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Factors affecting reading speed measurements of coloured web pages
Miro Gradišar, Tomaž Turk, Iztok Humar, 2010, original scientific article

Abstract: Most of web-based systems use a fashion-driven graphical user interface design which does not necessarily provide the readers with high reading performance of colour variations of text and background. Many studies addressed this problem but none of them succeeded in offering complete and conclusive results in form of reading performance table which could be used in practice. The aim of this paper is to find reasons for these incomplete results. In our research, we firstly analyzed different experiment designs described in the literature and proposals for further research. Consequently, we tried to find an improved design and carried out an experiment involving 270 students who tested 30 web-safe colour combinations. However, our experiment also did not reveal statistically significant differences in reading speed. Therefore the multidimensional scaling (MDS) method was performed to show that the speed of reading cannot be described as a one-dimensional problem.
Keywords: informatics, information systems, information retrieval
Published: 30.11.2017; Views: 385; Downloads: 246
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Analysis of increased information technology outsourcing factors
Franc Brcar, Boris Bukovec, 2013, original scientific article

Abstract: The study explores the field of IT outsourcing. The narrow field of research is to build a model of IT outsourcing based on influential factors. The purpose of this research is to determine the influential factors on IT outsourcing expansion. A survey was conducted with 141 large-sized Slovenian companies. Data were statistically analyzed using binary logistic regression. The final model contains five factors: (1) management’s support; (2) knowledge on IT outsourcing; (3) improvement of efficiency and effectiveness; (4) quality improvement of IT services; and (5) innovation improvement of IT. Managers immediately can use the results of this research in their decision-making. Increased performance of each individual organization is to the benefit of the entire society. The examination of IT outsourcing with the methods used is the first such research in Slovenia.
Keywords: informatics, information technology, outsourcing, business process
Published: 28.11.2017; Views: 550; Downloads: 261
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Ligand-based virtual screening interface between PyMOL and LiSiCA
Athira Dilip, Samo Lešnik, Tanja Štular, Dušanka Janežič, Janez Konc, 2016, original scientific article

Abstract: Ligand-based virtual screening of large small-molecule databases is an important step in the early stages of drug development. It is based on the similarity principle and is used to reduce the chemical space of large databases to a manageable size where chosen ligands can be experimentally tested. Ligand-based virtual screening can also be used to identify bioactive molecules with different basic scaffolds compared to already known bioactive molecules, thus having the potential to increase the structural variability of compounds. Here, we present an interface between the popular molecular graphics system PyMOL and the ligand-based virtual screening software LiSiCA available at http://insilab.org/lisica-plugin and demonstrate how this interface can be used in the early stages of drug discovery process.
Keywords: LiSiCa, PyMOL, informatics, applications
Published: 27.06.2017; Views: 519; Downloads: 268
.pdf Full text (1,26 MB)
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Computer-informatics literacy and possibilities of computing extra-curricular activities
Ivan Gerlič, 2008, original scientific article

Abstract: The following article analyzes some of the results of investigation ĆPresent State and Trends of Using Computers in Slovenia Primary and Secondary SchoolsĆ. This work is elaborated by the author every two years for Ministry of education and sport and national project ĆInformatization of Slovenian Educational SystemĆ. Article analyzes some didactic criteria of teaching computer science and first of all performing computing extra-curricular activities at primary, secondary and boarding schools in sense of improvement on computer - informatics literacy.
Keywords: education, learning media, edecational technology, information technology, communication technology, use of computers, informatics literacy
Published: 07.06.2012; Views: 1687; Downloads: 19
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