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How public relations impact on a company's effectiveness
Damjana Jerman, Goran Vukovič, Bruno Završnik, 2008, original scientific article

Abstract: The role of public relations is dealing with the identification of organization's strategic public and developing communications programs for building solid, open and trusting relations with them. Many companies have taken a limited view of the impact that public relations can have on company's overall effectiveness. This paper consists of two parts: the theoretical framework for the role of public relations in the overall effectiveness of the company and an empirical analysis based on the primary data collected. We classified and analyzed different public relations factors (i.e. factors related to managing and implementing public relations) that influences the effectiveness of the company. We explored the correlation between public relations and a company's effectiveness and argued that public relations factors play a critical role in that effectiveness. We used linear regression and we found a significant linier relationship between the independent variable (public relations) and the dependent variable (company effectiveness).
Keywords: public relations, public relations function, company's effectiveness, strategy, public relations agency
Published: 30.11.2017; Views: 562; Downloads: 235
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Analysis of public relations in an international non-profit organisation: example organisation Board of European Students of Technology
Dominik Ivančan, 2017, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: This thesis aims to analyse the state of public relations inside an international student organisation, namely the “Board of European Students of Technology”, while also providing a communications strategy based on the performed analysis. In it, we research the theory behind public relations, strategic communication, branding and marketing, which we then use to perform said analysis and create a communication strategy proposal. We explore terms such as strategic communication, public relations, and the public, along with the internal and external environment of the organisation. In order to create an efficient strategy, we also define terms such as goals, objectives and actions – and use them accordingly.
Keywords: public relations, strategic communication, analysis, student organisation
Published: 24.10.2017; Views: 751; Downloads: 75
.pdf Full text (1,17 MB)

Exploring the role of business social networking for organizations
Damjana Jerman, Bruno Završnik, 2015, original scientific article

Abstract: This article explores the relationship between communication, with the emphasis on public relations, and social network perspectives. What, then, does social networking for business mean in communication, particularly in public relations? This paper argues that business social networking play an important role in improving organizations communications. The goal of our paper is to identify the basic characteristics of social networks and its role for public relations for the effective implementation of social networking initiatives and tools in the workplace. Business social networking tools such as Facebook and LinkedIn are being used by organizations to reach the corporate objectives and to create a positive company image. Specific social networks, such the personalised networks of influence, are perceived to be one of the main strategic resources for organizations.
Keywords: internal communication, business social networking, public relations
Published: 06.07.2017; Views: 695; Downloads: 280
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