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Does undergraduate education influence teachers' perceptions of learning and teching? : the case of the Republic of Slovenia
Milena Ivanuš-Grmek, Marija Javornik Krečič, 2008, original scientific article

Abstract: In the first part of the paper, different models of teacher education are presented and analysed: the pre-technocratic model or the model of training master craftsmen; the technocratic model or the model of applied science; and the post-technocratic model or the reflexive model. In the second part of the paper, the results of the empirical research are presented. The aim of the empirical research was to determine the influence of undergraduate teacher education on teachers' perceptions of learning and teaching and, consequently,on teachers' actions. In Slovenia, teachers' education was carried out following two main models: the pre-technocratic model or model of training master craftsmen, which was typical for the Academy of Education, and the technocratic model or the so-called model of applied science, which is used at the education faculties nowadays. Because of this dualism in teachers'education models, there exist differences between teachers and their perception and actions as well.
Keywords: education, teacher education, models od education, perception, professional development, teaching profession
Published: 07.06.2012; Views: 1194; Downloads: 60
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Teacher educator's professional development
Marija Javornik Krečič, Eva Konečnik Kotnik, 2014, original scientific article

Abstract: This study examines the stages of teacher educators’ professional development. In a framework based on the literature on teacher professional development, we focus especially on the stages/levels of teacher educators’ professional development. The Results of an empirical study conducted at the University of Maribor in February 2012 indicate that there are no differences between the stages of professional development of teacher educators and non- teacher educators.
Keywords: teacher's education, professional development
Published: 21.12.2015; Views: 604; Downloads: 45
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Multilingualism - a new aspect of teacher's professional development
Katica Pevec Semec, Saša Jazbec, 2018, original scientific article

Abstract: Multilingualism is an important element in the life of modern people, and a relevant topic of professional, scientific and political discussion. This paper will shed light on theoretical aspects of multilingualism: past and present concepts of multilingualism, the advocacy for and the promotion of multilingualism in the EU, as well as multilingualism in educational discourse, and teachers' professional development. The next section focuses on a project that puts multilingualism into practice in a creative manner and can thus be seen as a role model in this field of work. The paper pays special attention to the teachers who work within the framework of multilingualism, and to their new roles, distinctly different from the traditional teacher role. The concept of multilingualism as established and realized by the project covers multilingualism at the border of three countries, three languages and three educational systems and could be used as a model for other similar practices.
Keywords: multilingualism, teachers, professional development, educational systems
Published: 23.04.2018; Views: 461; Downloads: 214
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