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Environmental Content in Intermediate English Textbooks and Lessons : master's thesis
Saška Kurnik, 2023, master's thesis

Abstract: Environmental issues are nowadays an inevitable part of our lives. It is imperative we address them in order to prevent their further escalation and ensure a better future on our planet. English language teachers have a unique opportunity to touch upon this topic in their lessons since English, as a global language, is a means for discussing all globally relevant issues. This thesis focuses on the representation of environmental issues in intermediate English textbooks and lessons. We aim to highlight the significance of environmental issues and encourage teachers to promote environmental awareness and action in their students. We first provide theoretical background about environmental education, environmental issues, the connection between language teaching and the environment, as well as the inclusion of environmental content in English textbooks. In the empirical part of the thesis, we analyse 13 intermediate English textbooks in terms of environmental content and present interviews with five high-school English teachers about the extent to which environmental issues are integrated into their lessons.
Keywords: textbooks, environmental issues, English language teaching, environmental education
Published in DKUM: 04.03.2024; Views: 227; Downloads: 11
.pdf Full text (964,12 KB)

The Influence of English on the Language of Croatian Influencers on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok Social Media : master's thesis
Ena Cilar, 2023, master's thesis

Abstract: The rapid spread of the English language, which is frequently referred to as a lingua franca, has had a significant impact on other languages and the peculiar language of computer-mediated communication. What is more, the Internet, social media and digital influencers are the key agents of both language change and changes in the modern society. Due to the globally growing popularity of social media influencers, the purpose of this thesis is to explore the ways in which their language use is affected by the globality of English, with a focus on Croatian influencers. Therefore, data for this paper are drawn from altogether 270 social media posts published by the eight most successful Croatian influencers on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. The research methods include linguistic, thematic and content analysis. The results reveal that the use of ‘ad hoc loanwords’ and intra-sentential code-switching are more common among Croatian influencers in comparison with outdated Anglicisms and inter-sentential code-switching. While the most frequently used loanwords among Croatian influencers belong to the categories of cyberculture and popular culture, the use of loanwords belonging to particular semantic fields is not strongly related to their thematic content categories. The importance and originality of this thesis are that it is the first study to provide new insights into the language use of Croatian influencers in relation with English as a global and leading online language. However, due to practical constraints, it is limited in terms of the research sample size and generalizability, which offers implications for further research.
Keywords: English as a global language, influence of English on Croatian, Croatian social media influencers, computer-mediated communication, loanwords, code-switching
Published in DKUM: 04.01.2024; Views: 465; Downloads: 46
.pdf Full text (4,75 MB)

Genre and Multimodality in Primary School EFL Textbooks : master's thesis
Sara Škerget, 2023, master's thesis

Abstract: The master's thesis examines the features of textual and visual material included in primary school EFL textbooks. The genre theory according to the Sydney School is introduced in the theoretical part. The features of authentic and simplified texts are also presented. The principles of discourse and multimodal analysis, which served as a basis for our analysis, are outlined. The analysis includes twenty texts with the accompanying visual material selected from the Messages (EFL) textbooks for lower-secondary students aged 11 to 14 years created by English authors Diana Goodey and Noel Goodey in cooperation with others. The study presented in this thesis focuses on the analysis of selected texts from these textbooks with regard to three dimensions of register: field, i.e., the entities, objects, concepts, and activities represented in the texts and their accompanying images; tone, i.e., the formality or informality of texts and images; and mode, i.e., the dependence of texts and images on the context. The study also examines the prevailing genres and text-image relations in the analysed material.
Keywords: textbooks, genres, multimodality, discourse analysis, English as a foreign language
Published in DKUM: 22.08.2023; Views: 419; Downloads: 23
.pdf Full text (6,67 MB)

The use of false friends among Slovene students of English : master's thesis
Hajdi Hauptman, 2023, master's thesis

Abstract: The theoretical framework in the master’s thesis entitled “The Use of False Friends among Slovene Students of English” covers concepts that are fundamental to false friends and translation studies in general. The theoretical part discusses the authors’ perspectives on definitions and classifications which include various examples of equivalence, cognates and false friends. It then highlights some examples and ideas regarding teaching and learning false friends in the classroom. It is argued that focus on false friends is a useful tool for teachers who incorporate the concept of false friends in their classes. The empirical part of this thesis presents the results of the research which examines the use and knowledge of Slovene-English false friends among Slovene students of English. The research was conducted through a questionnaire which had 26 questions and was distributed online with the help of the tool 1ka. The study included 244 Slovene learners of English. 118 participants were primary school learners from 6th to 9th grade and 126 participants were secondary school learners from years 1 to 4. The results show that Slovene students of English are aware of a significant number of false friends included in the survey, although there are still plenty of Slovene-English false friend pairs that remain unfamiliar. The questionnaire results indicate that more than half of the participants have not heard the expression “false friends” as a linguistic concept at the time of the testing. In general, secondary school learners were more successful in the use of Slovene-English false friends pairings than primary school learners. At the same time, the results do not show that learners with higher grades in English are more familiar with false friends than those with lower grades.
Keywords: false friends, equivalence, cognates, language learning, teaching English as a second language
Published in DKUM: 17.08.2023; Views: 455; Downloads: 38
.pdf Full text (1,25 MB)

Gender of job titles in advertisements in american newspapers
Maja Petek, 2018, master's thesis

Abstract: This master’s thesis focuses on gender-specific and gender-neutral expressions or words for job titles in English. When we are choosing the right expression for a job title we often neglect one gender or we put one gender in forefront. In the theoretical part of our master’s thesis we explain the difference between biological sex (sex) and semantic sex (gender). We also write about gender categories, sexism and feminism. We discuss the important topic of politically correct language and we focus on gender marked words. In the practical part we analyse job advertisements in old and new newspapers. We want to determine the use and the frequency of the use of gender marked job titles. Then we use these job titles and we analyse them by using two corpuses: COHA (Corpus of Historical American English) and COCA (Corpus of Contemporary American English). We try to determine if the job titles in the past were gender marked, if the words that we use nowadays are gender marked and what is the frequency of the use of gender marked job titles nowadays with the comparison with its use in the past.
Keywords: semantic gender, linguistic sexism, gender-neutral language, feminism, job titles in English
Published in DKUM: 05.05.2023; Views: 430; Downloads: 11
.pdf Full text (1,81 MB)

Romana Gabrovec, 2011, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: In this diploma work the author deals with describing Mancunian, Cockney and Standard English dialect and the accents of Mancunians, Cockneys and RP. The author presents the main characteristics of each dialect and then compares the three mentioned dialects where the emphasis was on the comparison between Mancunian dialect, Standard dialect and RP accent and between Cockney dialect, Standard dialect and RP accent. The author discusses the differences between the three dialects and the language and dialect differences in general. She also discusses the language and the dialect which tends to be described as ‘wrong’, ‘correct’, ‘ugly’ and so on. The methods that were used in this diploma work are: the descriptive method; the comparative method; the method of analysis and synthesis; the method of abstraction and concretization; the method of generalization and specialization and the historical method. The author found out that there are differences and similarities between all three dialects and that the greater differences are between Mancunian and Cockney dialects on one side and the Standard dialect and RP accent on the other side. She also found that all languages and dialects are equal and that there should be no description of a dialect as ‘ugly’, ‘correct’ etc.
Keywords: Key words: Standard British English, Received Pronunciation, Mancunian dialect, Cockney dialect, accent, correct language, ugly language.
Published in DKUM: 21.02.2023; Views: 609; Downloads: 0

Language for specific purposes in the framework of criminal justice and security

Abstract: The scientific monograph is oriented towards LSP for the field of criminal justice and security studies and also focuses on subfields, namely police, law, security, administration, etc. The monograph contains contributions from the field of criminal justice and security studies prepared by Slovenian and foreign authors, namely Jelena Gugić from the University of Pula, Mojca Kompara Lukančič from the University of Maribor, Nives Lenassi from the University of Ljubljana, Dragoslava Mićović from the University of Belgrade, Eva Podovšovnik from the University of Primorska, Jasna Potočnik Topler from the University of Maribor, Vanja Slavuj from the University of Rijeka, and Tilen Smajla from the University of Maribor. The work offers an insight into English and Italian through the prism of contents that focus on the language for specific purpose for the field of criminal justice and security.
Keywords: the English language, the Italian language, criminal justice and security, terminology, LSP
Published in DKUM: 09.12.2022; Views: 592; Downloads: 69
.pdf Full text (10,95 MB)
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Spolni stereotipi v učbenikih angleščine: primerjava dveh izdaj serije učbenikov messages : master's thesis
Veronika Mešić, 2022, master's thesis

Abstract: The Master’s Thesis focuses on gender stereotypes in English language coursebooks with special emphasis on the comparison between two editions of the coursebook series Messages. The analysis of coursebook series consists of descriptive, qualitative, and quantitative analysis of gender stereotypes in the linguistic (text) and visual (photographs, illustrations) forms. The Master’s Thesis classifies gender stereotypes as those instances in which women and men are portrayed stereotypically e. g. in their profession, through physical appearance, assumed binary traits etc. The found stereotypes are represented descriptively and statistically. Both editions of the coursebook series Messages are compared in terms of gender stereotypes in them. The findings of the study show an increase in gender stereotypes in the visual imagery between the two editions, unequal male to female characters ratio, and underrepresentation of women in occupational roles and activities.
Keywords: gender stereotypes, English language textbooks, coursebook analysis, Messages, sexism
Published in DKUM: 09.09.2022; Views: 744; Downloads: 103
.pdf Full text (2,42 MB)

The Use of Storybooks in Teaching English as a Foreign Language at Primary Level (2nd AND 3rd Grade) in Slovene Primary Schools : master thesis
Barbara Maher, 2022, master's thesis

Abstract: This Master’s Thesis deals with the topic of teaching English as a foreign language to young language learners with the use of storybooks/a story-based approach. It has been produced with the intent to encourage and persuade English teachers of young language learners (in Slovenia) to introduce this approach to their early foreign language lessons, by offering a detailed overview of the advantages a story-based approach brings to the context of foreign language instruction, and to serve as a handbook, guiding them through the recommendations for the selection of appropriate storybooks, the preparation for storytelling/storyreading and its implementation, with additional emphasis on the importance of choosing and incorporating suitable story-related activities to each stage of the storytelling/reading act. Moreover, concerns teachers might have when first starting to use this approach, such as whether or not the learner's first language should be used in the story-based lessons, and how many times the same story can be presented to the learners, have been touched on, as well. Furthermore, the Master’s Thesis provides a selection of ready-to-use story-based lesson plans, prepared around chosen storybooks, all made to fit the goals/aims of foreign language instruction at primary level in the 2nd and 3rd grade in Slovene primary schools.
Keywords: Storybooks, Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), Young Learners (YL), Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL), Story-Based Approach to Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Young Learners, Story-Based Lesson Plans
Published in DKUM: 03.08.2022; Views: 811; Downloads: 81
.pdf Full text (7,71 MB)

Approaches to Teaching Political Correctness to Slovene Primary School Students
David Najžer, 2021, master's thesis

Abstract: The M.A. thesis focuses on political correctness as a concept in today's society and seeks practical approaches to teaching its linguistic aspects as part of English classes in the primary school. The thesis consists of an overview of the history of political correctness, its elements, its implementation in educational institutions; an overview of a similar implementation in Slovenia (Faculty of Arts at the University of Ljubljana) and its reaction; and an overview of theoretical and practical approaches to teaching political correctness. In the practical section, Touchstone, a series of English as a foreign language course books, written by a Slovene author, are reviewed, examples of content related to political correctness and the content that may potentially be perceived as politically incorrect are presented and analyzed. In the empirical section, a questionnaire was conducted. The participants were teachers of English from primary and secondary schools and English student teachers. Based on the results, we attempted to determine the general attitude towards political correctness and teaching political corrects in English as a foreign language classes; experiences participants have with teaching topics related to political correctness; and the level of importance participants believe political correctness has in peer and class relations. The conclusion is based on the findings from the theoretical, practical and empirical segment and suggestions on how political correctness could be implemented in English as a foreign language classes are provided.
Keywords: English language, political correctness, primary school, education
Published in DKUM: 12.10.2021; Views: 1085; Downloads: 73
.pdf Full text (1,44 MB)

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