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Climate change adaptation models in Slovakia
Marián Gogola, Daniela Durcanska, Marta Hocova, 2016, independent scientific component part or a chapter in a monograph

Keywords: climate change, climate change adaptation, climate change projections, Slovakia
Published in DKUM: 11.05.2018; Views: 1709; Downloads: 90
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Infrastructure planning and environmental protection : case study of Slovakia
Marián Gogola, Daniela Durcanska, Marta Hocova, 2016, independent scientific component part or a chapter in a monograph

Keywords: infrastructure planning, environmental protection, air pollution, transportation, traffic, emissions, Slovakia
Published in DKUM: 10.05.2018; Views: 8336; Downloads: 87
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Gender gap in Slovakia : selected problems of education and career
Katarína Danielová, Viliam Lauko, 2016, original scientific article

Abstract: The article focuses on the gap between women education and their career. Women’s education has significantly increased in a few last years, but their position on the labour market has been more difficult in comparison with men. The share of economical active women and also the share of working women with higher education have been growing till the present time. However, it is questionable how do women use their higher education in career or whether they can build even some career. We have used the data from Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic and some problems have been presented in the area of Slovakia on the level of regions (kraje).
Keywords: gender gap, education, career, Slovakia, leaky pipeline
Published in DKUM: 17.04.2018; Views: 1371; Downloads: 114
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Sociological survey of the current status and nature conservation in relation to the development of tourism in the cadastral of Tatranská Lomnica
Michaela Ližbetinová, 2014, review article

Abstract: The main part of the cadastral of Tatranská Lomnica belongs to the Tatra National Park. The activity of humans is limited there because nature is protected by law. This is the first time there will be building of new accommodation and sport facilities, especially after November 2004 when was severe wind damage in the Tatra region. In this thesis we focus on the opinions of respondents on the current state of the environment and its protection in the municipalities of the cadastral Tatranská Lomnica in relation to the present tourist business development.
Keywords: Slovakia, Tatra, national parks, nature protection, regional development, tourism
Published in DKUM: 16.04.2018; Views: 1002; Downloads: 85
.pdf Full text (202,01 KB)
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Population aging and changes in the age structure of Slovakia
Slavomír Bucher, 2012, original scientific article

Abstract: The age group structure of the population in the districts of Slovakia was highlighted by means of an analysis of the three big age groups: 0 – 19 years, 20 – 64 years and 65 years and older. The paper reports on the development of the characteristics of the burden carried by the productive population in consequence of the demographic ageing of population in the conditions of the Slovakian regions. The main task of the paper was the identification the tendencies in age structure of Slovak population. Statistical methods and mathematics proceeding are used to compare different parameters age structure (e. g. index of ageing, youth dependency ratio etc.). That can be the ageing process as well as the forming of the population age structure considered as a demographical phenomenon with a fairly high degree of complexity. The results of the study will enhance the knowledge about demographic characteristics of Slovakia and therefore might be useful for further research in the field.
Keywords: age structure, Slovakia, pre-productive population rate, population ageing
Published in DKUM: 10.04.2018; Views: 1027; Downloads: 72
.pdf Full text (1,81 MB)
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The development of unemployment in NUTS II region of Eastern Slovakia
Radomír Babiak, Martin Rosič, 2011, original scientific article

Abstract: Eastern Slovakia belongs to the most undeveloped NUTS II regions of the European Union. This region reaches high level of the unemployment rate, what together with the low production of GDP per capita forms unfavourable living conditions for its inhabitants. This article studies the development of the unemployment rate and the partial structures of unemployment in the region. It identifies key factors which affect the unemployment. It turns the attention to the potential of the region in the fight against the unemployment, from the point of view of its macro-regional and meso-regional position in the European space. It identifies specific subregions within the Eastern Slovakia and analyses its intraregional disparities in the context of labour market stability.
Keywords: Eastern Slovakia, unemployment, unemployment rate
Published in DKUM: 04.04.2018; Views: 975; Downloads: 106
.pdf Full text (663,44 KB)
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Application of the Huff's probability model on selected large-area retail units in Košice in the context of transformational changes in retail after 1989 in Slovakia
Jana Fertal'ová, Pavol Varga, 2007, original scientific article

Abstract: After 1989 there have been rather significant qualitative and spatial changes in retail trade network in Slovakia. The behaviour of trader as well as consumer is changing. Supranational trade networks with their large hypermarkets are penetrating our trade. In last four years the share of hypermarket shopping in Slovakia has increased more than twice, and the share of small shops and counter shops is decreasing despite the fact that they keep the highest average annual shopping frequention. Hypermarkets continuously make a profit of new customers.
Keywords: retail, shopping behaviour, Slovakia, hypermarket, retail store, intensity of attendance, accessibility area of attendance, the Huff´s probability model
Published in DKUM: 13.03.2018; Views: 1025; Downloads: 120
.pdf Full text (407,98 KB)
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Stanislav Okorn, 2012, master's thesis

Abstract: The main purpose of this master thesis was it, to figure out the market position of the Gorenje brand and his main rivals Bosch, Zanussi, Whirlpool and Miele on the Czech, Slovakian, Austrian, Slovenian and Croatian market of household appliances. Firstly branding, brand awareness, positioning and fundamental psychological knowledge in respect to consumer awareness were explained. Afterwards the survey was made. Lastly the analysis and the report of the research were committed. Positioning is a marketing strategy which focuses on a creation of a unique image. The effort should distinguish itself from the offers of the competition to be truly exclusive. Especially among inexperienced consumers brand awareness is of crucial importance. In regard to branding, it can be said that developing a decade- long brand identity can be a very positive situation, to put higher prices due to the tradition on a certain market. Many brands from the 19.and the beginning of 20. century are still existing and performing very well. If we compare the 5 household appliances markets between themselves, then major dissimilarities were visible in the research. The geographical distance cannot be the primary cause of this diverse condition. Language barriers preclude any real spiritual interchange among ordinary people of happening in large extent. Hence the German-speaking Austrians favor German brands, and Slovenians and Croatians prefer Gorenje, due to their common history and similar language. The respondents do not think that any of the brands is of low quality. In the field of consumer perception it could be acknowledged that a brand having the best quality and at the same time offering the cheapest price does not exist in any of the researched markets. Such expectations are also not realistic. In every economical sector brands with higher reputation of quality try to set higher prices, to make by this means higher profits possible.
Keywords: branding, brand awareness, positioning, psychological approach to consumer awareness, Gorenje, Bosch, Zanussi, Miele, Whirlpool, household appliances, research, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia.
Published in DKUM: 30.10.2012; Views: 2162; Downloads: 165
.pdf Full text (1,46 MB)

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