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Self-assessment system : detrimental effects on entrepreneurial and innovative activity
Mitja Kovač, Patricia Kotnik, 2015, original scientific article

Abstract: Efficient regulatory mechanisms that induce innovation, co-operation and deter competition law infringements have recently been the subject of growing attention. Competition is essential to the innovation process which in general terms enables entrepreneurship. But so too is co-operation between firms which requires an exchange of information and may lead to inefficient collusive behaviour. The optimal trade-off between the provision of stable entrepreneurial incentives and the new European competition law’s reform with the self-assessment system has been largely missing from the current scholarly debate. This paper identifies the unintended, harmful horizontal side effects of this new European self-assessment system upon the entrepreneurial activity, offers a legal evaluation of the optimal entrepreneurial incentive mechanisms and provides legal and entrepreneurial arguments for an improved regulatory response.
Keywords: Slovenia, pravo, insolvency, legislation, competition policy, information exchange, entrepreneurship, innovation, self-assessment system
Published in DKUM: 02.08.2018; Views: 502; Downloads: 61
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Towards a virtual product model
Andrej Tibaut, Danijel Rebolj, 2003, original scientific article

Abstract: Today, many researchers working on the information management process in construction recognise the problem of modelling complex product-related data structures. Furthermore, many experts doubt whether an all-inclusive-product-model is a solution for an integrated information environment that should efficiently support the life cycle of a product. It seems that rich experiences in product modelling gathered during the last decade do not necessarily lead to better models but rather to the awareness the more complex the product models are, the more rgid and less usable they become in practice. The paper first summarises some deficiencies of complex product models and then introduces a new conceptual solution, called "virtual product model", which is based on the on the decomposition of a conventional product model. The concept investigates the dissharmony in the structure and semantics of distributed (virtual) parts by applying agent technology and then the tuple space communication model.
Keywords: gradbeništvo, gradnja objektov, informacijska tehnologija, informacijski sistemi, baze podatkov, integracija, management informacij, upravljanje znanja, izmenjava podatkov, produktni modeli, virtualni produktni modeli, civil engineering, building construction, information technology, information systems, databases, integration, information management, knowlege management, data exchange, product models, virtual product models
Published in DKUM: 10.07.2015; Views: 1776; Downloads: 80
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Ivica Labaš, 2011, bachelor thesis/paper

Abstract: V diplomskem delu je v osnovi zajeto delovanje prenašanja podatkov v poslovnem informacijskem sistemu MoonLight Business System. Na kratko je predstavljeno programsko okolje in uporabljene tehnologije. Zapisane so primerjave in osnove formatov za prenašanje podatkov in sicer XML, CSV in JSON. Na praktičnih primerih sta predstavljena XML in CSV. Za oba formata je zapisan primer uvoza in izvoza podatkov. Glede na to, da je poslovni sistem povezan z večimi podatkovnimi bazami je potrebna njihova sinhronizacija.
Keywords: business information system, MoonLight Business System, XML, CSV, JSON, data base, data exchange, C#, WPF, object
Published in DKUM: 19.09.2011; Views: 1790; Downloads: 125
.pdf Full text (4,01 MB)

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