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Sabina Jevšenak, 2011, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: When we speak we are able to control our language. We can speak in our dialect, with our accent, or we speak correctly as the standards of a language require. The purpose of this paper was to research how is with this phenomenon in music. Do different singers use the same language when singing and when speaking? I used three different English dialects (Cockney, Irish and Scottish dialect) and two random representatives of each dialect for my research. I transcribed one song and one interview of each representative and parallel to that transcribed the same text in RP. I concentrated on the differences and compared the results. Moreover, for comparison between English and Slovene language I used my diploma seminar work, which deals with dialects in Slovene songs.
Keywords: english dialects, cockney, irish, scottish, music, transcription
Published: 11.01.2012; Views: 1843; Downloads: 79
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Adapting prosody in a text-to-speech system
Janez Stergar, Caglayan Erdem, 2010, independent scientific component part or a chapter in a monograph

Keywords: stochastic methods, databases, phonetic transcription
Published: 31.05.2012; Views: 1041; Downloads: 70
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Kako natančna je lahko transkripcija
Mira Krajnc Ivič, 2010, original scientific article

Abstract: The article attempts to show how a message of a direct dialogue gets its (illocutionary) force as the result of the interplay of linguistic, semi-linguistic and non-linguistic activities of the participant. It is also trying to show that researchers' difficulties are the consequences of his other wish to transcribe a dialog ue perfectly, because only a perfect and theoretically non-neutral transcription can be used for several different purposes.
Keywords: Slovene language, discourse, conversation, direct dialogue, transcription, prosody
Published: 29.05.2017; Views: 427; Downloads: 232
.pdf Full text (595,92 KB)
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