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Lossless Compression of High-frequency Intervals in Digital Audio : bachelor's thesis
Ivan Benc, 2022, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: In this Thesis, an algorithm for lossless audio compression in a time domain is developed and implemented. The algorithm is designed to estimate the signal frequency based on the number of local extremes, and adapts the encoding to the estimated high or low- frequency intervals. As possible adaptations, fitting line segments, quadratic Bézier curves to the signal, and dictionary compression are examined. Residuals are encoded with delta encoding and compressed with binary adaptive sequential coding. The difference in the proportions of line segments and curves used in the high and low-frequency intervals have been detected, but this is not significant enough for this kind of interval discrimination to be meaningful in the current design of the algorithm.
Keywords: lossless audio compression, delta encoding, binary adaptive sequential coding, greedy method
Published in DKUM: 07.11.2022; Views: 617; Downloads: 49
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