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Aleš Trstenjak, 2011, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: The diploma thesis deals with social and moral differences in the plays of George B. Shaw, The Millionairess and The Apple Cart. Both plays deal with society issues, which have caused a growing precipice between classes; however, they also deal with inter-human relationships, pursuit of personal happiness, politics and religion. The characters in both plays are involved in a power struggle; recurrent conflicts between them are depicted with sharp dialogues in comic situations. The prefaces of both plays also play an important role; they give us an insight of Shaw’s opinion and provide an explanation for the behaviour of some characters.
Keywords: society, social classes, morality, inter-human relationships, politics, prefaces
Published: 27.02.2012; Views: 1119; Downloads: 53
.pdf Full text (497,71 KB)

Problem of trust in alliance networks
Władzimierz Sroka, 2011, original scientific article

Abstract: At a time of growing globalization, we can observe the increasing role of cooperative strategies among companies, including alliances, joint ventures, and networks. Trust is one of the most important factors of success for any business activity. It relates especially to alliance networks because it can lower transaction costs, increase productivity and innovativeness, facilitate inter-organizational relationships and resolve conflicts. Therefore the article comprehensively discusses the problems of trust in alliance networks. The conclusion of the text is that trust building in alliance networks has an influence on the effectiveness of the whole network. The text is based on the latest world literature as well as the personal experience of the author in creating effective cooperative network agreements.
Keywords: trust, cooperation, partnership, relationships, alliance networks, opportunism
Published: 10.07.2015; Views: 285; Downloads: 169
.pdf Full text (666,28 KB)
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Impact of disturbing factors on cooperation in logistics outsourcing performance
Andreja Križman, Anton Ogorelc, 2010, review article

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to present the research results of a study conducted in the Slovene logistics market of conflicts and opportunism as disturbing factors while examining their impact on cooperation in logistics outsourcing performance. Relationship variables are proposed that directly or indirectly affect logistics performance and conceptualize the hypotheses based on causal linkages for the constructs. On the basis of extant literature and new argumentations that are derived from in-depth interviews of logistics experts, including providers and customers, the measurement and structural models are empirically analyzed. Existing measurement scales for the constructs are slightly modified for this analysis. Purification testing and measurement for validity and reliability are performed. Multivariate statistical methods are utilized and hypotheses are tested. The results show that conflicts have a significantly negative impact on cooperation between customers and logistics service providers (LSPs), while opportunism does not play an important role in these relationships. The observed antecedents of logistics outsourcing performance in the model account for 58.4% of the variance of the goal achievement and 36.5% of the variance of the exceeded goal.
Keywords: logistics outsourcing performance, logistics customer–provider relationships, conflicts and cooperation in logistics out- sourcing, PLS path modelling
Published: 02.06.2017; Views: 336; Downloads: 50
.pdf Full text (676,90 KB)
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Strategies and programs for managing stress in work settings
Sonja Treven, 2005, original scientific article

Abstract: In the paper the author first defines the term stress as well as presents the economic consequences of stress. Then she describes the factors within the work environment and the factors without the work environment that may cause stress. In particular, she examines the individual differences that influence our inclination to stressors and also how to manage them efficiently. Besides,the strategies and programs developed in organizations as an assistance to their employees for easier stress control are discussed widely as well.
Keywords: stress, working conditions, strategy, programs, work performance, working relationships
Published: 04.07.2017; Views: 356; Downloads: 69
.pdf Full text (498,42 KB)
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Information-communication technology (ICT) in our lives
Milan Pagon, Uroš Bizjak, 2009, original scientific article

Abstract: Relationships among different aspects of romantic relationship quality, the usage of information and communication technologies (ICT), characteristics of a relationship, demographics, and personality were examined on a sample of 407 students in the Republic of Slovenia. The findings suggest that the most important factor in determining the quality of a romantic relationship is companionship (joint activities of a romantic couple). Romantic couples who generally spent more time in joint activities also spent more time using ICT in maintaining their romantic relationship. The usage of ICT in a romantic relationship itself does not influence the quality of that relationship. The general usage of ICT, however, deteriorates the quality of the romantic relationship. Once we take into account the impact of companionship, personality variables do not provide any unique contributions to romantic relationship quality.
Keywords: information-communication technology, romantic relationships, interpersonal relationships, personality
Published: 30.11.2017; Views: 508; Downloads: 63
.pdf Full text (1,80 MB)
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Social networks as a medium for establishing long-term relationships between customers and brands
Matija Županić, 2018, master's thesis

Abstract: Social networks have become a big part of our everyday life. They have shaped our everyday lives, the way we communicate, express ourselves and the way we think. The main idea of this research is to explore and show to what extent and in what way do social networks facilitate the promotion of brands among younger users/audience, and what is their role in building a long-term relationship between the customer and the brand
Keywords: social networks, branding, establishing relationships between a costumer and a brand
Published: 26.06.2018; Views: 279; Downloads: 49
.pdf Full text (2,24 MB)

The impact of nurses` emotional intelligence on effective nursing leadership: a narrative literature review
Patricija Lunežnik, 2019, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: Introduction: The interest of this diploma work was to find out, how emotional intelligence of nurses influences effective nursing leadership in order to improve patient care and working conditions for nurses. Methodology: A descriptive working method with a systematic approach of searching the literature was used. International databases CINAHL, MEDLINE, Web of Science, ASSIA and PsycINFO were searched, covering the period from January 2009 to April 2019. Prisma was used for reporting evidence in a narrative review. Articles were screened by title, abstract and full text. Results: 406 records were identified through the database search, 18 records were identified manually. After removing the duplicates, 350 records were identified and screened by title. 89 records were screened by abstract and 36 records by full text. Suitable articles (n = 15) were analysed according to the aim, methodology, sample and results. They were also evaluated regarding hierarchy of evidence and the narrative review was made. Discussion: We discovered that there is an important link between effective leadership and emotional intelligence. Good emotional intelligence reduces stress, promotes effective communication and improves performance. Developing high emotional intelligence may be the most important part of effective leadership, which is essential in nursing and critical for optimizing costs, access and quality of health care.
Keywords: job performance, job satisfaction, motivation, burnout, interpersonal relationships
Published: 18.11.2019; Views: 193; Downloads: 103
.pdf Full text (1,33 MB)

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