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Spatial coherence resonance in excitable biochemical media induced by internal noise
Marko Gosak, Marko Marhl, Matjaž Perc, 2007, original scientific article

Abstract: We show that in a spatially extended excitable medium, presently modelled with diffusively coupled FitzHugh-Nagumo neurons, internal stochasticity is able to extract a characteristic spatial frequency of waves on the spatial grid. Internal noise is introduced via a stochastic simulation method and is the only agent acting on the system. Remarkably, the spatial periodicity is best pronounced at an intermediate level of internal stochasticity. Thus, the reported phenomenon is an observation of internal noise spatial coherence resonance in excitable biochemical media.
Keywords: noise, spatiotemporal noise, intensity, spatial resonance, spatial coherence resonance, excitable media, excitable biochemical media, neuronal dynamics, internal noise
Published: 07.06.2012; Views: 953; Downloads: 52
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Proximity to periodic windows in bifurcation diagrams as a gateway to coherence resonance in chaotic systems
Marko Gosak, Matjaž Perc, 2007, original scientific article

Abstract: We show that chaotic states situated in the proximity of periodic windows in bifurcation diagrams are eligible for the observation of coherence resonance. In particular, additive Gaussian noise of appropriate intensity can enhance the temporal order in such chaotic states in a resonant manner. Results obtained for the logistic map and the Lorenz equations suggest that the presented mechanism of coherence resonance is valid beyond particularities of individual systems. We attribute the findings to the increasing attraction of imminent periodic orbits and the ability of noise to anticipate their existence and use a modified wavelet analysis to support our arguments.
Keywords: chaotic systems, spatial resonance, coherence resonance, nonlinear systems, noise, spatial dynamics, mathematical models, bifurcation diagrame
Published: 07.06.2012; Views: 1360; Downloads: 63
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Autapse-induced multiple coherence resonance in single neurons and neuronal networks
Ergin Yilmaz, Mahmut Ozer, Veli Baysal, Matjaž Perc, 2016, original scientific article

Abstract: We study the effects of electrical and chemical autapse on the temporal coherence or firing regularity of single stochastic Hodgkin-Huxley neurons and scale-free neuronal networks. Also, we study the effects of chemical autapse on the occurrence of spatial synchronization in scale-free neuronal networks. Irrespective of the type of autapse, we observe autaptic time delay induced multiple coherence resonance for appropriately tuned autaptic conductance levels in single neurons. More precisely, we show that in the presence of an electrical autapse, there is an optimal intensity of channel noise inducing the multiple coherence resonance, whereas in the presence of chemical autapse the occurrence of multiple coherence resonance is less sensitive to the channel noise intensity. At the network level, we find autaptic time delay induced multiple coherence resonance and synchronization transitions, occurring at approximately the same delay lengths. We show that these two phenomena can arise only at a specific range of the coupling strength, and that they can be observed independently of the average degree of the network.
Keywords: neuronal dynamics, autapse, coherence resonance, scale-free network
Published: 23.06.2017; Views: 395; Downloads: 239
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