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Improved method for shot particle velocity measurement within a shotblasting chamber
Aleš Hribernik, Gorazd Bombek, 2006, original scientific article

Abstract: This paper presents the application of two axially-spaced impact detecting sensors for correlation-based shot velocity measurement. The sensors were placed directly into the flow of shot particles for sensing the particles' impact. The implementation of cross-correlation for phase shift determination, however, was not an easy task. Several extensive improvements were necessary, before the original measurement system, already presented in this journal in December 2003, was capable of reliable velocity measurements. This paper presents the development of the system and optimisation of its components. The construction of a sensor built from a small microphone encapsulated in a metal housing and placed under a protective shield was optimised for a high ratio of frontal to side impact signal alteration. High vibration damping was also necessary. It was achieved by the combination of a well-weighted design for supporting elements and by a careful selection of used materials. These measures improved the similarity of the signals generated by the particlesć impact, significantly, and allowed the use of cross-correlation. The accuracy of the obtained results increased drastically by the application of cross-correlation, signal filtering was unnecessary and the signal processing was much faster.
Keywords: velocity measurements, shotblasting
Published: 30.05.2012; Views: 1383; Downloads: 85
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Velocity measurements in a shotblasting machine
Aleš Hribernik, Gorazd Bombek, Ivan Markočič, 2003, original scientific article

Abstract: Abrasive shotblasting particles and a high concentration of dust within the closed testing chamber make particle velocity measurement in a shotblasting machine very difficult. The application of non-obstructive optical methods is usually impossible. Robust shields protecting the sensors from abrasion have to be used for contacting velocity measurements and make direct application of capacitive or electrodynamic sensors usually applied in the correlation-based velocity measurements methods not possible. An alternative electronic measurement system has been developed. It has a simple construction and uses low cost elements which can be replaced very quickly and, therefore, no robust shields are necessary. This enables very good mobility and positioning of the sensor along both axis in a cross-section plane of a particle stream. The system has been tested along with a robust mechanical measuring device. The development, operation and application of mechanical and electronic particle velocity measurement system are described in this paper. Experimental results are presented, discussed and both methods are compared.
Keywords: shotblasting machines, velocity measurements, particle velocity, mechanical measuring devices, electronic measuring systems
Published: 01.06.2012; Views: 1140; Downloads: 55
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