgery. Methods: One hundred fifty-four patients were included from four different surgical departments (62 females and 92 males), 24%86 years of age (mean age [M] = 58.8 years). The following instruments were applied: a semi-structured interview; the State-Trait Inventory for Cognitive and Somatic Anxiety; and The Brief Cope Inventory. Results: One-half of the patients (50%) expressed a fear to undergo surgery; 28 % of the patients said that they were afraid of anaesthesia, regarderless of the type of anaesthesia, and 54% of patients expressed a fear and worry about the outcome of surgery. Women (Mas % SDas =32.58%8.01; Mat % SDat =35.16%8.97; in general, Ma % SDa =67.74%15.44) had state and trait anxiety significantly more often than men (Mas % SDas =28.11%6.21; Mat % SDat =30.29%7.48; in general Ma % SDa=58.40%12.74). Elderly males fall due to the received weak social support into the risk group of patients. They less often/less directly express their needs and emotions, and are less active in searching for information or advice in the social environment. In stressful situations, elderly males also frequently give up the attempt to obtain the goals with which the stressor is interfering. Conclusion: Patients who wait to undergo surgery should not suffer anxiety needlessly because it is known that anxiety has a negative impact on the course and outcome of surgical procedures. The pre-operative management of a patient%s anxiety is therefore important and a well-educated medical care team should be familiar with the appearance of anxiety, communication skills, and relaxation treatment.
Ključne besede: anksioznost, spoprijemanje s stresom, operacija, podporne intervencije
Objavljeno v DKUM: 11.04.2024; Ogledov: 16; Prenosov: 1
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The safety of patient management in family medicine in Slovenia during Covid-19 : a crosssectional study
Maja Cvetko Gomezelj, Špela Miroševič, Alina Verdnik Tajki, Ksenija Tušek-Bunc, Esther Van Poel, Sara Willems, Zalika Klemenc-Ketiš, 2023, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Abstract Background During the Covid-19 pandemic, family medicine practices (FMPs) changed to improve safety against new coronavirus infections for both patients and employees. Protocols for treating patients with suspected Sars-Cov-2 infections were established to protect medical staf and other patients from being infected. However, these protocols also led to increased safety risks, such as delays in treating patients with other medical conditions. This exploratory study aimed to investigate safety risks in treating patients in FMPs during the Covid-19 pandemic and to suggest improvements to prevent Covid-19 in FMPs in Slovenia. Methods A cross-sectional study was rolled out in FMPs in Slovenia as part of the international Pricov-19 study. Data collection on safety management during the Covid-19 pandemic in FMPs in Slovenia took place from November 2020 until January 2021 using a self-administered online survey for FP working in Slovenia. A chi-square test, ANOVA, independent samples t-test or bivariate correlation test was performed to explore associations regarding the safety of patients’ management variables. Results From the 191 participating family physicians (FPs) (15.2% response rate), 54.8% reported having treated patients with fever (not Covid-19) late due to the new protocols at least once, and 54.8% reported patients with urgent conditions having been seen late at least once due to not coming. In the suburbs and rural environments FPs more often reported that at least once patient with a fever (not Covid-19) was seen late due to the protocol (p=0.017) and more often reported that at least once patient with an urgent condition was seen late due to not com‑ ing to their FP (p=0.017). The larger the practice, the more they reported that at least once a patient with fever (not Covid-19) was seen late due to the protocol (p=0.012) and the more they reported at least once a patient with an urgent condition was seen late due to not coming to their FP (p=0.012). Conclusion Covid-19 afected the safety of patient management in FMP in Slovenia. The most common prob‑ lem was foregone care. Therefor, protocols for chronic patient management in the event of epidemics need to be established.
Ključne besede: Covid-19, family medicine, patient safety, patient management, quality of care, PRICOV-19, primary health care, general practice, timeliness
Objavljeno v DKUM: 29.03.2024; Ogledov: 64; Prenosov: 6
.pdf Celotno besedilo (764,96 KB)
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Etika policijskega dela
Špela Šuštar, Miroslav Žaberl, 2003, objavljeni strokovni prispevek na konferenci

Ključne besede: policija, etika, policijska etika
Objavljeno v DKUM: 19.03.2024; Ogledov: 48; Prenosov: 3
.pdf Celotno besedilo (200,87 KB)

Graph theory approaches to maturity models : master thesis
Špela Kajzer, 2024, magistrsko delo

Opis: The masters thesis, which follows the paper Graph drawing applications in combinatorial theory of maturity models, in preparation, coauthored by the author of the thesis, introduces the tiled graphs as models of learning and maturing processes. In the thesis, we show how tiled graphs can combine graphs of learning spaces or antimatroids (partial cubes) and maturity models (total orders) to yield models of learning processes. We visualise processes with optimal drawings. In the thesis, we show NP-hardness of visualisation problems resulting from most detailed models. Further, we introduce a simpler model, which ignores the details of learning and for which the visualisation problem can be solved in a polynomial time. For the rest of the thesis, we consider this model. We describe an algorithm, which finds a drawing of an ordinal panel data graph with a minimal number of edge crossings. For this problem we further define an extremal crossing number for a chosen family of ordinal panel data. Further, we explore a certain type of random instances of ordinal panel data and the expected value of a crossing number for this type of random instances. After that, we define a problem of finding the most suitable ordering on categories in panel data, in other words finding the best maturity model to fit the data. We prove the NP-hardness of the problem and formulate an integer linear program. Master thesis consists of nine chapters. The first chapter contains known results and definitions from set and graph theory and a section of computational complexity theory (NP-hardness), which will be used throughout the thesis. The following chapters present the new theory introduced in the aforementioned paper in preparation and the needed additional results and definitions. In the last chapter we present the thesis and some selected parts of the thesis with the help of learning space theory. The chapter serves as both the overview of the thesis and the use case for the theory of learning spaces, presented in the thesis.
Ključne besede: Maturity models, learning spaces, crossing number, crossing minimisation, tile crossing number.
Objavljeno v DKUM: 14.03.2024; Ogledov: 144; Prenosov: 7
.pdf Celotno besedilo (1,46 MB)

Sodelovanje učiteljev s starši priseljencev : magistrsko delo
Špela Kolar, 2024, magistrsko delo

Opis: Namen magistrskega dela je bil raziskati, s kakšnimi izzivi se srečujejo učitelji v slovenskih šolah na področju dela s starši priseljencev. Preučili smo področje dela s starši na splošno, nato pa smo se posvetili pravnemu položaju priseljencev v Sloveniji in v slovenskih vzgojno-izobraževalnih ustanovah. Nazadnje smo pregledali, kako otroke priseljence in njihove starše obravnavajo v osnovnih šolah. Raziskali smo, kako poteka sam proces vključevanja staršev priseljencev, kakšno oviro predstavlja znanje jezika, kakšno podporo nudi šola ter kakšni so načini in oblike dela s starši priseljencev, na kratko pa smo se posvetili tudi vprašanju o stopnji razvitosti medkulturnih kompetenc učiteljev. V raziskavi je sodelovalo 81 učiteljev, ki v aktualnem šolskem letu poučujejo učenca priseljenca. Ugotavljamo, da učitelji s starši priseljencev v povprečju redko sodelujejo, veliko oviro pa predstavlja neznanje slovenščine. Podpora šole se v največji meri kaže v sodelovanju s šolsko svetovalno službo, učitelji pa staršem priseljencev le redko nudijo podporo pri vključevanju v novo okolje. Tudi pri poznavanju zakonodaje in smernic rezultati niso bili spodbudni, kar pa je lahko tudi posledica okrnjenega nabora uradnih dokumentov. Vse pa ni nujno slabo, saj so učitelji navedli precej različnih primerov dobrih praks pri delu, prav tako pa menijo, da imajo dobro razvite medkulturne kompetence. Povzamemo lahko, da pedagoško stroko na tem področju čaka še precej dela, a svetle izjeme, vključujoči načini dela in izvedba različnih projektov vseeno dajejo upanje na pozitiven razvoj tega področja.
Ključne besede: delo s starši priseljencev, učitelji, sodelovanje, priseljenci, osnovna šola
Objavljeno v DKUM: 05.03.2024; Ogledov: 132; Prenosov: 40
.pdf Celotno besedilo (2,62 MB)

Vpliv kolagena in kolagenskih pripravkov na celjenje ran na koži
Špela Laci, 2024, magistrsko delo

Opis: Uvod: Rane predstavljajo velik stroškovni problem, saj je podaljšan čas hospitalizacije in zdravljenja. Namen zaključnega dela je bil analizirati podatke obstoječih raziskav o vplivih in lastnostih kolagena na celjenje ran na koži. Metode: Izvedli smo pregled literature, članke smo iskali v podatkovnih bazah SAGE, ScienceDirect, Web of Science in PubMed. Pri končnem delu identificiranih virov smo uporabili metodo analize in sinteze virov. Kritično oceno člankov smo podali s pomočjo JBI ocenjevalne lestvice. Sistematični pregled literature je prikazan s pomočjo PRISMA diagrama. Rezultati: V pregled in analizo smo vključili 7 člankov, ki opisujejo uporabo biomedicinskih materialov, ki vsebujejo kolagen, ter njihov vpliv na celjenje kroničnih in akutnih ran ali opeklin. 6 člankov je v nivoju 2 in en članek v nivoju 3, gledano na hierarhijo. Vsi članki potrjujejo uporabo kolagena in kolagenskih pripomočkov, saj ta pozitivno vpliva na celjenje in granulacijo tkiva ter nastanek novega tkiva. Razprava in zaključek: Ugotovili smo, da kolagen igra ključno vlogo pri celjenju ran in ima ključno vlogo pri tvorbi novega tkiva in obnovi poškodovane kože. Pri kroničnih ranah je proces celjenja v zadnji fazi ustavljen, s pomočjo kolagena in kolagenskih pripravkov lahko vzpostavimo ponovno delovanje in nadomestimo novo tkivo (matriks). V našem okolju je izvedenih premalo raziskav in orodij za standardno oceno ran in uporabo določenih oblog.
Ključne besede: Kolagen, rane, celjenje
Objavljeno v DKUM: 21.02.2024; Ogledov: 178; Prenosov: 53
.pdf Datoteka (1,07 MB)

Analiza prodaje NLB : diplomsko delo visokošolskega študijskega programa Varnost in policijsko delo
Špela Rezec, 2024, diplomsko delo

Opis: Poudarek v diplomskem delu se nanaša na vprašanje, ali je bila prodaja NLB-ja sploh potrebna, in ali je v času prodaje prišlo do morebitnih nepravilnosti. Problematika se je pričela z ustanovitvijo dveh bank: Nove kreditne banke Maribor in Nove ljubljanske banke. Ob osamosvojitvi leta 1991 je Slovenija ustanovila Banko Slovenijo z namenom nadzorovanja nemotenega denarnega toka ter poslovanja na področju financ. Kasneje je NLB šokirala z novico o ideji, da se bo banka privatizirala. Program za privatizacijo je bil začrtan že leta 2001. Ta naj bi doprinesla večjo in boljšo konkurenčnost med državami, povečanje ekonomske uspešnosti in pridobitev prihodka za namen kritja neto stroškov preteklih sanacij bank. V nadaljevanju se osredotočamo na vlogo banke v gospodarstvu, saj kot kreditna institucija opravlja storitve in ima dovoljenje, da lahko posluje z dajanjem kreditov in depozitov. Evropska komisija je leta 2012 sprejela poročilo o mehanizmu opozarjanj, saj so ugotovili, da je v Sloveniji čezmejni obstoj makroekonomskega ravnotežja. Kasneje je Slovenija Bruslju predložila Nacionalni reformni program 2013–2014 in Program stabilnosti za obdobje 2012–2016. Banka se je bila primorana dokapitalizirati, saj so na podlagi pregleda kakovostnih sredstev (AQR) v banki ugotovili negativni kapital, kar bi v nasprotnem primeru pomenilo stečaj banke. Dokapitalizacija se je izvedla leta 2013 – po tem, ko je Evropska komisija izdala odločbe o državnih pomočeh. V letu 2010 se je v Sloveniji zgodila finančna afera imenovana Farrokh, ki smo jo v tem delu podrobneje analizirali. Cilj privatizacije, dokapitalizacije in prodaje banke je ključni dejavnik k prispevanju povečanja konkurenčnosti na trgu, učinkovitosti poslovanja bančnega sistema kot celote ter za zdravo okolje, kjer bi prebivalcem nudili sodobne storitve.
Ključne besede: banke, pranje denarja, Nova ljubljanska banka (NLB), privatizacija bank, dokapitalizacija, prodaja, diplomske naloge
Objavljeno v DKUM: 20.02.2024; Ogledov: 221; Prenosov: 44
.pdf Celotno besedilo (1,30 MB)

Supply chain management mitigation to climate change in three selected industrial sectors
Maja Bašić, Špela Kovše, Andraž Opačić, Marijana Pećarević, Matevž Obrecht, 2023, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: As the world economy is growing and globalisation is on the rise, climate change and its effects on the planet Earth are also increasing. But climate changes do not disturb only nature; they also affect businesses and their supply chains. Many companies have recently recognised the positive impacts of green and circular supply chain management practices. Supply chains that deliver products from around the world are increasingly exposed to the impacts of a changing climate and scarce resources. In this research, it was determined how climate change impacts supply chains in the food, automobile, and energy industry sectors. Furthermore, we wanted to find out if and how the management of supply chains is altered to adapt to the business environment which is more and more affected by environmental changes.
Ključne besede: climate change adaptation and mittigation, circular economy, sustainable developement, supply chain management
Objavljeno v DKUM: 16.02.2024; Ogledov: 139; Prenosov: 10
.pdf Celotno besedilo (453,37 KB)
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