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Olena Ivanyk, 2013, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: We may observe reflections of a particular culture from different prospectives. One of such perspective is the culture of consumption. The easiest way to understand it is to take a deeper look into forms and methods of advertising within it. The main purpose of this graduation thesis is to uncover and analyze differences that appear as a result of translating text advertisements from English to Slovene. Special emphasis is put on additional meaning that appears in target language as a result of translation and the meaning that was lost due to translation. Theoretical foundation of this work consists of one of the works written by A. L. Becker - Beyond Translation: Essays towards a Modern Philology (1995) – in which he introduces to us notions of meaning exuberances and deficiencies that appear in target language text as a result of the process of translation. Another work that contributed to the theoretical basis is the Textbook of Translation, written by P. Newmark (1988), which describer translation techniques and principles upon which the analytical part of the final thesis was made. The empirical part investigates the translation of English advertisements into Slovene, taking into account the translational shifts which are due to differences in language in culture. The comparative analysis between English and Slovene written advertisement texts also includes the translation of certain language devices on the level of sentence as well as on the level of text. As a theoretical foundation about advertising, works written by Myers - World of Ads (1994) - and G. Cook - Discourse of Advertising (1992) were of great value. Both authors approach advertisement texts as a reflection of a particular society's characteristics. They also consider language as such to be the main tool in achieving the effect of persuasion on potential consumers.
Keywords: Advertising, deficiency, exuberance, adaptation, figurative language, vagueness of meaning, culture.
Published: 17.07.2013; Views: 1399; Downloads: 82
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