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Sleeping beauties in pediatrics
Jernej Završnik, Peter Kokol, 2016, short scientific article

Abstract: Sleeping beauties (SBs) in science have been known for few decades; however, it seems that only recently have they become popular. An SB is a publication that ‘‘sleeps’’ for a long time and then almost suddenly awakes and becomes highly cited. SBs present interesting findings in science. Pediatrics research literature has not yet been analyzed for their presence, and 5 pediatrics SBs were discovered in this research. Their prevalence was approximately 0.011%. Some environments or periods are more ‘‘SB fertile’’ than others: 3 of 5 SBs were published in the journal Pediatrics, 4 originated from the United States, and 4 were published in the period from 1992 to 1993. No institutions or authors published more than 1 SB.
Keywords: pediatrics, paediatrics, scientific literature, citation, sleeping beauties, bilbliometrics, citation analysis, publications, research
Published: 07.08.2017; Views: 615; Downloads: 248
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The complexity of porous structure of building materials
Marko Samec, 2011, dissertation

Abstract: This thesis seeks to establish the link between the structure (in a topological sense) of porous space and charged particle dynamics in porous matter, specifically in constituent elements of sustainable building materials such as clay, cement and soil. The work done is a combination of experimental research and modelling of analysed data using advanced and expanded network models to model pore structure and generalized conductivity model. The main outcome of this doctoral thesis is the demonstration that there is a correlation between the large scale structure of the pore space and the properties of the motion of charged particles through the pore space. This was achieved by conducting two experiments: the structure of pore space of selected porous materials (soil samples, clays, cements, clay-cement mixtures) was investigated using state-of-the-art X-ray computed microtomography, while the dynamics of charged particles in the samples was probed using low-frequency dielectric spectroscopy. The research done and described in the thesis is directed towards the advancement of understanding the transport phenomena and the structure of porous media which is of paramount importance for solving problems in building physics dealing with moist transport in building's envelope, the building-ground interaction, and in transport of contaminants in the vicinity of the repositories where the transfer of moist through soil can be the source of contamination.
Keywords: porous matter, clay-water system, hydrating cement, fractional dynamics, dielectric response, X-ray computed tomography, image analysis, complex network
Published: 11.05.2011; Views: 3744; Downloads: 173
.pdf Full text (34,69 MB)

Product development simulation with multicriteria analysis
Tomaž Kostanjevec, Andrej Polajnar, Metka Kostanjevec, 2009, original scientific article

Abstract: Effective product development rests on a productćs design ability to create a positive product experience. This involves complex transformation of product information from customers to engineers to production to sales and back to customers. This work presents the concept of simulating the development of a new product. The multicriteria analysis of product development in a multi-dimensional space is being used. Based on simulation, the model shows in which direction the product will be developed on the basis of existing information. In the set multi-dimensional space, in which each observation parameter has a designated polar dimensional in terms of dependence on time, development on the basis of selected products is simulated. In an innovative way and in the case of sanitary fittings, simulation of the development of a new product in the early stages of design ideas is shown.
Keywords: product development, simulation, multicriteria analysis, multidimensional space
Published: 31.05.2012; Views: 1523; Downloads: 110
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Barbara Lapuh, 2011, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: Diploma thesis consists of two major parts, theoretical and empirical. In the theoretical part slang is represented in general. Slang is a special form of colloquial language, which has a special vocabulary and consists of new expressions or old expressions with new or different meaning. These expressions are formed with standard wordformational forms, e.g. compounding, derivation, onomatopoea, etc. Slang can, with time, become a part of standard language, it can be popular for some time and then be forgotten or stay slang forever. There are many kinds of slang and they are: family, children, youthful, general slang, slang in journalism and tabloid prints. American slang is very popular and is intelligible or used by the majority of American population, however it is not accepted as a formal usage. Slang is mostly used by men and the most popular slang expressions are connected to food. New York contributed to a great extent to slang about big cities and slang in general. The empirical part contains some basic information about the author J.D.Salinger and his work The Catcher in the Rye. Very important part of the empirical part is a chart which contains all the slang expressions from the novel and their definitions. Beside each slang expression there are also all the translations which can be found in both Slovene translations of the novel. Important is also the analysis of slang expressions and some of the most interesting examples or ideas on how some slang expression could be translated more accurately.
Keywords: The Catcher in the Rye, slang, comparison, Slovene translations, analysis
Published: 29.02.2012; Views: 3107; Downloads: 279
.pdf Full text (2,44 MB)

Is Jamie Oliver still "easy peasy" in Slovene?
Metka Lovrin, 2011, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: The thesis aims to determine what are the idiolectal features from selected cookbooks by Jamie Oliver (The Naked Chef, Happy Days with the Naked Chef and Jamie’s Ministry of Food), and how they were rendered into Slovene by Oliver’s translators—Novak and Zupančič. As a theoretical basis, it relies on Koller’s three-stage model of analyzing the original and the translation. The thesis also confronts the problems that arise from the cultural differences between Slovene and British culture, which is nowadays fairly unknown in the (American) globalized world. Specific lexical items are layered into independent categories in the form of concentric circles to denote quantity, significance and interconnection. Within these layers, I devoted myself to specific analysis of expressions under the influence of word-formation, pop culture, gender specific language, onomatopoeia, phonetic symbolism, deliberate inaccuracy, comparison, informal and colloquial language, and creative instances such as “the icky factor”, “childish intimacy” and “the Peter-Pan-syndrome”. Furthermore, a translation is always subjected to the translator’s own idiolect; so, the research also takes this factor into consideration.
Keywords: Jamie Oliver, Luka Novak, Tadej Zupančič, idiolect, cookbook, comparative analysis, translation
Published: 18.11.2011; Views: 2612; Downloads: 204
.pdf Full text (5,72 MB)

A comparative analysis of adjectives in the novel The Great Gatsby and the historical text A History of Women
Jasmina Romanić, 2011, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: The theme of this graduation thesis is a comparative analysis of adjectives in the novel The Great Gatsby and the historical text A History of Women. The purpose was to theoretically define and classify adjectives according to position, formation, grading, and semantic grouping; and to use this theory for a comparative analysis. Therefore, the main structure of theoretical part of the thesis is based on Biber’s Grammar of spoken and written English, and Blaganje’s Modern English Grammar. The principal object was to find out differences between adjectives in literary and non-literary texts, in this case between the novel The Great Gatsby and the historical text A History of Women. The results showed that in the selected sample of seven pages of both texts there are 51% more adjectives in The Great Gatsby than in A History of Women, and that in both texts attributive adjectives predominate. A History of Women has 1% more of attributive adjectives than The Great Gatsby. The research was carried out manually, while the statistical results are shown in graphs made by a computer. The methods used in thesis are the descriptive method and causal non-experimenting method.
Keywords: position of adjectives, formation of adjectives, grading of adjectives, semantic grouping of adjectives, a comparative analysis of adjectives in The Great Gatsby and A History of Women
Published: 28.02.2012; Views: 2418; Downloads: 154
.pdf Full text (1,28 MB)

Marjetka Cvetko, 2012, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: The study of translation is very young and has no unified theory. There is no uniform definition of an ideal translation. Aspects affecting translation are too numerous to consider them all. Up to the present many sciences have influenced its development and theory to a great extent, they changed, added to it and improved it. Text linguistics contributed to translation too, refuted the concept of a sentence-for-sentence or even word-for-word translation and focused on treating a text as a whole. This young discipline changed the perspective of text analysing, it moved from focusing on text producing, style or text type to its structure, it analyses genres, the elements texts are constructed of and the ties linking them into logical, whole units. Another approach to text analysing developed within the framework of systemic functional linguistics referred to as discourse analysis that investigates textuality according to linguistic resources such as reference, repetition conjunction etc. creating cohesive ties between linguistic items (Martin, 1992:3; Halliday and Hasan, 1995:2-4). In this graduation thesis reference to human participants was researched in theory and practice using the example of a text in English and its Slovene translation and the results show that the knowledge of differences or resemblances in achieving cohesion in English and Slovene can contribute to better translating between those two languages and makes it easier for the reader or receiver of the translation to understand it in one’s mother language.
Keywords: translating, text, text linguistics, discourse analysis, cohesion, reference, participant identification
Published: 12.06.2012; Views: 1958; Downloads: 155
.pdf Full text (428,06 KB)

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