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Infrastructure planning and environmental protection : case study of Slovakia
Marián Gogola, Daniela Durcanska, Marta Hocova, 2016, independent scientific component part or a chapter in a monograph

Keywords: infrastructure planning, environmental protection, air pollution, transportation, traffic, emissions, Slovakia
Published in DKUM: 10.05.2018; Views: 1221; Downloads: 72
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Borut Jereb, Matjaž Knez, Darja Kukovič, Tina Cvahte Ojsteršek, Matevž Obrecht, Anna Kasantseva, 2016, independent scientific component part or a chapter in a monograph

Abstract: Traffic growth is strongly fuelled by economic growth, because without an efficient transport system the internal market and the globalization of trade cannot fully be exploited. The growth of traffic is affected primarily by two factors, namely in the passenger traffic by the increased use of cars, whereas in freight transport the traffic growth was affected by changes in the economy. The economic growth will lead to increased need for mobility; it is estimated that demand will increase by 38% for freight transport services and by 24% for passenger transport (European Commission, 2001).
Keywords: transportation, transport systems, logistics, modelling, environmental protection
Published in DKUM: 10.05.2018; Views: 772; Downloads: 60
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Solution of the problem of critical path’s finding in Excel on the basis of reducing it to ordinary transportation task
Mimo Drašković, Ludmila Malyaretz, Oleksandr Dorokhov, 2016, independent scientific component part or a chapter in a monograph

Abstract: The problem of determining the critical path for the scheduling tasks has been considered. An original technique for practical calculations using the available Solver add-on in Excel has been described. The proposed approach is based on reducing the task to solving the ordinary transportation problem, in particular to the problem of finding the longest path. Examples of solutions with the test input data and corresponding screenshots are given. The practical steps of the user’s action in the process of direct solution in Excel are consistently described. The analysis of the results of the proposed method has been performed and presented. It is established that presented method for calculating the critical path requires minimal efforts from the users, regardless of the dimension of the tasks.
Keywords: task scheduling, transportation tasks, calculations, critical path, Excel, Solver, software tools
Published in DKUM: 09.05.2018; Views: 707; Downloads: 72
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An organizational framework for logistic platform and its subtypes in a search for more logistically attractive regions
Brigita Gajšek, Jure Kovač, Benjamin Hazen, 2018, original scientific article

Abstract: Background and Purpose: Regional sustainable economic growth on logistics bases requires the coordinated development of infrastructure, information and communications technology, and proactive education of logistics specialists. The goal is reachable with regional logistics platforms (RLPs). This current research develops a theoretical model for RLPs, consisting of (1) basic constituents, (2) an implementation area, and (3) stakeholders' and operational benefits. Design/Methodology/Approach: We employed a balanced qualitative and quantitative approach using multiple case study and survey methods. Results: Systematic case study research has identified 12 “most frequently” highlighted RLP constituents and 3 areas of implementation, which were further proven by a survey. RLP's beginnings may be spontaneous until a critical mass of interested stakeholders emerges with a clear vision and start-up energy for a breakthrough. A theoretical model for RLPs is proposed. Conclusion: The secret of a successfully developing a logistics region lies in its ability to develop a mechanism for the managing and coordinating a particular logistics system's development and operation, an area that should be further researched. This study's findings provide valuable insights into the many aspects of RLPs, which can be useful for regional authorities and business owners who are eager to stimulate regional economic growth.
Keywords: logistics platform, organizational structure, networking, governance, regionalization, transportation
Published in DKUM: 07.05.2018; Views: 1177; Downloads: 300
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Social, economic and cultural aspects of transportation accessibility in mountanious areas, on the example of Tatra County, Poland
Paweł Kretowicz, 2008, original scientific article

Abstract: In this article, spatial variations both in local and regional transportation accessibility are looked at through the lenses of the social, economic and cultural environments of Tatra County. A number of methods are applied in the analysis of daily links, prices and travel time to the county capital. A comparison between local, private carriers and the National Bus Company (PKS) is made to illustrate the ongoing economic processes and their effects in this mountainous region. Also, a relationship between the Podhale, Spisz and Orawa social regions and transportation accessibility is presented as an example of certain cultural determinants of the latter. As such, this study contributes to the understanding of mobility problems in mountainous touristic areas.
Keywords: accessibility, mountainous areas, Tatras, transportation services
Published in DKUM: 15.03.2018; Views: 776; Downloads: 100
.pdf Full text (878,22 KB)
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Impact of commercial motorcycle operation on urban mobility in Ogun State, Nigeria
Oluwaseyi Joseph Afolabi, Kolawole Taofeek Gbadamosi, 2017, original scientific article

Abstract: The significant of public transport of cities in many developing countries lies in the fundamental fact that mobility and accessibility are essential for economic growth and of necessity to provide efficient and effective movement for goods and services. The collapse of public intra-city transport system paved way for the rise of motorcycles as means of public transportation in Nigeria. This paper discusses the impact of commercial motorcycle operation as a means of urban transportation. Of the 200 questionnaires administered, 191 questionnaires were received for analysis using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). Secondary data was also sourced to serve as complement to the primary data, thus allowing for a robust research. Descriptive statistical tools such as percentages were adopted to present the socio - economic characteristics in the area. Findings showed that the majority of the users are adult between the aged 31 and 40 years. Most of them (53.8%) are married and are fairly educated. Furthermore, it was recommended that the Nigerian government should provide employment opportunities for our teeming youth as this will go a long way in the reduction of number of youth who as a result of unemployment took to motorcycle riding business.
Keywords: transportation, traffic, motorcycle, Ogun State
Published in DKUM: 17.11.2017; Views: 1009; Downloads: 419
.pdf Full text (196,17 KB)
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Accessibility concepts and indicators in transportation strategic planning issues : theoretical framework and literature review
Ana Vulevic, 2016, original scientific article

Abstract: Accessibility is a well-known and studied concept within the scientific literature. Good transportation accessibility is certainly an important factor in exploiting spatial potentials. The quality of transportation infrastructure in terms of capacity, travel speed, connectivity etc., determines the quality and advantage of a location relative to other locations, which is usually measured as accessibility. Increasingly overloaded transport corridors, in the context of changing transportation flows are becoming an important issue for accessibility. This Paper gives a very brief overview of which kind of transportation networks and services indicators should be used in relevant documents and in transportation planning practice. This Paper provides a comprehensive overview of the different definitions, dimensions and indicators of accessibility in the literature of those already discovered.
Keywords: accessibility indicators, accessibility, transportation network and services indicators
Published in DKUM: 17.11.2017; Views: 758; Downloads: 197
.pdf Full text (497,67 KB)
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Analysis of the spanish electricity market and proposals for future development
Ester Getino, Emilio García, Klemen Deželak, published scientific conference contribution

Abstract: Nowadays the electricity is found in any daily activity, while a state can not develop its economic and social potential without a consolidated electricity system. In sense of the liberalized electrical systems, the figure of an electric market becomes fundamental. This paper shows an overview of the Spanish electricity market, involving its problems and future objectives. Spain as a member of the European Union faces the demands proposed by the European Commission. The European challenge is not an individual challenge for individual member but requires the cooperation of all member states, moving towards an energetically integrated European Union.
Keywords: electricity market, liberalization, Spain, generation, transportation, distribution
Published in DKUM: 10.10.2017; Views: 862; Downloads: 252
.pdf Full text (380,59 KB)

A sustainable transport solution for a Slovenia town
Matjaž Knez, Ali Naci Celik, Tariq Muneer, 2014, original scientific article

Abstract: Authorities in Slovenia and other EU member states are confronted with problems of city transportation. Fossil-fuel-based transport poses two chief problems—local and global pollution, and dwindling supplies and ever-increasing costs. An elegant solution is to gradually replace the present automobile fleet with electric vehicles (EVs). This article explores the economics and practical viability of the provision of solar electricity for the charging of EVs by installation of economical available Photovoltaic modules. A steep decline in the module, inverter and installation costs is reported herein. Present estimates indicate that for the prevailing solar climate of Celje—a medium-sized Slovenian town—the cost would be only 2 euros and 11 cents per kWh of generated solar electricity.
Keywords: electric vehicles, energy sustainability, Slovenia, solar photovoltaic, sustainable transport, urban transportation
Published in DKUM: 21.07.2017; Views: 1118; Downloads: 415
.pdf Full text (438,58 KB)
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Development harmonisation of mountain resorts ropeway and tourist infrastructures in the Republic of Slovenia
Drago Sever, 200, short scientific article

Abstract: Operation efficiency of mountain resort systems depends largely on harmonious operation of the most important and therefore most influential elements of ropeway transportation and tourist subsystems. Within the framework of a tourist subsystem, the extent and quality of tourist offer for long-staying guests plays an essential role. Harmonised development of the above-mentioned elements ensures major utilisation and better economic management of the entire system so that it may offer quality services. First of all, the system enables permanent and environmentally friendly development of the systems that are as a rule in an absolutely sensitive alpine region. The article deals with some results of in-depth research on the ropeway transportation system and the results of know-how transfer into the actual environment of the Slovenian mountain resorts.
Keywords: traffic, transportation, ropeways, infrastructure, mountain tourism, mountain resorts, development, Slovenia
Published in DKUM: 02.06.2017; Views: 844; Downloads: 105
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