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Preparation of Au[sub]2S[sub]3 and nanocrystalline gold by sonochemical method
Matjaž Kristl, Mihael Drofenik, 2003, original scientific article

Abstract: We report a new synthesis of ▫$Au_2S_3$▫ by a sonochemical reaction between ▫$Au(CH_3COO)_3$▫ and S in decalin at room temperature in nitrogen atmosphere. When gold acetate is sonicated under similar conditions without the presence of sulfur, nanocrystalline gold is formed. The products were characterised by X-ray powder diffraction, transmission electron microscope and thermal analysis (IG and DSC). The synthesis procedure is substantially simpler than the previously reported methods.
Keywords: sonochemistry, sonochemical reactions, gold, sulfides, sonochemical synthesis, nanostructures
Published in DKUM: 01.06.2012; Views: 1797; Downloads: 43
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