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Intelligent FEA-based design improvement
Marina Novak, Bojan Dolšak, 2008, original scientific article

Abstract: Structural analysis using the finite element method is an integrate part of the design process for many components. Finite element analysis is the most extensively used numerical analysis in mechanical engineering practice and is incorporated into many computer-aided design systems. The existing commercial software is very helpful when supporting realisation of the analysis process but still fails to provide adequate support during the post-processing phase. The results of analysis should be studied and decisions made regarding the designćs suitability with respect to its engineering specifications. In general, design changes are indispensable and designers need help to design them properly. The prototype of an intelligent rule-based consultative system is being developed by the authors to provide such advice when considering a description of the design structurećs critical area. This system is encoded in Prolog. It can deal with the results of prior strain-stress or thermal analysis. It presents a short list of proposed design changes that should be taken into account when improving the design.
Keywords: structural analysis, finite elment analysis, design modification, decision support, Prolog, knowledge-base systems
Published: 31.05.2012; Views: 1098; Downloads: 44
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An intelligent system for structural analysis-based design improvements
Marina Novak, Bojan Dolšak, 2008, original scientific article

Abstract: The goal of the research work presented in this paper was to collect, organize, and write the knowledge and experience about structural analysis-based design improvements into a knowledge base for a consultative advisory intelligent decision support system. The prototype of the system presented proposes possible design changes that should be taken into consideration to improve the design candidate according to the results of a prior stress-strain or thermal analysis. The system can be applied either in the design of new products or as an educational tool.
Keywords: computer-aided design, structural optimisation, knowledge based systems, decision support
Published: 31.05.2012; Views: 1355; Downloads: 16
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Optimiranje oblike konstrukcij: tristranični projektni element
Marko Kegl, 2002, original scientific article

Abstract: Prispevek obravnava izpeljavo tristraničnega projektnega elementa za uporabo pri optimalnem projektiranju oblike konstrukcij. Osnova za izpeljavo novega elementa je tristranična Bézierjeva ploskev, ki je običajno parameterizirana z uporabo težiščnih koordinat. V prispevku je uporabljena drugačna parameterizacija, ki je bolj prilagojena postopkom optimizacije oblike. Na podlagi te ploskve je definiran projektni element-Bézierjevo telo, katerega mreža nadzornih točk ima v tipološkem pomenu obliko tristranične prizme. Uporaba izpeljanega elementa je ponazorjena na dveh številčnih zgledih.
Keywords: structural design, shape optimization, element design
Published: 10.07.2015; Views: 553; Downloads: 13
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