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Analysis of the inclusion of ecological topics in the curricula of Slovenian elementary and general grammar schools
Dejan Zemljak, Maja Kerneža, 2023, professional article

Abstract: Learning and teaching are undergoing continuous transformations, encompassing not only changes in methods and approaches but also an increased emphasis on novel content. In recent decades, environmental education has gained significant importance. Therefore, we examined the extent to which ecological topics are incorporated into the curricula of Slovenian elementary schools and general grammar schools. A systematic analysis of the curricula of the majority of subjects was conducted, with a focus on the representation of ecological themes in primary and secondary education and the extent to which knowledge differs and complements between these educational levels. The findings indicate that the subject of ecology is addressed in most subjects at the elementary and secondary levels, albeit with certain variations. The content logically complements and builds upon each other throughout the observed educational continuum. Furthermore, suggestions for future research are provided.
Keywords: curricula, ecology, elementary schools, inclusion, general grammar schools
Published in DKUM: 09.05.2024; Views: 58; Downloads: 1
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Applicative economic geography in general grammar school in Slovenia
Eva Konečnik Kotnik, 2011, original scientific article

Abstract: Within the contribution "Applicative Economic Geography in General Grammar School in Slovenia", the selection of learning objectives in the syllabus for geography in general grammar school in Slovenia are presented. The selection of objectives relates to economic geography. This article presents the results of generic comparative analysis of learning objectives within the framework of the quoted substantive area of syllabi, which have been issued during the period from the emergence of Slovenia as an independent state (1992, 1998 and 2008). We present here the results of the evaluation of quoted learning objectives from the viewpoint of social needs and, respectively, the applicability of the quoted learning objectives, as well as the results of the evaluation of current learning objectives from the viewpoint of teaching practice in the general grammar school on the part of teachers of geography in the general grammar schools.
Keywords: šolska geografija, ekonomska geografija, gimnazije, Slovenija, geographical education, economic geography, grammar schools, Slovenia
Published in DKUM: 10.07.2015; Views: 1546; Downloads: 85
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