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Leadership and managerial challenges to ensure agile management as a method to enable business success : a Delphi study of the Slovenian health organisations
Vasja Roblek, Vlado Dimovski, Kristjan Jovanov Oblak, Maja Meško, Judita Peterlin, 2024, original scientific article

Abstract: Purpose This study aims to apply the Delphi method to explore the possibilities for implementing agility management concepts in Slovenian health-care organisations. Design/methodology/approach The research is based on a qualitative Delphi study encompassing 15 employees in different Slovenian health-care organisations. Findings Slovenian health-care organisations need to be more agile currently. For this reason, it is necessary to begin with organisational changes and organisational learning concepts to educate employees about the meaning and content of agile processes. It is essential to ensure that accepting employee mistakes and offering help to employees becomes normal practice, and it is necessary to ensure the greater trust of the management towards the employees. Originality/value The research empowers health-care professionals with new management and leadership concepts, such as agile management, sustainable leadership and leadership development methods in health care.
Keywords: entrepreneurship, leadership, company performance, business efficiency, agile management, delphi study, health-care organisations, organisational transformation, Slovenia, change management, health services sector
Published in DKUM: 08.04.2024; Views: 193; Downloads: 9
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The role of logistics in enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of a company
Uroš Kramar, 2016, independent scientific component part or a chapter in a monograph

Abstract: Logistics is all around us and has a significant impact on the activity of each of us although we are not always aware of this. Its role and definitions have changed over time and have increased in step with technological development and globalization. Nevertheless, only after the Second World War did it become a subject of academic research. Logistics has become a fundamental part of almost every economic activity. Through conceptual research and a detailed literature review, we will search for links between logistics and the effectiveness and efficiency of a company through utility and competitive advantage.
Keywords: logistics, business logistics, efficiency, effectiveness, economic utility, companies
Published in DKUM: 09.05.2018; Views: 1143; Downloads: 97
.pdf Full text (812,14 KB)
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The analysis of barriers in succession processes of family business with the use of grey incidence analysis (Polish Perspective)
Ewa Więcek-Janka, Rafał Mierzwiak, Joanna Kijewska, 2016, original scientific article

Abstract: The article presents results of research on the identification and evaluation of barriers faced by successors in family businesses during the first process of succession. The analysis of empirical material used grey systems theory, which was considered as an equivalent for the analysis of small samples and qualitative research. While conducting the literature review and empirical study, the authors concentrated on (a) the identification of barriers in the development of family firms and (b) eliciting the perspective of the new generation of owners in family firms entering the succession process through an empirical analysis of the assessed level of risk in relationships with family and business.
Keywords: family business, company performance, business efficiency, leadership, ownership, family, risk, research, grey incidence analysis, grey system theory
Published in DKUM: 14.11.2017; Views: 1425; Downloads: 394
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The impact of strategic management schools and strategic thinking on the performance of Croatian entrepreneurial practice : doctoral dissertation
Lara Jelenc, 2008, doctoral dissertation

Abstract: This doctoral dissertation deals with two quite self-understanding concepts of strategic management - strategic thinking and schools of strategic management and their impact on the financial results in large Croatian firms. Strategic management school is a concept that represents the dominant paradigm of the top managers’ point of view on the process of strategic management. I suggested a new classification of the schools of strategic management based on two criteria- the role of the top manager in the process and time horizon: Classical school, Environmental school, Competitive school and Contemporary school. First, each school is individually presented and supported by ideas and contributions of different leading researchers and the critical overview of these contributions. Strategic thinking is an under-researched concept that is at the very heart of strategic management. No matter how many methods, tools, and techniques top managers use, none of them could replace strategic thinking. Due to the difficulties in articulating the cognitive character of strategic thinking, it is very elusive to define, measure, train or learn how to think strategically. ...
Keywords: Croatia, entrepreneurship, enterprises, management, manager, strategic management, business efficiency, knowledge
Published in DKUM: 28.05.2012; Views: 2899; Downloads: 125
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