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A new transformation technique for reducing information entropy : a case study on greyscale raster images
Borut Žalik, Damjan Strnad, David Podgorelec, Ivana Kolingerová, Luka Lukač, Niko Lukač, Simon Kolmanič, Krista Rizman Žalik, Štefan Kohek, 2023, original scientific article

Abstract: This paper proposes a new string transformation technique called Move with Interleaving (MwI). Four possible ways of rearranging 2D raster images into 1D sequences of values are applied, including scan-line, left-right, strip-based, and Hilbert arrangements. Experiments on 32 benchmark greyscale raster images of various resolutions demonstrated that the proposed transformation reduces information entropy to a similar extent as the combination of the Burrows–Wheeler transform followed by the Move-To-Front or the Inversion Frequencies. The proposed transformation MwI yields the best result among all the considered transformations when the Hilbert arrangement is applied.
Keywords: computer science, algorithm, string transformation, information entropy, Hilbert space filling curve
Published in DKUM: 22.05.2024; Views: 77; Downloads: 6
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The role of religion in legends about Turkish attacks
Anja Mlakar, 2021, original scientific article

Abstract: An analysis of Slovenian legends about Turkish raids was made to identify and analyze religious elements in them. The legends express superiority of Christianity, but also contain belief elements that diverge from Christian teachings, such as traditional Slavic beliefs about the afterlife. The mixture of different beliefs can summarized under the term “vernacular religion”. The Turks in folklore represented an archetypal demonic “Other” and as such they threaten the “Our” world. In these legends traditional and pre-Christian beliefs were intermixed with Christian symbolism and characters and as such they express the diversity and flexibility of religious imagery.
Keywords: Turkish raids, vernacular religion, Christianity, otherness, sacred space, sacrilege, the world beyond, miracles
Published in DKUM: 25.01.2024; Views: 270; Downloads: 6
.pdf Full text (1,92 MB)
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Towards trusted data sharing and exchange in agro-food supply chains: design principles for agricultural data spaces
Martina Šestak, Daniel Copot, original scientific article

Abstract: In the modern agricultural landscape, realizing data’s full potential requires a unified infrastructure where stakeholders collaborate and share their data to gain insights and create business value. The agricultural data ecosystem (ADE) serves as a crucial socio-technical infrastructure, aggregating diverse data from various platforms and, thus, advertising sustainable agriculture and digitalization. Establishing trustworthy data sharing and exchange in agro-food value chains involves socioeconomic and technological elements addressed by the agricultural data space (ADS) and its trust principles. This paper outlines key challenges to data sharing in agro-food chains impeding ADE establishment based on the review of 27 studies in scientific literature. Challenges mainly arise from stakeholders’ mistrust in the data-sharing process, inadequate data access and use policies, and unclear data ownership agreements. In the ADE context, interoperability is a particularly challenging topic for ensuring the long-term sustainability of the system. Considering these challenges and data space principles and building blocks, we propose a set of design principles for ADS design and implementation that aim to mitigate the adverse impact of these challenges and facilitate agricultural data sharing and exchange.
Keywords: data sharing and exchange, agro-food supply chain, design principles, agricultural data space, agricultural data ecosystem
Published in DKUM: 30.11.2023; Views: 373; Downloads: 22
.pdf Full text (948,02 KB)
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Structural topology optimization of the wheel's spokes of NASA's perseverance rover using advanced discretization techniques : magistrsko delo
Jure Trdin, 2023, master's thesis

Abstract: In the space industry, the continuous effort to reduce the weight of structural components is of utmost importance due to the high cost of launching mass into space. Structural analyses and optimizations with numerical methods play a crucial role in achieving this goal by minimizing material usage while ensuring structural integrity. The objective of this dissertation is to implement and demonstrate the accuracy and effectiveness of meshless methods in numerical studies compared to the Finite Element Method (FEM), focusing on designing cost-effective and lightweight components. Through benchmark examples and extensive research on optimal parameters, the accuracy and effectiveness of these methods are established. Furthermore, practical application is demonstrated by optimizing the spoke of NASA's Rover Perseverance wheel, resulting in more optimized structures with significantly reduced mass and lower mechanical stresses. Additionally, analysis of different materials for the wheel's spoke is performed with the aim of further reducing mass and increasing performance. By utilizing structural optimization, this work not only highlights the diverse applications and benefits of integrating structural optimization in the product design phase but also contributes to the ongoing efforts in the space industry to reduce material mass and enhance performance, addressing the challenges associated with launching mass into space while ensuring the adequate structural resistance. Furthermore, this thesis also contributes to the development of the meshless methods in structural optimization, showcasing its effectiveness and potentials.
Keywords: Space technology, Mars Rover, Structural Optimization, Meshless Methods
Published in DKUM: 08.11.2023; Views: 318; Downloads: 24
.pdf Full text (41,26 MB)

Analysis of the influence of parameters when charging and discharging a capacitor using differential equations
Matic Krašovic, Peter Virtič, 2022, original scientific article

Abstract: Two different electrical circuits were analysed in this paper. The first was an RC circuit consisting of a resistor R, a capacitor C, and a DC voltage u, while the second was an RLC circuit consisting of a resistor R, a capacitor C, a DC voltage u and an inductor L. Both circuits were described using the state space mathematical model and, on this basis, graphs for charging and discharging a capacitor were plotted. Both circuits were described using differential equations for electrical current through a capacitor and voltage over a capacitor. Finally, different values of the R (resistance), L (inductance) and C (capacitance) parameters were taken, and graphs were plotted for voltage over capacitor. The purpose of the study was to explore how different values of parameters influence capacitor charging and discharging.
Keywords: RC circuit, RLC circuit, state space, transfer function, differential equations, parameters R, L, C, damping
Published in DKUM: 30.10.2023; Views: 216; Downloads: 8
.pdf Full text (1,20 MB)
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Development of an open-source framework for automatic alignment of KORUZA free-space optical communication system : magistrsko delo
Nejc Klemenčič, 2022, master's thesis

Abstract: This thesis aims to implement an open-source framework for the automatic alignment and tracking of the KORUZA v2 Pro free-space optical solution. Free-space optical systems are explored and current optical alignment and tracking solutions are analyzed. We use Neural Network-based object detection approaches to complement the essential collection of framework functionality. We train a Neural Network to detect KORUZA v2 Pro units with data gathered from currently deployed links. The out-of-the-box solution for automatic alignment and tracking can be freely modified and extended.
Keywords: free-space optics, automatic alignment, neural networks, object detection, open-source framework
Published in DKUM: 14.03.2022; Views: 720; Downloads: 77
.pdf Full text (4,68 MB)

Revitalization and valorization of Onogošt fortress in Nikšić : master thesis
Đina Prnjat, 2021, master's thesis

Abstract: Fortress "Onogošt", known to the public simply as Bedem, is the prominent symbol of Nikšić and a valuable fragment of the cultural and historical heritage of Montenegro. In the past decade the fortress has been renovated several times, aiming to emphasize the value and importance of the old ramparts, as well as to evaluate the spectrum of possibilities of its adaptation in the context of contemporary public city space. These interventions breathed new life into the dilapidated debris, implying its transformation from a warrior fortification into a reclaimed cultural and artistic center of the city. However, this idea never fully flourished, and the current condition of the city fortress is far from imagined- neglected, crumbled and devastated. With the exception of regional music festival “Bedem fest”, a and a few minor manifestations that have only scratched the surface of its enormous potential occasionally in the past decade, there are almost no other active initiatives and this monumental space remains the silent neglected urban pocket in the heart of the city. Although still dominant and crucial in the visual perception of Nikšić, the fortress today represents essential ravaged resource of the city. The purpose of this master thesis is to restore, conserve, reconstruct and repurpose the city fortress by creating an attractive destination inside as well as the outside of the walls, which would be enjoyed by both residents and tourists. The project aims to research the potential and discover the strategy model to restore new life and impose purpose to the rapidly devastating ramparts. The renewal paradigm is researched in the course of three main segments: adaptation, revitalization and repurpose. The project aspires to preserve the existing visual identity of the city walls and raise awareness of rich cultural and historical heritage trough introducing several museums, culture facilities as well as multicultural public spaces, resulting in a prominent landmark of high visibility and the local acropolis in the revived rebranded city.
Keywords: Nikšić, fortress, reconstruction, revitalization, cultural heritage, museum, public space
Published in DKUM: 08.10.2021; Views: 963; Downloads: 99
.pdf Full text (96,88 MB)

Transport and Localization in Classical and Quantum Billiards
Črt Lozej, 2020, doctoral dissertation

Abstract: In this thesis the classical and quantum dynamics in billiard systems are considered. Extensive numerical studies of the classical transport properties in several examples of billiard families including the ergodic Bunimovich stadium and cut-circle billiards and the mixed-type Robnik and lemon billiards are performed. The analysis of the transport is based on the random model of diffusion which assumes that due the strongly chaotic dynamics the motion of the orbit on the discretized phase space is temporally uncorrelated. The cause of the deviations from the random model dynamics is traced to dynamical trapping due to stickiness. A novel approach to locally quantifying stickiness based on the statistics of the recurrence times is presented and applied to distinguish between exponential decays of recurrence times and other types of decays. This enables the identification of sticky areas in the chaotic components. Detailed maps of their structure for a wide range of parameter values, mapping the evolution of the mixed-phase spaces and revealing some particularly interesting special examples are presented. The recurrence time distributions in sticky areas are found to be well described by a mixture of exponential decays. The transport of particle ensembles in the momentum space of classical billiards is described by using an inhomogeneous diffusion model and the classical transport times are determined. The classical transport times are vital for the analysis of the localization of chaotic eigenstates in quantum billiards. The control parameter that describes the the degree of localization of the chaotic quantum eigenstates is the ratio between the Heisenberg time (Planck's constant divided by the mean level spacing) and the classical transport time. Extensive numerical calculations of the high-lying spectra and eigenstates of the stadium, Robnik and lemon quantum billiards are performed. The spectral statistics are analysed in terms of the standard methods of quantum chaos. The level repulsion exponent of localized eigenstates is found to be a rational function of the control parameter. The degree of localization is determined with respect to localization measures based on the Poincaré-Husimi representation of the eigenstates. The mean localization measure is found to be a rational function of the control parameter and linearly related to the level repulsion exponent. The distributions of the localization measures are analysed and found to be of a universal shape well described by a two parameter empirical distribution in billiards with no apparent stickiness. The nonuniversal system specific features of localization measure distributions are related to the presence of sticky areas in the phase spaces of classical billiards with specific examples shown.
Keywords: Transport, localization, chaos, quantum chaos, Hamiltonian systems, level spacing distribution, mixed phase space, billiard, quantum billiard, Husimi functions, stickiness, cantorus, chaotic eigenstates, level repulsion.
Published in DKUM: 13.01.2021; Views: 1467; Downloads: 153
.pdf Full text (24,93 MB)

Prometno-tehničko projektiranje "shared space" prostora primjenom metoda konflikata : magistarski rad
Patricia Blažić, 2020, master's thesis

Abstract: Osnovni uvjet za pravilno prometno-tehničko projektiranje Shared space prostora je pravilna primjena urbanih i infrastrukturnih elemenata i zadovoljavanje parametara za tehničko projektiranje prostora kao rezultat sigurnosne analize primjenom metode konflikata. Ovim magistarskim radom obuhvatit će se sigurnosna analiza primjenom metode konflikata u svrhu pravilnog prometno – tehničkog projektiranja. Sigurnosna analiza sastojat će se od analize specifičnih konflikata korisnika Shared space-a i ozbiljnosti njihovih međusobnih sukoba. Ozbiljnost sukoba ponajviše ovisi o kretanju i ponašanju korisnika. Navedenom analizom ustvrdit će se konfliktne površine i konfliktne točke. Na temelju rezultata određuje se pravilni odabir projektno – tehničkih elemenata u svrhu smanjenja konfliktnih površina i smanjenju ozbiljnosti sukoba. Kroz praktični dio primijenit će se prometno sigurnosna analiza primjenom metode konflikata, analiza kretanja i ponašanja korisnika te analiza ozbiljnosti sukoba. Praktični primjer ovog magistarskog rada bit će rekonstrukcija Vojašniške ulice u Shared space prostor. Karakteristika Vojašniške ulice je neposredna blizina trga i ugostiteljskih sadržaja s jedne strane te šetnica s druge strane. Atraktivnost prostora privlači mnogobrojne posjetitelje različite životne dobi te njihove potrebe. Upravo ta različitost potreba dovodi do učestalih prijelaza pješaka i biciklista na nepredviđenim prijelazima. Navedeno čini predmetnu lokaciju mjestom za opravdanu primjenu Shared space prostora.
Keywords: Shared space, metoda konflikata, projektiranje, parametri, oprema
Published in DKUM: 14.07.2020; Views: 951; Downloads: 59
.pdf Full text (34,68 MB)

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