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Daniela Zorli, 2014, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: Abstract: In English language there are more idioms "than you can shake a stick at". Idiomatic expressions can also be found in song lyrics. For foreign listener such idioms are hard to interpret, so I decided to focus my research on the idioms found in popular music. I collected 90 idioms out of 30 most popular songs. The idioms are interpreted and origin of each idiom is examined.
Keywords: Key words: idioms, English language, song lyrics, origin
Published: 27.05.2015; Views: 895; Downloads: 88
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Eda Drmota, 2013, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: The diploma thesis addresses the use of music in teaching English and discusses many aspects of music and language learning. The theoretical part introduces music as an important factor in people's lives and presents reasons for its decisive role in acquiring a foreign language. It also provides a comparison between language and music and their effect on human brains. The attention is paid to songs which are presented as an effective pedagogical tool indispensible especially in young learners’ classroom. The aim of the empirical part is to give insight into the use of songs in current English classrooms by examining six English coursebooks which are used with fourth and fifth graders. The study clarifies the function of songs and analyses their presentation based on chosen criteria which define a good language learning song. My research also focused on pupils and their experience of songs in chosen coursebook. The sample included 124 pupils. The aim was to find out which songs are pupils' favourite and which criteria are the most important to them when choosing a favourite song. The findings of the research have been set in the conclusion.
Keywords: foreign language teaching, early language teaching, English coursebooks, Primary School, music, song, human brains, motivation
Published: 09.05.2013; Views: 1950; Downloads: 233
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Aspects of evil in traditional murder ballads
Victor Kennedy, 2014, original scientific article

Abstract: Traditional, or folk, ballads deal with common themes, often “leaping” over some details of plot and character while “lingering” on others, with the result that songs passed down orally through generations often appear in many variants. This paper will examine several songs from Martin Simpson’s 1976 debut album, Golden Vanity. I will trace their historical origins and argue that even some ancient ballads still speak to audiences today.
Keywords: American literature, ballads, music, song lyrics, Golden Vanity, Martin Simpson
Published: 12.05.2017; Views: 364; Downloads: 198
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