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Smart software instant reminder for interpersonal communication in foreign country
Dejan Pukšič, 2013, original scientific article

Abstract: Traveling to foreign countries is not a privilege of social elite these days and communication is the basic tool for business. Internet and contemporary schools curriculums have enable us to communicate in global language - English. But for those who is going to reside in other country for longer period of time some basic communication in resident country language is necessary. Every year a lot of foreign students come to our university as student exchange and these are not the only ones. For a period of one semester they do not only study but want to see the country and local tradition. Different language courses are offered and a lot of foreigners attend them. Huge amount of information often overwhelm them and some kind of smart instant reminder is much appreciated. We have attended multiple courses and analyse the most needed topics for smart instant reminder and how make it efficient for foreigners. A software program for portable devices is developed and helps as two ways assistant. It provides language and speech remindersince pronunciation is pinnacle of problems in ourlanguage.
Keywords: vzgoja in izobraževanje, učenje jezika, ečenje tujega jezika, razvoj programske opreme, language learning, m-learning, foreign language communication, software development, software requirements
Published: 10.07.2015; Views: 437; Downloads: 10
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Darko Crepulja, 2015, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: V diplomskem delu je predstavljena povezava SharePoint portala s SQL Server poslovno inteligenco. Najprej sem želel predstaviti potek namestitev vseh potrebnih programskih orodij, ki sem jih potreboval za delo. Nato sem raziskal in primerjal različne metode poslovne inteligence ter nadaljeval z ustvarjanjem Excelovih storitve. Nato sem ustvaril večdimenzionalno kocko kot analitično storitve, ki sem jo kasneje uporabil za ustvarjanje poročila. Vse primerke sem nato še integriral s SharePoint okoljem. Izhajal sem predvsem iz znanja pridobljenega ob praktičnem preizkušanju metod.
Keywords: SharePoint 2013, portal, poslovna inteligenca, SQL Server 2012, Business Intelligence Development Studio, analitične storitve, excelove storitve
Published: 28.09.2015; Views: 546; Downloads: 70
.pdf Full text (3,14 MB)

Development of a web application for dynamic production scheduling in small and medium enterprises
Davorin Kofjač, Andrej Knaflič, Miroljub Kljajić, 2010, original scientific article

Abstract: This article describes the development of a web-based dynamic job-shop scheduling system for small and medium enterprises. In large enterprises, scheduling is mainly performed with appropriate technology by human experts; many small and medium enterprises lack the resources to implement such a task. The main objective was to develop a cost-effective, efficient solution for job-shop scheduling in small and medium enterprises with an emphasis on accessibility, platform independence and ease of use. For these reasons, we decided to develop a web-based solution with the main emphasis on the development of an intelligent and dynamic user interface. The solution is built upon modular programming principles and enables dynamic scheduling on the basis of artificial intelligence, i.e. genetic algorithms. The solution has been developed as a standalone information system, which allows the management of virtually all scheduling activities through an administration panel. In addition, the solution covers the five main functionalities that completely support the scheduling process, i.e. making an inventory of resources available in the company, using it in the process of production planning, collecting data on production activities, distribution of up-to-date information and insight over events in the system.
Keywords: dynamic job-shop scheduling, genetic algorithms, web application development
Published: 10.07.2015; Views: 708; Downloads: 241
.pdf Full text (674,01 KB)
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The influence of tourism on the development of the Rogaška Slatina health resort
Uroš Horvat, 2001, original scientific article

Abstract: Avtor na primeru zdraviliškega kraja z dolgoletno tradicijo obravnava učinke turizma na razvoj in ustroj naselja, ki se je sredi 19. stoletja razvilo v enega najpomembnejših turističnih krajev v Sloveniji, nato pa z razvojem industrije in drugih mestotvornih dejavnosti še okrepilo svojo vlogo v razmeroma manj razviti pokrajini. V prvem delu so prikazane faze razvoja zdravilišča ter značilnosti turističnega obiska v Rogaški Slatini. Povdarjena je odvisnost od turističnega povpraševanja in ponudbe, pa tudi od spreminjajočih se ekonomskih, socialnih in političnih razmer. V drugem delu je predstavljen demografski, gospodarski in prostorski razvoj naselja. Ker je Rogaška Slatina gospodarsko polifunkcionalen turistični kraj, je povdarjen vpliv zdraviliško-turistične in industrijske dejavnosti na razvoj in sestavo delovnih mest, dinamiko prebivalstvene rasti ter ekonomsko sestavo prebivalstva in gospodinjstev. Opredeljene so posamezne funkcijske cone v Rogaški Slatini, zlasti tiste, v katerih sta turizem in rekreacija poglavitni obliki rabe prostora.
Keywords: geography, geography of tourism, tourism, tourist development, tourist sites, health resorts, Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia
Published: 10.07.2015; Views: 706; Downloads: 19
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Development of the Next Generation Open Hardware 3D Printer Troublemaker
Blaž Bratuš, 2015, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: The development of the next generation of 3D printer Troublemaker is described in this project. Since their first development Troublemakers have been in operation for more than a year and we have decided that some design features should be improved. All the design features and parts of the original Troublemaker had to be evaluated and improved or replaced if necessary. All the 3D modelling was done parametrically in SolidWorks. The Troublemaker 3D printer has open-source hardware design and all the documentation will be freely available to anyone.
Keywords: development, 3D printer, Troublemaker, additive manufacturing, 3D printing, open source, open hardware
Published: 27.10.2015; Views: 1031; Downloads: 96
.pdf Full text (3,70 MB)

E-learning within the framework of the Czech university system
Milan Klement, Jiří Dostál, 2013, review article

Abstract: During the last few years, e-learning has become an integral part of tertiary education systems, not only within the framework of blended, but, to an increasingly larger extent, also of full-time study modes, accredited and implemented at Czech universities. However, along with its large-scale deployment, a number of problems have emerged, which resulted in the formulation of new research hypotheses. Among the most important ones are those regarding the influence of e-learning on the quality of education, the efficient ways of motivating and mobilizing students, and the creation and development of particular competences. There are many external, as well as internal influencing factors, acting more or less covertly, to a greater or lesser intensity. It is highly desirable to identify, describe, analyze, and minimize or maximize their influence in order to prevent them from having a massive negative impact, conditioned by fashion trends, on the quality of tertiary education.
Keywords: e-learning, e-learning development, learning theories, information and communication technologies, Bologna declaration
Published: 21.12.2015; Views: 372; Downloads: 45
.pdf Full text (728,22 KB)
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Teacher educator's professional development
Marija Javornik Krečič, Eva Konečnik Kotnik, 2014, original scientific article

Abstract: This study examines the stages of teacher educators’ professional development. In a framework based on the literature on teacher professional development, we focus especially on the stages/levels of teacher educators’ professional development. The Results of an empirical study conducted at the University of Maribor in February 2012 indicate that there are no differences between the stages of professional development of teacher educators and non- teacher educators.
Keywords: teacher's education, professional development
Published: 21.12.2015; Views: 635; Downloads: 50
.pdf Full text (96,73 KB)
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Green Business - A Business of Sustainability
Žan Kokalj, 2016, bachelor thesis/paper

Abstract: Sustainability practices and sustainable development have been in close relation with human beings for a long time. This thesis aims to present historical aspects of sustainable development throughout the time, along with numerous green business ideas and green organizations presentations. From hunter-gatherers to ancient civilizations to fossil fuel era, historical review consists of connections between people from different times and places. Whilst moving from history to the present, the thesis offers insight in terms of green and sustainability-related definitions that help in understanding the idea behind terms such as green businesses, sustainable development, eco-innovations, green products, green consumer, green marketing, greenwashing, green certification, and carbon offsets and carbon credits. For better understanding of the related theoretical approaches, the thesis also offers a wide range of green business ideas such as green building and urban planning, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy sourcing, sustainable forestry, green transportation, green hair salon, green gym, green wedding planning, green cleaning services, recycling and waste management, and sustainable brewing. The benefits, issues and risks that green businesses are dealing with are also described. Green practices nowadays are represented by many individuals and organizations, of which some are also included in the research part of this thesis. 32 organizations have been interviewed and provided valuable data that was used in creating a brand new sustainability model, called ‘Path to sustainability’, which aims to connect vital sustainability fragments together in a wholesome system, along with connections between related fragments. Besides the model, the thesis also provides an overview of issues and restrictions that oppose sustainable development.
Keywords: sustainability, sustainable development, green business, green building, renewable energy
Published: 02.02.2016; Views: 776; Downloads: 99
.pdf Full text (29,62 MB)

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