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Nexus between manifest motor indicators and fluid intelligence in prepubertal boys
Jurij Planinšec, 2006, original scientific article

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate the correlation between manifest motor indicators and the fluid intelligence of boys. The sample comprised 550 boys aged 10 to 14. A battery of 26 tests was used for measuring motor performance. Intelligence testing was implemented with the test TN-20. A multiple regression analysis indicated that association between motor variables and fluid intelligence exists. The closest connection was the one between fluid intelligence and motor tasks which demand the coordination of movement in rhythm and the speed of movement. The associations between motor performance and fluid intelligence were age dependent: in 12 year old boys the connection between motor variables and fluid intelligence is the highest, followed by 14 year old boys, where it is a little lower; the connection is the lowest in 10 year old boys. The results suggest that developmental changes have a significant influence on the relations between motor performance and fluid intelligence.
Keywords: motorika, motorične sposobnosti, motorične aktivnosti, dečki, predpubertetno obdobje, motorics, motor abilities, motor performance, fluid intelligence, connection, boys, prepubertal period
Published: 10.07.2015; Views: 366; Downloads: 13
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Exploring the impact of energy efficiency technologies on firm performance
Marc Pons, Andrea Bikfalvi, Josep Llach Pagès, Iztok Palčič, 2012, published scientific conference contribution

Abstract: The objective of this paper is firstly to map the adoption of the technologies for reduction of energy and resources consumption in production and, second, to verify the relationship between their implementation and the performance of the firm. The aim is also to contribute to the identification and understanding of the characteristics of the manufacturing firms that use this kind of innovative technologies in order to help policy makers to promote this strategic field in a suitable manner. Our suggested models give rise to explain how significant energy efficiency is, and how much of the variability in economic performance and environmental performance indicators can it explain.
Keywords: energy efficiency, economic performance, environmental performance
Published: 10.07.2015; Views: 458; Downloads: 10
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Multi-objective optimization of automated storage and retrieval systems
Tone Lerher, Matjaž Šraml, Matej Borovinšek, Iztok Potrč, 2013, original scientific article

Abstract: The multi-objective optimization of automated warehouse is discussed and evaluated in present paper. Since most of researchers in material handling community had performed optimization of decision variables with single objective function only (usually named with minimum travel time, maximum throughput capacity, minimum cost, etc.), the multi-objective optimization (time-cost-quality) will be presented in present research. For the optimization of decision variables in objective functions, the method with genetic algorithms is used. The main objective of our contribution is to determine the performance of the system according to the multi-objective optimization technique.
Keywords: automated warehouses, performance, multi-objective function, optimization
Published: 10.07.2015; Views: 337; Downloads: 27
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Can marketing resources contribute to company performance?
Borut Milfelner, Vladimir Gabrijan, Boris Snoj, 2008, original scientific article

Abstract: The study investigates the relationships between market orientation, innovation resources, reputational resources, customer related capabilities, and distribution based assets, as well as their impact on market and financial performance. The results indicate that market orientation is indirectly related to a company's market and financial performance through other four marketing resources. Reputational resources have a positive impact on loyalty, market share, and sales volume, while the impact of innovation resources on market share and sales volume is rather indirect through customer loyalty. While the customer related capabilities significantly impact customer loyalty their impact on market share and sales volume can not be confirmed. On the other side the distribution based assets are weakly related to loyalty and market share and sales volume. General findings indicate that selected marketing resources impact financial performance indirectly through the creation of customer loyalty and directly through market share and sales volume.
Keywords: market orientation, innovation resources, reputational resources, customer related capabilities, distribution- based assets, organizational performance
Published: 10.07.2015; Views: 438; Downloads: 107
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Načrtovanje avtomatiziranih regalnih skladiščnih sistemov z uporabo simulacijskega postopka
Iztok Potrč, Tone Lerher, Janez Kramberger, Matjaž Šraml, 2004, original scientific article

Abstract: V prispevku je predstavljen simulacijski model avtomatiziranega regalnega skladiščnega sistema z enojno pomično in večpomičnimi mizami. Glavni namen predstavljene raziskave je določitev zmogljivosti sistema z večpomičnimi mizami, glede na sistem z enojno pomično mizo. Slednje pomeni glavni delež in pomoč pri postopku načrtovanja avtomatiziranega regalnega skladiščnega sistema. Povečanje pretočne zmogljivosti transportno-skladiščnih enot je mogoče z uporabo sistema z večpomičnimi mizami, glede na sistem z enojno-pomično mizo. V inženirski praksi se največkrat uporablja sistem z enojno pomično mizo, ki temelji na dvojnem delovnem krogu, medtem ko sistem z večpomičnimi mizami temelji na štirikratnem in šestkratnem delovnem krogu. Problem se pojavi pri uporabi ustrezne upravljalne strategije, za zagotovitev pogoja o najmanjših vožnjah regalnega dvigala. V ta namen smo uporabili posebno domiselno metodo, poimenovano "Strategija x", ki razvrsča zaporedje skladiščnih in odpremnih zahtev, z namenom po minimizaciji povprečnega časa vožnje regalnega dvigala. Za ovrednotenje domiselne metode s sistemom večpomičnih miz smo uporabili tehniko diskretnih numeričnih simulacij. Rezultati simulacijske analize so pokazali očitno povečanje pretočnih zmogljivosti sistema z večpomičnimi mizami v primerjavi s sistemom enojne pomične mize.
Keywords: transport systems, high storage racks, automated warehousing, discrete event simulation, storage operation, performance analysis
Published: 10.07.2015; Views: 597; Downloads: 20
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Managerial coaching model and the impact of its activities on employee satisfaction and company performance
Petra Venišnik, Sonja Treven, Polona Tominc, 2014, original scientific article

Abstract: The article tries to answer the research question: What is the potential additive effect on employee satisfaction and overall company performance when using managerial coaching model and its activities? The purpose of the article has been to form a model of managerial coaching and of the influence of its activities on employee satisfaction and overall company performance based on theory review and field study results. We have confirmed the two main hypotheses and all the secondary hypotheses with two empirical studies, one focused on the managers and the other on the employees. The topic is of practical value and it will help managers in Slovenia and abroad to understand the effect of the activities of coaching on employee satisfaction and overall company performance.
Keywords: coaching, employee satisfaction, company performance, management, model
Published: 21.12.2015; Views: 548; Downloads: 40
.pdf Full text (125,85 KB)
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Sustainable refurbishment of Martin Konšak Primary School in Maribor
Hristijan Babuka, 2016, master's thesis

Abstract: The thesis tends to present a comprehensive approach for sustainable refurbishment of primary schools, treating Martin Konšak Primary School in Maribor as a case study. The first part provides theoretical framework in which understanding of the sustainable refurbishment of schools is formed. Moreover, energy-efficient and sustainable principles of design are introduced. The following part deals with detailed analysis of the existing school. The investigation extends from site analysis - climate conditions, orientation, and urban context - to school building analysis, which includes an overview of the history and the current situation of the school, architectural evaluation, and energy analysis, resulting in summarizing the advantages and disadvantages of the existing building. The final part synthesizes the knowledge and proposes a final design solution for sustainable refurbishment of the school. The refurbishment concept involves renovation or demolition of particular elements and extension of the building's volume. Furthermore, it covers energy-efficient design principles and passive and active strategies to reduce energy consumption of the building and improve its environmental performance. The thesis concludes with simulations of building's energy use before and after the refurbishment.
Keywords: sustainable refurbishment, sustainable school, school refurbishment, architecture, energy efficiency, thermal envelope, energy performance.
Published: 23.09.2016; Views: 939; Downloads: 143
.pdf Full text (136,70 MB)

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