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European projects as a good practice of providing more opportunities for people with disabilities in sports tourism
Katja Čanžar, 2022, independent scientific component part or a chapter in a monograph

Abstract: Due to its important effects on individuals and society as a whole, sport is a fundamental right. Sports activities are not evenly distributed across all social categories. As disabled sports participants comprise a small share of the total, and as most public funding for sports in Slovenia falls on the shoulders of local communities, municipalities are forced to develop programs for these groups. Sports tourism is characterized by rapid and dynamic development. As an opportunity for municipalities we describe below an example of good practice in ensuring the accessibility of sports and recreation for people with disabilities in local communities through European projects. We also found that possibilities for people with disabilities in sports tourism are an increasingly important issue and that the field is developing. European and national policies dictate universal accessibility, which, however, is linked to the cost of architectural remodelling
Keywords: sports tourism, people with disabilities, European projects, municipality of Brežice, opportunities for the disabled
Published in DKUM: 17.01.2024; Views: 121; Downloads: 8
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41st International Conference on Organizational Science Development: : Society’s Challenges for Organizational Opportunities: Conference Proceedings
2022, proceedings of peer-reviewed scientific conference contributions (international and foreign conferences)

Abstract: The four decades of the International Scientific Conference on the Development of Organizational Sciences are a period that brought together the academic and professional public, students, esteemed guests. The time and space are fundamental components of human life. The time of the epidemic introduces uncertainty among the people. That is why the individual of today together with the whole society, can set the building blocks for the social interweaving of society, as we are used to. We are an organization of people. Relationships between employees in organizations are the starting point for guidelines for the development of organizational sciences. This year’s conference is entitled “Values, Competencies and Changes in Organizations”. We’ll focus on the individual and the organization, which with common values co-create the integration and progress of the society. An individual who’ll cope with changes in the organizational view and the wider society with the proper competence frame. Precisely because of the many changes that have befallen us as a society, the international conference calls for the exchange of views, opinions and, above all, scientific views on the development of organizations in the future.
Keywords: organization, challenges, opportunities, society
Published in DKUM: 31.03.2022; Views: 1096; Downloads: 143
.pdf Full text (15,24 MB)
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Cultural foundations of female entrepreneurship in Mexico : challenges and opportunities
Martha Cantú Cavada, Vito Bobek, Hazbo Skoko, Anita Maček, 2018, original scientific article

Abstract: This paper analyses possible challenges and opportunities that Mexican female entrepreneurs face during the establishment of new enterprises. Based on in-depth interviews with female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship experts, authors researched opportunities in the form of governmental and non-governmental institutional support, growing entrepreneurship, social awareness and women empowerment. However, lack of credibility, fear of vulnerability to criticism and social pressure are some challenges associated with gender egalitarianism. In such, the authors proved that Mexican culture impacts women in some ways more than the others. Institutional collectivism was the cultural dimension with higher positive impact on women, followed by gender egalitarianism with a neutral to positive impact and the power distance with a neutral influence on women.
Keywords: female entrepreneurship, culture, Mexico, challenges, opportunities
Published in DKUM: 03.05.2018; Views: 1543; Downloads: 206
.pdf Full text (764,53 KB)
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The exploitation and opportunities of turism potential of regions lagging behind in South-Transdanubia
Mónika Berki, János Csapó, 2006, original scientific article

Abstract: If we have a look at the „negative regions” or in other words the regions lagging behind in Hungary we can distinguish between external and internal peripheries. The external peripheries are associated with border areas, the internal ones with agricultural activities. In these micro regions unemployment rate is above the national average, income position is below the average, the share of foreign capital and entrepreneurial activity is low. Those micro regions facing the problems of bordering areas can be found at almost every bordering areas except for the western region, while the ones facing the sectoral problems of agriculture dominated areas (internal peripheries) can be highlighted in South-Transdanubia (Baranya, Somogy and Tolna counties), or North East Hungary (Hajdúság). Most of these regions though are rich in natural and cultural resources (national parks, protected natural areas of course due to their bordering function they have not been disturbed by economic activities) which may offer opportunities for tourism. The appearing problems of development include the poor infrastructure of the towns and villages, the higher than average ratio of poverty ridden residential areas and the low standard of community services and public utilities. In our study we chose two micro regions with characteristic features to demonstrate the problem on a micro regional level.
Keywords: lagging regions, tourism potential, opportunities, exploitation
Published in DKUM: 02.03.2018; Views: 1175; Downloads: 96
.pdf Full text (340,56 KB)
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