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Awareness of cloud computing in Slovenian and Croatian micro-enterprises
Borut Werber, Marina Klačmer Čalopa, Igor Pihir, Anja Žnidaršič, 2015, original scientific article

Abstract: This paper presents a comparison of the two studies conducted in Slovenian and Croatian micro-enterprises (µE) about the awareness of the cloud computing (CC). We were interested in the issues relating to the characteristics of µE and the latter's use of information and communication technology (ICT) in business processes. Also, the characteristics of owners and µE were investigated. We found that the results obtained in the two countries were similar. In both cases, the most important CC characteristics were reliability, security and performance. Given that CC could represent a good business opportunity for µE, some managerial implications are proposed.
Keywords: comparison, cloud computing, cloud computing services, micro-enterprise
Published: 03.08.2017; Views: 258; Downloads: 42
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An analysis of corruption in microenterprises
Mladen Tomašič, 2009, original scientific article

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to present the research work made whilst studying the presence of corruption in the operations of Slovenian micro-enterprises. Our study builds on research which we carried out in 2005 and compares the findings of both studies. We wish to present our findings to public experts for a professional assessment and provide a basis for further work. We hope that in this way we can contribute to the development of new guidelines for the preparation of further analysis, the causes and elimination or at least limitation of corruption in business operations. Notable studies, which address corporate corruption in Slovenia, are non-existent. The results have confirmed the basic research hypothesis that the presence of corruption in the micro-business environment compared to a previous study in the last five years has increased.
Keywords: micro-enterprise, micro-entrepreneur, corruption, corruptness
Published: 28.11.2017; Views: 185; Downloads: 138
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A comparison between conventional triaxial and plane-strain compression on a particulate system using 3D DEM
Mahmud Sazzad, Kiichi Suzuki, 2012, original scientific article

Abstract: Granular materials such as sand are subjected to different stress paths depending on the in-situ conditions. For example, a granular system under the foundations experiences conventional triaxial compression (CTC), while it experiences plane-strain compression (PSC) in the case of the embankment of roads. Due to the difference in the stress paths, the behavior of granular materials also becomes different. This paper aims at comparing the behavior of granular materials under CTC and PSC conditions using the 3D discrete-element method (DEM). An isotropically compressed dense sample consisting of 8000 spheres was prepared numerically using periodic boundaries. The CTC and PSC tests were simulated using the same isotropically compressed dense sample to compare and explore the macro- and micro-mechanical responses of granular materials without any bias from the initial fabric of the numerical sample. Qualitatively, the simulated stress-strain responses are consistent with that observed in the experimental studies. The dilatancy index is found to be independent of the stress paths used in the present study. The b value (defined as b = (σ2 − σ3)/(σ1 − σ3) where σ1, σ2 and σ3 are the stresses in the x1 -, x2 - and x3 - directions, respectively) - axial strain curve has a close similarity with the stress ratio - axial strain curve for the PSC test. The evolution of the coordination number and the sliding contact fraction is independent of the stress paths. A link between the macro- and micro-quantities is observed and a unique macro-micro relationship is noticed, regardless of the stress paths applied in this study.
Keywords: conventional triaxial compression, plane-strain compression, micro response, DEM
Published: 13.06.2018; Views: 256; Downloads: 28
.pdf Full text (257,70 KB)
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Micro-scale responses of granular materials under different confining pressures using the discrete element method
Mahmud Sazzad, 2016, original scientific article

Abstract: Biaxial compression tests were carried out on assemblies of ovals to study the micro-scale responses of granular materials under different confining pressures using the discrete element method (DEM). A total of 8450 ovals were generated in a rectangular frame without any overlap. Four dense samples were prepared from the initially generated sparse sample under different confining pressures. The simulated results yield a stress-straindilatancy behaviour similar to that observed in sands under different confining pressures. The evolution of the different microparameters and their inter-relationships are established. When the confining pressure is relatively high, the difference between the coordination number and the effective coordination number is very small; however, the difference is apparent for a low confining pressure. The microtopology of the granular assembly at several important states of shear is also reported. It is noted that the topological distribution of the granular materials is confining- pressure dependent. The normalized void-cell number is a minimum under the lowest confining pressure, whereas the same number is a maximum under the highest confining pressure. A linear relationship is observed between the normalized void-cell number and the effective coordination number, regardless of the confining pressures. The evolution of the deviatoric fabric for different confining pressures is measured and the macro-micro relationship is presented.
Keywords: microstructures, confining pressure, fabric, microtopology, coordination number, macro-micro relationship
Published: 15.06.2018; Views: 305; Downloads: 21
.pdf Full text (440,72 KB)
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Vizualizacija procesa preoblikovanja s krmilnikom in mikro zaslonom
Bojan Vidovič, 2018, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: Diplomsko delo opisuje avtomatizacijo in vizualizacijo elektropnevmatskega sistema z mikro krmilnikom ter mikro zaslonom na dotik. Predstavljeni so tako postopki programiranja in vizualizacije procesa kakor tudi uporabljena strojna oprema Siemens S7-200 ter Micro Panel – SIMATIC TP 177micro. Pričujoče delo opisuje tudi povezave z resničnim sistemom, različne možnosti uporabe programske opreme SIMATIC WinCC Flexible Advanced in težave, s katerimi se lahko pri uporabi srečujemo, poleg tega pa še programski paket STEP 7-Micro/WIN, uporabljen za programiranje krmilnika. Po korakih so predstavljene tudi informacije ter postopki, potrebni za konfiguracijo programov in strojne opreme ter povezavo med njimi.
Keywords: PLK, HMI, elektropnevmatski sistem, STEP 7-Micro/WIN, Siemens SIMATIC S7-200, Siemens SIMATIC WinCC flexible Advanced, Micro Panel – SIMATIC TP 177micro.
Published: 26.09.2018; Views: 230; Downloads: 47
.pdf Full text (2,34 MB)
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