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Intelligent interface in a flexible production environment
Igor Drstvenšek, Ivo Pahole, Miha Kovačič, Jože Balič, 2005, original scientific article

Abstract: The paper describes a universal postprocessor initially intended to translate NC code for non-standard NC controllers. By adding arithmetic modules and connecting it to the technological database (TDB) it's functionality is broaden to a wider range of production planning problems, such as quick calculations of costs, evaluation of production possibilities and disposability of tools, etc. Thus, an automation tool is gained that enables its user to participate in a virtual manufacturing market and quickly and effectively evaluate jobs offered.
Keywords: production technology, virutal manufacturing, postprocessing, NC interface, CAM
Published: 01.06.2012; Views: 953; Downloads: 56
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Strategic management of advanced manufacturing technology
Krsto Pandža, Andrej Polajnar, Borut Buchmeister, 2005, original scientific article

Abstract: The aim of this paper is threefold. First, it discusses the role of advanced manufacturing technology (AMT) within a strategic management context of a manufacturing organisation. Resource-based view is presented as a useful theoretical school for understanding strategic management of AMT. Second, a brief case from a manufacturing organisation is provided to illustrate the debate. In the reported case study, the relevant mechanisms for understanding capability accumulation process and the role of AMT within this process are depicted. Third, a framework of resources and capabilities is proposed in order to increase applicability of presented theoretical ideas.
Keywords: flexible manufacturing technology, strategic management, organisational capabilities, rosource-based view, case study
Published: 01.06.2012; Views: 1013; Downloads: 67
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Analysing energy and material saving technologies' adoption and adopters
Iztok Palčič, Marc Pons, Andrea Bikfalvi, Josep Llach Pagès, Borut Buchmeister, 2013, original scientific article

Abstract: The main objective of this paper is to map the adoption of technologies for energy reduction and resources consumption in production. The aim is also to contribute to the identification and understanding of the characteristics of the manufacturing firms that use these kinds of energy and material saving technologies. Our research is based on data from the largest European manufacturing survey to date and it includes data from Spain and Slovenia. The results show that the use of specific energy saving technologies and material saving technologies in manufacturing firms is still modest. Dividing manufacturing firms based on technology intensity sectors and based on their relative energy efficiency we have concluded that firms in high technology industries focus less on energy efficiency than low technology firms. Some other specific relationships between the use of energy efficient technologies and adopters' characteristics (e. g. use of environmental management systems) are presented in this paper.
Keywords: energy efficiency, manufacturing firms, energy saving technology, material saving technology, European manufacturing survey
Published: 21.12.2015; Views: 576; Downloads: 67
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