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The pronunciation of /r/ in English and German as foreign languages in II. gimnazija Maribor : master's thesis
Neli Vuherer, 2024, master's thesis

Abstract: The Master‘s thesis investigates the production of English and German phonemes /r/ in II. Gimnazija Maribor. The students learn English as their first foreign language and German as their second foreign language. In the theoretical part the English, German and Slovenian allophones of /r/ are presented, as well as different phonological processes which concern the pronunciation of /r/. In the empirical part the author presents the research consisting of production test in English and German. Furthermore, the author evaluates the hypotheses and summarizes the results.
Keywords: sound /r/, English, German, phonetics, phonology
Published in DKUM: 04.04.2024; Views: 177; Downloads: 22
.pdf Full text (6,41 MB)

Audio-visual effects of a collaborative robot on worker efficiency
Aljaž Javernik, Klemen Kovič, Iztok Palčič, Robert Ojsteršek, 2023, original scientific article

Abstract: Collaborative workplaces are increasingly used in production systems. The possibility of direct collaboration between robots and humans brings many advantages, as it allows the simultaneous use of human and robotic strengths. However, collaboration between a collaborative robot and a human raises concerns about the safety of the interaction, the impact of the robot on human health, human efficiency, etc. Additionally, research is unexplored in the field of the collaborative robot’s audio-visual effects on the worker’s efficiency. Our study results contribute to the field of studying collaborative robots’ audio-visual effects on the worker’s behavior. In this research, we analyze the effect of the changing motion parameters of the collaborative robot (speed and acceleration) on the efficiency of the worker and, consequently, on the production process. Based on the experimental results, we were able to confirm the impact of robot speed and acceleration on the worker’s efficiency in terms of assembly time. We also concluded that the sound level and presence of a visual barrier between the worker and robot by themselves have no effect on the worker’s efficiency. The experimental part of the paper clearly identifies the impact of visualization on work efficiency. According to the results, the robot’s audio-visual effects play a key role in achieving high efficiency and, consequently, justifying the implementation of a collaborative workplace.
Keywords: collaborative robot, worker efficiency, motion parameters, visual contact, sound, human-robot symmetry, repeated measures ANOVA
Published in DKUM: 11.12.2023; Views: 284; Downloads: 22
.pdf Full text (2,86 MB)
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Determining the speed of sound, density and bulk modulus of rapeseed oil, biodiesel and diesel fuel
Boban Nikolić, Breda Kegl, Saša Marković, Melanija Mitrović, 2012, original scientific article

Abstract: Modern tendencies in the development of diesel engines include the operation of the system for injecting diesel fuel at pressures higher than 100 MPa. Knowing the characteristics of liquid fuels such as speed of sound, bulk modulus and density depending on pressure, is important for predicting the behavior of fuel injection systems for diesel engines and optimization of the same. The paper presents an original method and apparatus (device) for determining the speed of sound and density of fluids depending on the pressures. With this method, values of these characteristics for rapeseed oil, biodiesel and conventional diesel fuel at pressures up to 160 MPa are determined. The method is non-destructive, it can also be applied to higher pressures than 160 MPa, as well as other liquid fluids that are used at high pressure - hydraulic oil, for example.
Keywords: biodiesel, rapeseed oil, speed of sound, bulk modulus, density, high pressure
Published in DKUM: 07.07.2017; Views: 1214; Downloads: 357
.pdf Full text (405,37 KB)
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Petra Čebulj, 2016, master's thesis

Abstract: V magistrski nalogi je predstavljena glasbeno gledališka oblika muzikal: preko začetkov glasbenega gledališča v Grčiji, do prvih celovečernih predstav v Ameriki in do razvoja muzikala od začetka 20. stoletja pa do danes. Poleg zgodovine, se naloga posveča tudi njegovim značilnostim in žanrom. Bolj poglobljeno je predstavljeno sedem izbranih muzikalov, ki so nastali na podlagi resnične zgodbe posamezne znamenite ženske. Ti sicer v osnovi sledijo biografiji posamezne ženske, vendar za potrebe uspešnice in ugajanju publiki in kritikom zgodbe, velikokrat ne vsebujejo pravih podatkov, oziroma so dogodki v muzikalih izmišljeni. Predvsem to velja za ameriške muzikale, kjer je muzikal velik posel in za potrebe uspešnice zgodbe prilagodijo, na drugi strani pa so verjetno Avstrijci in Nemci želeli z muzikalom narediti poklon svojim znamenitim osebam.
Keywords: muzikal, Annie Get Your Gun, Gypsy, The Sound od Music, Funny Girl, Evita, Elisabeth, Marie Antoinette
Published in DKUM: 22.09.2016; Views: 1203; Downloads: 138
.pdf Full text (758,34 KB)

Nataša Stojov, 2016, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: In this graduation thesis Sound Symbolism in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, I will be discussing the possible influence of sound symbolism in the Harry Potter books and sound symbolism in general. he novels are about a boy that is a wizard, who has to fight bad warlock to save the world. In a way it is a classic story between the battle good versus bad. In this thesis I wish to examine whether sound symbolism in the names of characters and objects has influence on reinforcing notions like good, bad, big, small, light, dark etc. In the beginning of the thesis I write about the research in the field done by scholars like Newman and Waugh. I continue with my own research done on sound symbolism. The first part of research discusses consonants and vowels; the second part deals with consonant clusters. The third part is based on whole syllables with emphasis on vowels, and in the final section the names of the main characters in the novels of the Harry Potter series are dealt with. We were primarily interested in three main issues. How informants perceive sounds in terms of bright vs. dark, small vs. big, and good vs. bad. With this research, we wanted to see if the results are comparable with Newman’s and if according to these results, we can detect usage of sound symbolism in the names of the characters in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter. In the last part I wrote about the analysis of the sounds and clusters in these names. I based this analysis on the research. The results show that use of sound symbolism can be observed the creation of the names in the mentioned works. When it comes to whole words, it is difficult to separate sound symbolic from lexical meaning, because they are too closely intertwined. For this reason, I examined also parts of words and single sounds
Keywords: sound symbolism, arbitrariness of the language, Harry Potter, sounds, vowels, consonants, clusters
Published in DKUM: 08.09.2016; Views: 1649; Downloads: 147
.pdf Full text (1,52 MB)

Design and testing of an ultrasound system for targeted spraying in orchards
Viktor Jejčič, Tone Godeša, Marko Hočevar, Brane Širok, Aleš Malneršič, Andrej Štrancar, Mario Lešnik, Denis Stajnko, 2011, original scientific article

Abstract: The research aims to demonstrate the basic system elements of a prototype automated orchard sprayer, which can deliver pesticide spray selectively withrespect to the characteristics of the targets. The contour of the apple tree canopy was detected by ultra sound sensors Prowave 400EP14D and appropriate electronics. Ultra sound signal was processed by a personal computer and fed in real-time to spraying nozzles which open and close in relation to the canopy structure. The current project focuses on developing the system components for spraying an individual tree. The evaluation was performed in field experiments by detecting deposits on leaves and water sensitive papers (WSP). The demonstrated concept of precise application of pesticide sprays supports a decrease in the amount of delivered spray, thereby reducing both costs and environmental pollution by plant protection products.
Keywords: pršilniki, ultrazvok, razporeditev škropiva, sadovnjaki, air-assisted sprayer, ultra sound, algorithm, spray distribution, orchard
Published in DKUM: 10.07.2015; Views: 1339; Downloads: 106
URL Link to full text

Nuša Jeza Milošič, 2012, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: Translation of children's literature is a special challenge. The translator has to take into consideration specific guidelines, reader's expectations and aesthetic measures which are appropriate for the specific age, and at the same time has to face the numerous language barriers that typify children's poetry. Poetry in a wider sense as well as children's poetry contains many elements that could represent a difficulty for the translator. Such elements are rhyme, rhythm, meter and sound figures; the latter are especially frequent in children's literature and children's poetry. One additional challenge for the translator is translation of puns in children's literature which are often culturally determined. Translators, like authors, play an important role in the development of children's literature. Owing to them, young readers across the world know the classic characters of children's literature, such as Pippi Longstocking, Winnie-the-Pooh and others. The purpose of this diploma paper is to investigate whether the Slovene translation of Revolting Rhymes has the same effect among Slovenian readers as the original. By analysing Roald Dahl's work Revolting Rhymes and its Slovene translation, I want to establish the difficulties that a translator encounters when translating children's poetry. Throughout my diploma paper, I do not take sides with any translation school; my goal is to analyse the original and the translation, compare similarities and differences and to provide my own conclusions and solutions. I took into consideration various aspects: meaning, imagery and idiom, tone, translation shifts, elements of poetic language (figures of speech, especially sound figures), lexical categories, fairytale characteristics, meaning of original illustrations etc.
Keywords: translation, children's literature, poetry, Roald Dahl, Kitty M. van Leuven-Zwart, sound figures
Published in DKUM: 12.06.2012; Views: 2885; Downloads: 212
.pdf Full text (1,42 MB)

Analysis of noise sources produced by faulty small gear units
Aleš Belšak, Jurij Prezelj, 2007, original scientific article

Abstract: Noise source vizualization represents an important tool in the field of technical acoustics. There are many different techniques of noise source visualization. Most of them, however, are intended for a specific noise source in a specific type of acoustic environment. Consequently, a certain visualization method can be used only for certain types of noise sources in a specific acoustic environment and in a restricted frequency area. This paper presents a new visualization method of complex noise sources on the basis of the use of an acoustic camera. A new algorithm has been used, which makes it possible to visualize all types of different complex noise sources. Monopole, dipole or quadropole noise sources can be observed simultaneously. It is possible to track a moving noise source by means of an acoustic camera. In addition to that it is possible to observe various transient acoustical phenomena. Through the use in diagnostics, it is possible to define, by means of noise, the condition of mechanical systems at an advance level.
Keywords: gears, failure, noise sources, visualization of noise sources, sound, acoustic analysis, acoustic camera, signal analysis, acoustic image, measurements
Published in DKUM: 31.05.2012; Views: 2162; Downloads: 42
URL Link to full text

The language of advertising slogans
Anita Flis, 2009, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: The aim of this diploma paper was to determine whether different advertising slogans share the same language characteristics, first on the level of individual theme groups and within the individual criteria and then on the level of all analysed slogans. Research sample included 125 randomly chosen advertising slogans which were then classified into five theme groups each one having 25 slogans.. These theme groups were then analysed according to the following criteria: type of clauses, personal pronouns and possessive determiners, forms of figurative language and sound devices, number of words in slogans, and frequently used words. The analysis has shown that advertising slogans do share certain characteristics. These characteristics included the domination of two types of clauses and of personal pronoun you and possessive determiner yours. The majority of analysed slogans was also formed with forms of figurative language and sound devices and did not exceed five words in a slogan. Frequently used words were found mostly on the level of individual theme groups and not that often on the level of all analysed slogans, with the exception of the verb to be and the adjective good with their forms.
Keywords: advertising, advertising slogans, types of clauses, personal pronouns and possessive determiners, figurative language and sound devices, number of words, frequently used words
Published in DKUM: 17.11.2009; Views: 4426; Downloads: 257
.pdf Full text (389,90 KB)

Goran Miljević, 2009, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: Naslov diplomskega dela ni izbran naključno želel sem izboljšati delovne pogoje tako na svojem delovnem mestu kot delovnih mestih svojih sodelacev. Cilji diplomske naloge zmanjšati hrup na sušilnih napravah, izboljšati delovanje sistema in zmanjšati obratovalne stroške. Diplomska naloga je narejena kot knjiga kjer se bralec sproti seznanja z doganjanjem čez celotno delo tako se mi zdi bolj zanimivo za branje in tudi bolj razumljivo. Vsi rezultati so opremljeni s komentarji tako, da bralec dobi občutek kaj se je v trenutku dogajalo. Veliko je bilo raziskovalnega dela kjer so me določene stvari presenetile določene so bile po pričakovanjih glede na teoretično podlago.
Keywords: - Hrup, merjenje hrupa na sušilnih napravah - Merilna metoda - sony sound forge - Vodno- hlajeni elektromotor - Krmilna elektronika
Published in DKUM: 11.02.2009; Views: 2446; Downloads: 260
.pdf Full text (6,48 MB)

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